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Kicked off Craigslist twice for Les Paul Goldtop Chinese Copy.


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    I wonder how many posters here have not come to a complete stop at a stop sign or have tried weed? The last 3 presidents admitted to smoking pot and you dont see them in jail? A century ago the chinese were faking english porcelin-now the "fake" chinese stuff is worth grande dinero and the original is worth next to squat! At least the chinese arent using-baked maple( or that recycled newspaper) fingerboards! As long as the buyer is aware that its a fake and its not preventing folks from getting the real thing then Im not real upset about it. The guy who pays $400 was unlikely to put down $4000 for the real thing anyway so its not like Gibson missed a sale. The theft of idealogical property is commonplace these days and Ive had it happen to me as well. I prefer the chinese dont produce fakes but the cats out of the bag.


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      Yes, but that's not what I asked. I asked for evidence of it happening to someone in the UK. See my original quote below.

      So, can you?

      I can't be bothered to look. It doesn't make any difference to me. If it does to you, then look for yourself.


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        This is why, no matter how you cut it, you're a counterfeiter.

        I didn't make it so I'm not a counterfeiter. But I am a counterfeit enabler!


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          Whatever, man, I hope somebody does. Won't be me, I don't know you, but you know what you're doing is wrong. There's only one way to make this legitimate and it's to take that logo off, and you know it. Otherwise, you're no better than a counterfeiter and I thought this forum isn't OK with **************** like that. **************** off, I say.

          It's only ratting or snitching if you're guilty yourself. I've never knowingly bought counterfeit products, and if I ever came into the possession of one, I would consider myself to be a victim. The fact that you have a counterfeit product and you think you have a ground to stand on means you're just as bad as the rest of them.

          Two words: Anger Management


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            It's not quite the same, since selling the sword is perfectly legal and selling a counterfeit guitar isn't. It'd be more like if you sold someone an AK47 with no papers, but told them "dude, this thing's totally illegal so be cool". Then if they shot 17 people at a McDonalds with it, the cops would want to talk to you.

            Likewise, if I bought your guitar then turned around and sold it to a 15-year old who got the AG's office interested, once the cops got ahold of me, they'd want to know where I got it, which is where your name would come up.

            Realistically, the chances of this happening are pretty remote, but the legal precedent exists.

            Again, that is why I like Craigslist...Anonymous


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              Oh Lordy! One fake Gibson!!! Run for the hills boys 'cause the sky is falling.
              A fake Gibson, it seems as the whole counterfeit thing revolves around Les Pauls, just like the entire relic thing seems to only focus on Fender. Still, there are many other guitars that are counterfeited and others that are rel iced as well.

              So the guy has a fake, no skin off anyone's nose. He hurting anyone here? Is he hurting the economy? USA's economy along with half the world's went down the ****************ter a long time ago.

              It's not like there aren't hundreds of LP copies and clones from dozens of different companies. Oh... but they don't say "Gibson"! Who even cares anymore? You react like someone was taking the God's name in vain. The OP isn't even claiming it's genuine.

              **************** Gibson and anyone is stupid enough to be fooled by a copy and pay high dollar for it. If he does, he ****************ing deserves it or simply has no reason to be buying top dollar gear anyway. It's not like they were that hard to spot. You get so ****************ing upset about this that I honestly believe half of you are only buying Gibson guitar to impress everyone with the logo... and guess what... that's probably the same reason why a lot of guys buy counterfeits too!

              Do you think Gibson gives a **************** about their brand and fans? Of course not, not beyond making a buck. Get someone that makes it big like Slash playing a fake and suddenly there's no problem at all. Quite the contrary... "Here Mr. Slash, let us make a signature LP for you! You're talking about what their employees claim to be "the worst company to work for".

              All this more holy than thou attitude against the OP and internet law "experts" is ridiculous. You're even mocking the guys that are lawyers here and actually know what they're talking about. None of you own anything Chinese right? You always buy USA "when you can". Bottom line is you're deluded and have no ****************ing clue about the real economy but you can go ahead and say anything that will help you sleep better at night.

              Worse thing is, I used to get upset about counterfeits but **************** it, I've learned everyone is just in it for the almighty buck.

              All of you play covers right? Are you paying the original artists royalties? Even when you play them at a gig? Where you're making money?
              Hypocrites. It's ok though right, because you aren't doing it for profit right?

              The OP has a fake, let him enjoy it and you play your own 100% original guitars... no copies now boys.

              Yeah what he says!

