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  1. What an ass... He should have his wah-wah pedal surgically removed before talking {censored}.
  2. I have no need for it really but more power to ya if you do.
  3. Ah, the amps forum. I used to lurk there almost exclusively back when the EVH photoshop thread was going strong. This place lost its fun with all the changes.
  4. I skimmed a few posts on that thread, it's b.s. that people are doing that. I use discogs for most of what I buy and amazon for new stuff. Hot Topic () used to have some good deals on new releases, haven't checked their site in awhile. I'm as much a fan of the physical aspect of a new LP/single whatever as the music. Thanks to TS here, I haven't posted on HC in ages (since the changeover) and this thread brought me out of lurking.
  5. I got into vinyl by way of discovering the EDM scene in '99, '00 and started buying 12" singles to mess around with for fun. I have a decent collection of LP's too (that came much later) - some hand me downs from the parents and some bought new. It's kind of annoying to me if people are really buying albums just because it's a 'fad', but they can do what they want with their money. At least they're not pirating it (I hope). Aesthetically speaking I do love the appeal of a gatefold vs. a CD though and find the surface noise gives some music more character. For the record, I'm definitely not an audiophile.
  6. I haven't bought any this whole year. Kind of have to be in the mood for it, sometimes I'll go months without touching things I consider hobbies. Have a couple LP's I got last year for x-mas that have yet to be played. I'm not a collector, just have several crates worth of stuff I liked or wanted to have on both cd + vinyl.
  7. NEW AVRI Jazzmaster Pickups Dammit, I know someone will beat me to those... Too broke for em at the moment
  8. Yeah I'm definitely a photography noob.. Here's another set that seem more clear, don't know if it's me or the camera that sucks, other shots: http://s199.photobucket.com/albums/aa189/titaniumexpose07/Guitars/Jackson%20Kelly/
  9. What's the first 3 digits on the serial number in that kelly. That'll tell ya where it was from. Well I definitely tried searching for it but found nothing on the Jackson site and the audiozone.dk site. Leads me to believe it's a cheaper import made within the past few years. edit: JCF forum identifies it as an Indian made 1999 X series
  10. Mine is completely outclassed by all the other guys' Jacksons but still counts right? I used to have a trans-blue Kelly Performer that I've regretted selling for like 10 years.. was a beauty. I believe this is a KE3 that I just got used... not totally sure about that though.
  11. Is This Desire? is a great one if you like your Polly Jean Harvey with a dash of industrial/electronic sounds.
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