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  1. yeowwee this sure has a ton of gain! I am in heaven! Its a breathing seething monster! Seems pretty quiet for such a beast!
  2. Got the max cap done, also did most of my favorite Ultra mods the big caps sitting on their little cousins from Illinois (China really) notice 2.2uF Wima cathode bypass, and blue 0.0022uF PP coupling cap, this amp should now be stiff as a board with a huge low end, and since its 3X filtering its really a XXX3X. Replaced most of the resistors in the signal path with MF ones of the same value, also the ceramics like C8 are now 630v polystyrene, and if the first few anode/plate resistors are MF from the factory (R11 & R2), all of them probably should be. MF upstream makes the biggest difference, like the 10k on input!
  3. I finally found a dead Peavey Triple XXX on Clist, poor guy had gigged it for years and was down to trying to run two EL34s in the middle sockets. He'd installed a "equipment retention system" of an exhaust hanger U bolt right through the head shell. The inside (at least) was pristine but the problem was readily apparent; all four of the crap 100ohm SGR were in place and sure enough the end one was bad. $2.00 at Frys and a little soldering and 4 x 1k 5w SGRs were in place. He even included the footswitch and cable for the $100! I have got to do my standard Ultra mods though; C3 coupling cap to 0.0022uF, cathode bypass caps C21 -> 1uF, and C35 removed (or 1uF), for a whole lot more bottom and less fizz. I am also going to "max cap" it to 3X the filtering as I can fit 50mm high caps on the whole PS/preamp board, it costs only $60 from Mouser so a no-brainer for a 14yr old amp.
  4. Alan Hoover is a cool guy, you might as well take advantage of buying your unit from the inventor/patent holder and ask him directly, no offense but he's forgotten more about sustainers than WRGKMC will even know.
  5. Originally Posted by Elessar [sly] such a limited range especially when it comes to Jags, jazzmasters, and mustangs. And NO we don't want just the bloody cobain model... that model is in bad taste...
  6. Pantera was an exercise in marketing, not musicianship, and should be regarded as such. How "good" is Kid Rock? $ wise just fine, but musically dreck. They did survive the "grunge" era and sprint to the front of the alienated rural teen boy parade but really just represent a marketing niche the industry has been trying to establish for years: southern fried crap that sends money to LA and not Nashville.
  7. yes, many caps are polarized, many aren't transistors are not only directional, they're chiral!
  8. OP song was boring, are other ones better?
  9. saw them at the Pinestreet in PDX on this tour, slammed with Jerry A. of Poison Idea (who opened) spit on Jello (seemed right at the time ) great show until someone barfed in mosh pit...ah the memories!
  10. you can never stand in the same adolescent river twice, although Henry's done a fair job of it over the years. At least he's hopeful now and not a flat topped power lifter.
  11. boring under-engineered overpriced POS like all LPs
  12. elvis didn't write any of his songs, yet an uncomfortable amount of men in this world would probably blow him all day long. that's saying a lot considering how long he's been dead She's a product, a pretty one and not as twisted as many.
  13. the second one looks like it has a bound fingerboard, BUT the description says the first one does... Get the longer scale length one, especially if it doesn't have silly bound board IMHO.
  14. pulled PCB and have it running on table top, all seems ok with no battery heat. will try into amp and then rehouse if OK
  15. yeah, the wood softness doesn't really concern me, I mean these parts are pretty cheap...plus every dent and scratch is character in my book. this marks you as a player and not a "intermittent wood jewelry wearer" so by all means go light and tear it up!
  16. its about half as hard as Basswood, 250 JANKA vs 410, so expect to get dents really easily, but by all accounts is very light. see discussion here: http://www.thegearpage.net/board/archive/index.php/t-376975.html only real tone heads seem to dislike and 90% of that can be made up with neck/PUs and amps IME. You could do a radically chambered strat body and get pretty close in weight with a harder, less dent prone wood but it'd be more $ or work.
  17. that's why the latest JJ Abraham's abortion "Revolution" is so f*ing stupid. Also that is we didn't have electricity we'd all be using crossbows, like we didn't make gunpowder and steel for a couple centuries before Westinghouse... course thats likely the desired viewer demographic..
  18. 9v tap on pedal shows infinite resistance both +- and -+, will pull apart to see if there's a piece of wire or something inside. MD, sry, distracted; GOOD ONE! Q: What did Lott's wife slip in on may out of Gomorrah? A: Synergism!
  19. that's why your handle is "mud rake" eh?
  20. I am NOT a pedal guy, I usually make due plugging straight into a hot rodded PV ULTRA with an Alesis Picoverb in the FX loop, but today I decided to try my only boost /dist pedal, an AMT Fatal Tube made in West Siberia. I popped in a fresh no-name alkaline 9v in, a "PowerZone" from my local Hdwr store. Pedal did nothing, no difference in sound "in" or "out" also no LED indicator. Felt battery and it was hot as a hell, probably 50C, and although it was making 8.6VDC on my meter once removed, it stayed hot and doesn't function in my pedal. Anyone ever had a batt fail like this?
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