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    FS/FT Ibanez Artstar 120

    This is the older Korean version not the newer Artcores.

    Generally in good shape, a few small scratches here and there but nothing major. As with any guitar this age the gold on the pickups shows wear.

    Comes with a nice Ibanez case that has the silk overlay.

    Looking to trade for a nice LP (don't care what brand just has to be something good), also interested in any type of PRS you would like to offer me. But will consider all trades.

    I can get better pictures later (cannot currently find my digital camera)

    Will also entertain cash offers

    Originally posted by fu2jobu"1999 was all about me wanting to find Lou Bega and giving him a few good bitch slaps. "FS/FT - LTD Mirage guitar with EMG pickups. (MIJ)http://www.harmonycentral.com/t5/Electric-Guitars/FS-FT-LTD-Mirage-guitar-emg-pickups/m-p/36167161/highlight/false#M290782


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      Early 80's Matsumoku built Vantage X-77 guitar and period aftermarket case. Good shape, only one real ding at about 11 o'clock on the face the rest is pretty much dust and smudges. Pretty clean, recent string change and set-up. Hot crunchy original pickup with coil tap. Kinda has a LP Junior feel meets a Strat. I have the trem arm and key for the case too (both included). $200 shipped CONUS.

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        1997 Fender Squier Super-Sonic Blue Sparkle - Vista Series - MIJ CIJ Japan Rare $700 OBO. Send me your zip code for a shipping quote.

        Shipping to USA lower 48 states only, Paypal only. I will not ship anywhere else, no exceptions. Shipping is by FedEx ground, fully insured.

        Will only ship to Paypal confirmed address.

        BODY: Solid Basswood

        NECK: Maple with reversed headstock, 24" scale

        FRETBOARD: Rosewood with 22 frets

        ELECTRONICS: 2 humbucking pickups, 3 position toggle switch, 2 volume.

        HARDWARE: Vintage style term with hardened steel Fender saddles, Vintage Kluson style tuners

        CASE: Comes with a nice hardshell case.

        The Squier Vista Series was a very high quality run of guitars in 1996-98. Crafted in Japan, these guitars are very nice and highly sought after for their excellent built quality and unique looks. Hendrix was the inspiration for the Squier Super-Sonic. Designer Joe Carduci was a Hendrix fan and insisted on the upside down headstock based on watching Jimi play a Fender Jaguar upside down.

        This Super-Sonic is in one of the coolest colors offered, the Blue Sparkle. This guitar is in excellent condition, looks hardly played at all. No dings, dents or scratches that I can see, the finish is in excellent condition. They are some light strumming marks on the pickguard. The frets are in excellent shape, they look hardly played at all. This has the short scale, 24 inches, and 22 frets. This guitar plays great and sounds great, a lot of fun to play.

        Comes with a Fullerton brand hard shell case.

        (right click>view image to see high res version)

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        **FOR SALE**

        more stuff soon


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          A couple of pedals for sale -

          SIB! Nick Nitro - 2 fuzzes in one box, a killer fuzzface clone and an octavia clone. Get your Jimi on. $75 shipped/pp'ed

          ProCo Rat - early 90's version with the LM308 chip. $100 shipped/pp'ed

          $150 for both


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            Selling my Fender Modern Player Jaguar. Black Transparent (Which gives it a nice walnut look). The p90's really rip. A fun guitar to play. Purchased in March, Still has plastic covering over the back plate and sticker. I just do not play much electric these days since my last project fell through. These sell for 374.99 at Musicians Friend and GC.

            250 shipped and paypal

            Also selling a Blackstar HT series 1-12 Extension Cab Celestion Loaded. 80 watts, Celestion Seventy 80 16 ohm speaker. A great all around cab! 100.00 plus shipping
            Good deals~
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              SOLD BOTH!
              Good deals~
              dragula1971 (x2), thesodajerk,boonestunes,frankthomson,I-like2play,dbrettw,jl in nc,WFOJON,
              Bro Blue,hcprimerib,jsjs13,vidiot72,rog951,Kalebmation ,aehoff,twotimingpete,StratsRule07, and many others


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                I'm looking for: mics (audix i5, e609, e906, shure sm7b, rode NT1-A/NTK/NT2, other recording mics), Baron Amps, EVH 5150 III mini or 100w, Pedaltrain I/JR boards, preamps (daking mic pre one, ua 610 solo, p-solo, ISA-1)

                FS/FT (prefer trade + cash from you on trade deals, need to add a little cash to the coffers, does not included pp or shipping unless otherwise noted):

                Kafel S150: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch and slipcover, awesome vintage Marshall tones, massive in house hand wound transformers $700 shipped pp gift - huge price drop, need this gone

                Laney TT50H: near mint/mint, comes with original footswitch, 3 channels, reverb. $650 shipped pp gift

                Laney VC50 2X12: excellent condition, footswitch, stock, 50 watt version of the flagship VH100R. $600 shipped pp gift or $500 local to MN/WI

