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  • Your first guitar

    Here's mine. New 2001 Squier Standard Series HH Strat. I was 39 at the time. I decided to try bass for a while back in 2003 and sold all my 6 strings. Duh.

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    Blackstone. Wish I had it now.
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      The 1989 MIK Candy Apple Red Squier Strat in the middle:

      Bought it new and still have it.


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        First electric was an early '80s Washburn Raven.
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        the dream isn't in your parents' basement


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          Looked like this,

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            My first electric was a hand-me-down that was exactly like this:

            The first guitar that was bought for me was a Japanese Fender in 1984 (though I couldn't swear to the year of the guitar) that was pearl white, H/S/S, rear routed, black headstock and had a 5 way switch rather than three mini toggles. I've looked around for pics of one exactly like mine and have not been successful but something like a hybrid of these two:

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              Looked like this,

              HOLY SHAT!!!! that's the exact same guitar I cut my teeth on back in, oh...mmmm...'68-ish. The neck got broken in a change of residence, and I pitched it in the trash - this was pre-internet/eBay days, had I known I'd be able to easily score a replacement neck, I would've kept her. I loved that thing. At the time, I thought it was a pos because it wasn't a Gibson or Fender, but it played amazingly....now that I know better, it was really a pretty decent instrument, especially for a 10 year old kid

              So, yup ... that ol' Harmony H15 Bobkat was my first as well
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                Some kinda bolt-on SG copy...
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                  a red Memphis strat copy. Cheap POS.
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                    The Pacifica 112j on the left. Still have it- I use it for alternate tunings since they're a PITA with the Floyd on my 921.

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                      I have it's righty twin:

                      1978 Strat. It was everything I didn't want in a guitar at the time. 21 frets, no humbuckers, and no locking tremolo, but it was the only thing my dad would help me out buying. I'm very glad he is a stubborn man. I know a lot of 70's Strats play and sound "dead", but this one is amazing.
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                      Wood my arse. Everybody knows that Teles are made from sweat, balls, dirt, old motorcycles and steel. Hard steel.


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                        A "Striker by Kramer 100ST"
                        Poor excuse for a guitar. My next 2 guitars were real Kramers which were much nicer instruments.


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                          Originally Posted by OverDriven

                          That is probably the single most ****************ed up thing I've ever seen posted on HCAF. Congrats.

                          Good deals with: jnepo1


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                            It was some kind of no-name sunburst semi-hollow, real cheap, with a tremolo that worked alright but made an excruciating creaking noise when used. Fed back like a bastard. VERY microphonic pickups - you could shout into 'em and have your voice come out of the amp distorted and really loud.


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                              A few guitars later...

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