              Maybe I'll have to burn the fake and just play my plain old:

              1958 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Cherryburst
              1956 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul Goldtop
              1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom (Norlin)

              or even:
              Gibson SG Classic
              Gibson 335
              Gibson Advanced Jumbo
              Gibson J45

              Maybe I've tainted my collection with this fraudulent LP.


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                Just trolling the troll.



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                  ...rant rant rant ...
                  All of you play covers right? Are you paying the original artists royalties? Even when you play them at a gig? Where you're making money?

                  The venue pays the royalties.


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                    The venue pays the royalties.

                    I've yet to see a club owner be totally honest on that yet, there's always an illegal tv, video gambling etc or something if they actually have umbrella coverage, which is really rare. A cable tv line is almost 3k a year I think....

                    Originally Posted by csm

                    You get a limited-edition self-relic'ing guitar at no extra cost and you're COMPLAINING?

                    [Insert religious affiliation political party and or spiritual belief here]

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                    • Reason #1 Economy is in the tank = not Obama's fault... not even IQ of 77 "Dubya's" fault.... American workers think they need $35 an hour to do same job that Chinese or Mexican's will do for $3.00/hr.

                      So, that actually means that you think everyone in the USA should take a pay cut and work for the same as their foreign counterparts on foreign soil?

                      I think you forgot about a few things...perhaps societies, economies, standards of living. All of those things have costs. Idf you want to know the real reason it is because the countries that are making cheap goods are not making it for their own populations - they are making them for wealthy populations.

                      If the only t-shirts allowed to be sold in the USA were made in the USA by workers making $20 per hour then the t-shirts would cost $10 each instead of 3 for $8.99. That would be ok and maybe people would learn the value of things again instead of just thinking that everything is disposable.

                      There are enough super rich people in the USA to pay off the entire debt and still be rich...but they continue to tax the snot out of the people who work. You're right, it isn't Obama's fault but you are wrong about what it is. The corporation who makes all of those t-shirts off shore has a way higher profit margin on the 3 for $8.99 than they would on the theoretical $10 one because there is no insurance, no holidays, no benefits and very little wages to cover. The rich are allowed to do that so they do it. Look at all of the 'sweat shop' press that took place years back - did any of the rich people give back the money that they made off of those $120 shoes? No.

                      It isn't the $35 an hour people who have caused any problems. The problems were caused by the rich not being satisfied with being rich because super rich sounded so much better to them. It's damn easy to make money when you have a lot of money but most people don't know that because they have never had a lot of money. Most rich people pay less taxes than their secretaries do but they 'provide jobs' so they feel that they have an entitlement to pay less.
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                      Originally Posted by StankNasty

                      the dream isn't in your parents' basement


                      • This is a major Troll success. Congratulations to the OP.
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                        • This is a major Troll success. Congratulations to the OP.

                          True but django is still way in front. Stay tuned...

                          PS If I posted a naked picture of myself, would any of you have a look at it?
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                          • You are a child.

                            Did they teach you this line of argument too?
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                            Never attribute to malice, that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.
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                            Originally Posted by aenemated
                            doc always has been and always will be. He behaves as if he is 18 years old with worlds of wisdom

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                            • The venue pays the royalties.

                              Weddings too huh? Bar mitzvahs? The gig at the park? Those venues pay royalties?

                              Like I mentioned, lets say and try to believe, whatever lets us sleep at night. Our view of "honesty" on this type of thing has always blindly selective here at HCEG. Honesty and integrity in society went on vacation a long time ago and doesn't look like they'll be coming back anytime soon.

                              We have guys here that act as if they are unblemished, immaculate, yet post 70 frickin times a day on different guitar forums. Honest? Yeah right, I'm sure that's what employers are paying us for. We have the loyalists that say they buy USA whenever they can! That should read "whenever it's very easy and convenient to me". We still drive our cars and don't think twice about posting on this forum although our computers are filled with "sweatshop" parts.

                              No one is perfect so at least lets own up to our own trespasses and stop trying to always crucify and pass judgment on the more upfront sinners in our group. It's the sneaky mothers we have to look out for.


                              • Chinese copied porcelain???? The Chinese invented porcelain around the Han Dynasty (206-220 AD).
                                During the 19th century some European porcelain manufacturers were producing high-level replicas of Chinese porcelain, which are difficult to distinguish from the Chinese originals.
                                Glad someone picked up on that. I almost splattered coffee over my laptop when I read that someone thought the Chinese ripped off English porcelain. Porcelain is called "China" for good reason.