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  1. I got the message as well. Not biting. I'll let someone else review them.
  2. Many reviews were from the honeymoon stages of ownership. Lots of glowing reviews on gear that was not so glowing. Likewise there were also reviews running down gear that was unpopular. It was always better to ask in the forums and get real reviews from folks who could verify that they even owned or had played the equipment being researched. As others have stated, I am pretty sure that the review section is what got me to the site to begin with so for that I am thankful.
  3. Hey there! Im around though it has been a while since I posted. I see many old timers on the FB group. This place kind of makes me sad. Nothing is the same for me now. I stopped in today only because I got a notification of a message being delivered to my account. Maybe I should re-up and become active. It'd be nice to break free from FB.
  4. I have read multiple times from different sources that the factory that builds Agiles in Korea is Unsung. Not Samick or Cort. Now I was out of the loop for a few years and apparently some Agiles were made in China which tosses a bunch of other factories into the mix but the 2500+ series I believe are still and always have been MIK at Unsung.
  5. I am replying to this thread for the first time in many years. I don't even know if most of those who posted in here are still around. I know I don't stop in often myself. August 5, 2017 we lost Dustin. I'm f-'d up. He was 27. The story is longer and more painful than anything posted prior to this. I miss him every single minute of every single day. Over 2 years later and I am just now getting to the point where I can listen to music again. Everything I like, Dustin liked. Everything I hear reminds me of him. Anyway, this thread really helped both of us through some genuinely crappy times. I'll never forget all this community did for me and my boy. To those of you who I am still connected with on FB or elsewhere, expect to hear new music from me soon. I have to do something positive or ill explode.. Respectfully, Kevman
  6. I have been thinking of picking one up. Does anyone have any opinions good or bad about this model? https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://alvarezguitars.com/guitar/rd26sb/&ved=0ahUKEwiZybu77dHWAhVIQyYKHWhdCcQQFgg9MAA&usg=AOvVaw32ZAHiZRDZJyT02FQ1ODAN
  7. I have lived inside the cans for years at a clip depending upon the living situation of the time. Recording in the cans is ok but I have found that mixing is a job for monitors. Even small near field monitors make a huge difference in the final product. I found that PC speakers with a separate sub don't work as well as decent full range speakers. You don't have to be loud when mixing. No louder than your neighbors watching an action film or playing spotify through their sound bar.
  8. Why is John Mayer blah blah blah? Who cares? the guy writes and plays some great music. Maybe one day his life experience will match up to his artistic ability. Who are any of us as musicians to judge anything but his music?
  9. Still need one? So, a year has gone by....
  10. You should have gotten rid of it before dumping the money into it. I bought one as a curiosity also, long gone. I sold it on ebay but put a piece of black tape over the logo in the pics. Shipped it the way it was pictured and the buyer was delighted with the surprise under the tape. Black tape over brand name is the best solution here. Listed as a copy with a blacked out name seems the most legit way to dump a counterfeit. I am thinking of the black tape method just as a general practice because I think advertising a brand of guitar should mean I get something in return. Back in the day when car dealerships used to put their logo in chrome on the backs of new cars my father told a salesman " I'll take it for your asking price if you remove the advertisement on the back fill in the holes and re-paint, otherwise I'll need you to lower the price. Cost of advertising on my car". Working on my own Kevman logo.
  11. I guess its never too late to take the low road. Awesome job Jeff!
  12. I have never been a fan of the switch mount on rear routed S style Ibanez'. That said both of those guitars look shredtastic. As I age though I find spindly little shreddy necks harder to "shred" on than those with some girth.
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