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  1. We at Music for Veterans have found that not only does music bring together our Veterans to share the experience of Creativity and Brotherhood but it also provides a lifetime of Personal Development and Peace! Play on... www.Music4Veterans.org
  2. Dendy, Congratulations on your new position and your new mission! I've been a professional musician for 45 years, and I also changed the direction of my career. It was in 2011, when I became rather discontent with performing and began to reflect on my reason for playing music. I realized that music brought me happiness but even more importantly, it brought peace to my life. At this same time, I kept finding news stories about the suicide rate among the Veterans community - but I was also - "...standing at a distance... Waiting on the world to change." So, I decided to reach out to Veterans to share the gift of music in the hopes of ending the Veteran suicide epidemic. That was the beginning of the Music for Veterans program. Now, in cooperation with the VA and Vet Centers, my mission is providing Veterans with instruments, music lessons and the opportunity to once again experience the camaraderie they had enjoyed in the military by playing in the Music for Veterans band. Nothing compares to helping someone find peace in their life and one Veteran finding peace through music reverberates not only through their family but through the entire Veteran community! Peace, Vinny Stefanelli www.Music4Veterans.org
  3. Music for Veterans provides an opportunity for social interactions through playing a musical instrument with other Veterans who may be facing the same issues of reintegrating into civilian life. Our services are available at no cost to Veterans and we depend on contributions to continue providing our services to Veterans! www.music4veterans.org/donate-.html
  4. Sorry, I strongly disagree... the only thing that drum corps has in common with sports is the field that they play on. Sports tend to be violent, physically damaging and promotes an unhealthy competition where there's always a loser. Drum Corps (and Music in general) can be competitive but participants grow physically, mentally and emotionally from participation... AND music builds life long relationships, communication and peace of mind.
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