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  1. The shop I work at has a customer with one, and it needs a replacement battery holder, but when he brought it in, the snap is on the wide side of the battery instead of on the end. It says "fishman equipped" on the battery holder, but I don't think it's necessarily a Fishman preamp. I'm hoping someone can maybe give me a model number of the preamp or a source for a replacement battery holder, if one actually still exists on the market somewhere. He's a nice old guy that I' just like to help out if possible. He just left to go get the guitar so I can actually take the preamp out of it and measure it just to see if there's anything we have or can get in stock that will fit it if I can't find him a replacement battery holder. He says there's no writing on the preamp except for the words "fishman equipped".... anyway, does anyone here have one of these that can maybe give me a little help?
  2. What frequency is your wireless on? The FCC ban was on the frequency band from 698-802 MHz, if I remember correctly. Most likely your Samson is in the now-banned frequency range, but there were some Samson channels that were not affected, a church I did a sound install in has six units and 4 of them are still legal and 2 arent. So, get your frequency first. If your wireless is in the banned frequency range, your only option is to either ditch wireless or to get a system that's in a legal frequency range to use.
  3. Bump, I still have a good supply of the fully compensated saddles in stock (I no longer can get the partially compensated ones). If you're looking for a very high quality replacement saddle, this is it. Water buffalo bone, unbleached so they aren't brittle. Hit me up via PM if you're interested.
  4. The quality of modeling you get at the price point they put them at is quite amazing, for sure. the multistomp could qualify for "stupid deal of the day" at regular price, just because of bang for the buck.
  5. Yeah, I don't really like the whole "click to see your post" thing, I'd rather it just go to your post like Vbulletin and every other forum I have posted on does.
  6. For some reason the cancel button being on the left side throws me off, I have no earthly idea why, though. :robotlol:
  7. Bump, I still have a few sets of these left, hit me up via PM if you're interested, thanks!
  8. The high gain settings on the Multistomp can be a bit noisy, but overall the multistomp is a pretty cool little box. I can't really compare it to the G3 as I have never had a G3 in my shop for long enough for me to get to fool around with it, even though I've sold a few of them. The multistomp is an awful good deal for $99, for sure.
  9. Bump, I still have the three sets of these in stock, hit me up via PM!
  10. Bump, I still have 3 sets of these left in stock, hit me up via PM if you're interested!
  11. bump, I still have quite a few of these left, hit me up via PM if you're interested in picking some up!
  12. High quality six-inch patch cables with dual right angle plugs on them
  13. High quality six-inch patch cables with dual right angle plugs on them
  14. High quality six-inch patch cables with dual right angle plugs on them
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