                Mesa 2X12: excellent condition, still has hang tag, handmade V30 clones, wired for 4 ohms. $400 local to MN/WI

                USA US Masters Blackhawk (explorer): near mint/mint, hand made in Madison, WI, single bridge HB (SD JB), awesome player and made by the owner as a personal guitar. $800 shipped pp gift

                USA Jackson KE2: has a pro body/neck repair that is solid and can't be felt while playing, awesome tone and looks good (hard to tell it's been broken, has a beat up case. $700 shipped pp gift

                Danny Hines Telemaster: near mint/mint, light relic, nitro, swamp ash body, soft v maple neck, klein pickups (fatman bridge, limited neck). $1050 shipped pp gift

                Washburn RX50: near mint/mint, stock. $200 shipped pp gift

                Humphrey Audio Badder Monkey: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift

                vintage 70's Ross Phaser: excellent condition despite age, orange box. $100 shipped pp gift

                BBE Sonic Stomp: near mint/mint, comes with original box. $60 shipped pp gift

                Rio Grandes HB set: original no name ones, came out of a Motorave guitar I got on the forum, 2 conductor braided wiring, lots of lead left, creme, neck 7.89/bridge 8.4. $110 shipped pp gift

                US Masters V2 bridge HB: came out of a USA made US Masters Blackhawk, chrome, 2 conductor braided wiring. $25 shipped pp gift

                Full band IEM setup: 1 Audio Technica M2 M-band transmitter, 4 M2R bodypacks, 4 pairs of EP3 earbuds, 1 metal carrying case. $1,200 + pp/insurance/shipping. A quality IEM system for around $300 a person. No trades on this as it's not all my gear and we're looking to upgrade.

                Jamhub Bedroom: excellent condition, used for about 6 months, comes with everything a new one comes with, everything besides the actual unit and power supply have been used, all other things are still new/never used. $225 shipped/ppl'd CONUS

                BYOC Chorus SOLD

                Ibanez AD9 SOLD

                RS Guitarworks Modern Strat wiring upgrade kit new/uninstalled SOLD

                RS Guitarworks caps (0.022 uf and 0.015 uf) SOLD

                Shure SM58's SOLD

                OSP ATA Mic Case SOLD

                I have pics of all, please inquire for details.


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                Edwards ELP-112LTS/RE

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                ISP Vector SL
                Kafel 412

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                    Martin D16RGT (Repost Due To Price Drop)

                    I am the original owner/comes with Original HS Martin case. $790 firm + shipping.

                    I really prefer in person cash transaction if at all possible; I am near Gettysburg PA and willing to do a little driving to meet up.

                    Would also consider trade for Peavey Delta Blues Amp plus cash on your end.


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                    • Squier VM Jazzmaster - Sonic Blue

                      Wiring issue, the guitar works well and sounds great, but occasionally cuts out until yo jiggle the pickguard around. Should be pretty easy to fix. Other than that, it's in brand new condition.

                      $240 shipped - I'll upload some pictures when I get a chance.
                      You're welcome here if you're of the spirit to make a sound.


                      • FS: Duncan Hot Rodded Humbucker set - $100 shipped CONUS

                        I've got a spare Hot Rodded Humbucker set in black, and I'm trying to raise some cash before the holidays. Both pickups are in great shape, work just fine and have plenty of lead left. Don't have any pictures at the moment, but I'll do my best to grab some tonight. I'd consider trading for a good quality 12" speaker, but cash is king, and offers are always welcome.

                        1973 Fender Precision Bass - $2000

                        Fantastic condition, all original with original case, pickup cover and bridge cover. Burst/tort with a maple fretboard and, if I recall correctly, a B-width neck. No pictures at present, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw it up now. I'll grab some pretty photos as soon as I can.
                        I'm in a band called Little Sluggers. Signature.


                        • Brand new Visual Sound Tap Delay $115

                          Single tap version of their popular dual tap delay pedal. Like New in box.

                          Sell for $135 or trade for something Spring Reverb-y.


                          • I have a Robert Cray Strat I'm thinking about selling:

                            I'm asking $600... Let me know if you're interested!


                            • For Sale

                              Line 6 Pod HD 500 "great shape with plastic on LCD"

                              Presonus Eureka Preamp "like new/ few months old"

                              Presonus FP10 Interface "great shape"

                              Avid 11R+Protools 10+ Expansion "New Sealed unit"

                              Taking Best Offer cash Price...
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                              • For sale is a 2007 (I think) AVRI Jag. The body is in very good shape, the neck has a pretty big ding in the back (behind the 9th fret)' a stain from a stand up by the headstock, and a little bit of a ding on the fretboard on the bottom of the 10th fret( not too bad but there)

                                No case, but may be able to dig up a gig bag. $$875 plus $50 shipped CONUS

                                Gear For SaleEpiphone Sorrento w/case $425 shippedLine 6 Tap Tremolo Pedal $90 shippedToadworks Mr. Squishy Compressor $75 shippedBarber Trfecta $90 shippedGood Deals listhttp://acapella.harmony-central.com/...33&postcount=4