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    Hey! Waterline 42 is my band. Recorded basic tracks for the 10 on the album live in an afternoon with Three Dog Night drummer Pat Bautz- cool guy! Awesome that he liked the stuff enough to sit in with some local guys. Overdubs in a couple afternoons, got it up on itunes, Amazon etc for download in April.

    My PRS and Les Paul went direct from a Line 6 X3 Live. Mark's Line 6 700 modeling acoustic was direct, his Strat goes through a 70's Twin Reverb that was hand wired point to point. Dave's Jazz bass went direct.

    Will be out playing now that we have a permanent drummer so hoping downloads pick up. In the meantie would love to hear some feedback... and feel free to spread the word!


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      Here are two songs I wrote and recorded. I am interested in feedback and suggestions for improving the commercial quality of the songs/recording. Thanks in advance!



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        Scott here. I only now am halfheartedly making the changeover with a new username. Anyway- I have a new project called Entransient. We just put a single out this past week. Feel free to check it out!


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          I've become infatuated with fretless guitar! The intonation is challenging but the possibilities are endless. I composed and performed Fretless-n-Free on a hundred dollar Greg Bennett model Samich Guitar that has had the frets removed (not seen in the video). The song was recorded on Garageband (MacBook Pro). The video footage was filmed with a Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera and the piece was edited on iMovie (also on the MacBook Pro). / 814.873.4500


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            Another Fretless Guitar piece... OK, it's sloppy, chaotic and the production quality is poor but I love the sound of this cheap laminated Samick Guitar that I ruthlessly tore off the frets... there's a lot of different sounds in between those damn frets!


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              Download my albums for free. No charge.
              Kenny Begun


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       This is an instrumental recorded with a variety of analogue, digital and soft synths. Thanks for listening.


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                  I wrote this song starting with a $5 noise machine and Moog little phatty. Beats are an Alesis SR18 and Vulca beats running through a Kaoss pad. My Fender 51 custom guitar and orange 2 12 with dark terror head. Thanks for listening!

                  Wild Dinosaur


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                    Some of my home recordings, i.e., from 1993 - 2004. All done using 1980's analog equipment. Usually programmed the drum track into a hardware sequencer, added bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, synth parts, pre-mix the tracks to analog tape, then put down a scratch vocal,
                    then lead & harmony vocals were done by friends. Classic Rock & Blues-type style, nothing today's young audiences would be interested in. Always been just a recording hobbyist, never played music professionally, or did it for a living. As a Senior Citizen, I'd wouldn't mind getting some feedback from real musicians.


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                      Hi, I have a new CD just released that I would love to get comments on. My studio is Sonar X3 Producer based. I play everything but guitars. My main keyboard is a Korg Kronos, a Hammond A-100 and a Gretsch USA kit.
                      Thanks for listening!
                      Dave | Georgetown, Ky



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                        The first set of instrumental songs composed and recorded after getting my home studio put together a few years ago. All virtual drums, bass, and keyboard instruments. All done in Logic with some Nomad Factory plug-ins. Performed with various Cordoba, Ibanez and PRS guitars through my trusty Carvin amps and Marshall cab. Pedals used are a Morley Wah, MXR Phase 90, and a TS808 Tube Screamer.

                        THanks for listening! Hope to have a batch of more fusion-y tracks in the near future!



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                          I never knew this page existed til I was pointed in your direction

                          Here is a new song

                          Never again.


                          Its a negative love song set to happy music (pretty much what I do!)

                          Recording wise, I played, recorded, mixed and mastered everything at home.

                          I'm using Pro tools 8 fed by an SSL channel with a Rode NTK plugged into it.

                          I spent far too long programming the drums, piano I played using samples from Reason Pianos and everything else is played on real instruments.

                          Gibson acoustic, Washburn bass (through a bass pod), Fender tele electric (through a guitar pod)


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                            Here is some music I did for a short animated film.

                            Mac Pro 2008 - OS 10.6.8MOTU Digital Performer 8.1, Machfive 3, Sibelius 7, Eastwest QLOrch


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                              A loose but fun trio jam on "cissy strut" recorded off the mic with a zoom h4 in a smallish room.

                              Kickin' it in the sticks...


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                                Song. . . Dominos. . . not about Pizza but about something close. . .


                                This was recorded using Sonar Home Studio and Toontrack's Ezdrummer software, Studio Projects B1 Mics, and all electric guitars were processed through the Behiringer V Amp. The Acoustic Guitar was a Taylor 110-E and the bass is a cheap SX J-Bass (I love this bass!).
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                                Check my band: The Journey to Kansas ->
                                Key Rig: Alesis Fusion 8HD; Toshiba i7 laptop running Cantabile VST host with IK Multimedia Total Workstation Bundle, NI Vintage Organs, NI Scarbee Vintage Keys; Tyrell N6, Sylenth1, XLN Addictive Keys, NI FM8; Tascam US-1641 USB MIDI/Audio Interface; 2 x RCF Art 310-A MK III series monitors.