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  1. I've got two of these now. A black beauty Les Paul. No mods at all. My friend felt uncomfortable owning the guitar with the Gibson headstock so he unloaded it to me for $150. He paid $300 with shipping included from Chiiiiina.
  2. italia modulo type 3 still diggin' it!
  3. Ok here's the backstory: A few years ago a guy had a fake Chinese Les Paul on CL for $400. I have always been fascinated by these counterfeits so I bought it from him. I didn't want to buy it directly from those under the radar auction sites where the price of the guitar is 200-300 with 100 dollars shipping because if you got a warped neck you were SOL. So the CL was a chance to check one out and it was fine, Epiphone quality. Lots of errors if you looked close but not casually. Today: I decided to dump a bunch of guitars to make room in the home and I've had 2 waves
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