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  1. I am replying to this thread for the first time in many years. I don't even know if most of those who posted in here are still around. I know I don't stop in often myself. August 5, 2017 we lost Dustin. I'm f-'d up. He was 27. The story is longer and more painful than anything posted prior to this. I miss him every single minute of every single day. Over 2 years later and I am just now getting to the point where I can listen to music again. Everything I like, Dustin liked. Everything I hear reminds me of him. Anyway, this thread really helped both of us through some genuinely crappy times. I'll never forget all this community did for me and my boy. To those of you who I am still connected with on FB or elsewhere, expect to hear new music from me soon. I have to do something positive or ill explode.. Respectfully, Kevman
  2. Harmony Central Electric Guitar Forum, As many of you may know my oldest son who is 16 is also a forum member. "Dustball". He does not post too much but lurks here quite a bit. On Wednesday of last week he started to complain of pain in his abdomen. Thursday we took him to the pediatrician who said that we needed to bring him to the ER. We did. The ER told us that he needed to be admitted. He was. Test after test was performed. Poor dude looks like a pin cushion. After 2 days in the Hospital the specialists conferred and decided that he should be transferred to the childrens hospital in Newark where they have an excellent pediatric ICU. Dustins has a super enlarged spleen that has grown so rapidly that it is not getting a sufficient blood supply. Feels like having a charlie horse in an internal organ. This spleen enlargement is a result of his body having 4x the normal amount of white blood cells. Not good. Some of these cells are abnormal or immature. This means my boy has cancer of his blood.. Lukemia..They are doing a bone marrow extraction to test what type of lukemia we are going to have to deal with, Acute or chronic. Either is treatable and either way we will stay as positive as we can. He is sleeping now that they have him on a morphine drip for all the internal pain (first time he has really been able to for days). He has been unable to take full breaths due to his spleen bumping into his diaphram and creating all kinds of pain. This means he has to get extra O2 he hates the tubes in his nose. The iPOD has been a cool thing to have. He can still listen to his tunes and he enjoys it especially right after his pain meds. I just was hoping that maybe I could get a little something from you folks in the way of mojo,strength, prayers whatever you can do. I'm a total wreck. This is my buddy. My jam friend, my first son. I have to stay positive for him. Peace out yall. Send some love to Newark.
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