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  1. Thank you! I'll probably end up having to do an update once we starting playing shows again. But I'm good with that, as long as I get to start playing shows again.
  2. Thanks! I usually have my students use the YouTube speed control for slowing things down. I haven't updated this thread in a while...I have a ridiculous amount of lesson and backing track videos now (over 100) and I'm doing a live lesson on YouTube Wednsdays and Thursdays for folks that want to ask questions in real time. You can find it all here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyh5yHdzG7rosg1k5l_VQA/playlists
  3. Thanks! Actually I think you either get them from Railhammer directly or through Musicians Friend or any of the major retailers.
  4. Thanks! My PRS is a USA model, but to keep the price down they used the import electronics and hardware. I bought it because it was the most resonant PRS that I had ever picked up and I loved the acoustic sound of it but I never really enjoyed the plugged-in sound. If I had what you have, I'd have never wanted to mess with the pickups. The 594 singlecut is downright sexy.
  5. I owned one for a while but it was so loud it was impossible to use.
  6. I've never done one of these before but I'm trying to get a new YouTube channel going so I thought I''d give it a try. Let me know what you think. I really like these better than the stock PRS pickups that were in the guitar. I recorded all of the guitar parts (and the bass) direct with the Strymon Iridium. Also, pedalboard porn.
  7. So I sold mine last summer. My $185 purchase back in 1998 sold for $1250. It had been refretted and I put new pickups in it but I'm still a little shocked.
  8. How's it going? I've been swamped with getting ready to go back to school (I teach at a conservatory for 7th to 12 graders and just got made a "Big Band" director on top of my other groups and guitar classes) but I thought I'd share a bit of what I'm working on for the new YouTube channel: B.B. King's "Sweet Little Angel" intro lick: Albert King's "Crosscut Saw" intro solo: 10 Turnarounds for Blues in E And a backing track that I recorded a few weeks ago with some scale suggestions: Let me know what you guys think! Also, is there a better way to share YouTube links? I'm out of practice with the forum here.
  9. Agreed. I really like the platform.. The iPad app is quite good, too.
  10. I've really enjoyed the freedom of not having any gigs. I'd enjoy some money, but being able to tear it all down and rebuild has been nice.
  11. The pictures aren't showing I'm still working on Tony Rice ("Your Love i Like a Flower", "Jerusalem's Ridge" and "Red Haired Boy") and reviewing some jazz standards since I haven't been playing much jazz and the tunes start to fade a bit for me. I am adding "But Beautiful" this week though.
  12. I'm a little biased because I've been a Truefire teacher but they are mostly good. Some of them can be just collections of licks but for the most part there is some great content on Truefire. They changed formats for the workshops I was back in school a few years ago so I let mine close but they gave me a channel to post lessons on so I was thinking of getting that going during the summer break.
  13. Will do! We are just wrapping up conservatory this week (last day of teaching today, awards ceremony tomorrow) and then I can start thinking about summer projects
  14. I'm thinking about doing something on Saturday mornings for some really basic stuff. Maybe a week night for one on more advanced stuff.
  15. Te past week or so I've been working on some Tony Rice bluegrass stuff, trying to remember some jazz standards (Stella by Starlight and Tune Up this week) and whatever sounds like fun to mess with.
  16. I'm thinking of starting a lesson series on my channel while people are either still stuck at home or too broke to go do anything this summer. Because I', both, too. 😛 Honestly, I've watched my buddy Tom Strahle do this over the last couple of months and realized that it would be a positive thing to put out into the world and help me keep my sanity once my conservatory classes have ended for the school year. No plans yet, just kinda feeling around and seeing if there is any interest....
  17. I've always struggled with this. I feel like it's taken my 35 years to finally get some where with this stuff.
  18. Rebuilding my picking technique. I realized that this is a good time to reinvent myself a bit.
  19. I was watching a livestream with trumpet player Kenny Rampton yesterday and he said something that made me stop and think for a second. He commented that since we've all been stuck at home he has been able to practice more and has been enjoying making music and being creative more than any time since he was a teenager. Anyone else having a sort "quarantine rebirth" of their music making? Not having my practice time be dictated or limited by gigs and other work has actually been great for my playing.
  20. Hey everyone! I'm sharing the Lesson Playlist from my new YouTube channel here. A few examples of what I'm doing these days: The "modal extraction" bit is just a phrase I use to organize the tones that define the sound or texture that a group of notes mean to me. It's not an actual theory concept or something you would hear in music school.
  21. Neat story: http://www.wbur.org/hereandnow/2017/05/17/vintage-guitar-collection-nashville
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