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  1. I've got two of these now. A black beauty Les Paul. No mods at all. My friend felt uncomfortable owning the guitar with the Gibson headstock so he unloaded it to me for $150. He paid $300 with shipping included from Chiiiiina.
  2. italia modulo type 3 still diggin' it!
  3. I've only had one issue with this guitar. I used to lean it up against the wall with the headstock on the wall and I think that bent the neck a bit and I had a lot of fret buzz. Once I put it back into a guitar stand and left it alone of a few months it somehow straightened itself out and now plays great with no buzz. One great thing about this guitar is I can use a capo and it stays in tune and no fret buzz. I just leave the guitar out on the stand. I don't worry about it and it's my all time best beater!
  4. Just brought this out during my shelter in place and still plays great, no buzz at all and I can use the capo without buzzing or it going out of tune. I had another Recording King with a nice design on it but dumped it. Had some buzz and capo made it go out of tune. This RPH-05 is still a keeper!
  5. Bump...Let's talk some more about the GS Mini. I still dig mine!
  6. Absolutely NOT TRUE...American Beauty, Workingman's Dead, Blues For Allah, In The Dark
  7. Nice photo in the Thursday NY Times of Adia Victoria playing a Fender PM-2E Parlor Slothead I wonder if that's her guitar, just for the picture or if she's going to endorse that guitar.
  8. I just had my favorite Mom and Pop store [Grayson's Tune Town in Montrose, CA] put new 80/20 12 gauge Elixir's on. Sounds great after having the guitar for a while, the action is a little high but doesn't bother me I just use a capo!
  9. I have a Rainsong WS-1000 one of the earliest models and I love it. No truss rod but it always plays the same, totally weather proof. I saw that Rainsong has a new one out with Carbon Fiber and Glass fiber, the H-DR1100N2. no electronics. Anyone have one of these? Composite Acoustics are also suppose to be good. I think I'd like to get another Carbon Fiber guitar and will scour Craiglist and Guitar Center used. I will say about my Rainsong that the sound is not as warm as a Martin but the closest would be a Taylor. Very bright.
  10. I have 3 Fender acoustics [in addition to Martin HD-35, 000-18, Gibson Advanced Jumbo, Taylor GS Mini and baby T. Swift and a few others cheapo models recording king etc.] I think they are all very good 1. a Vince Ray model with cool graphics on the front the "Guitar Monster From Outer Space" which I believe I posted a picture in the acoustic section a while back. Most everyone hated it, but I love guitars with wild graphics on them. 2. the Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor which I just love, butterscotch color all laminate but still sounds great! I don't have to worry too much about the humidity on this baby. really nice player. bought it and the vince ray model from Truetone in Santa Monica when they had a Fender sale and were blowing these out. Both are now out of production 3 Fender nylon thinline. CN-140. about $300 I think and very nice. acoustic and electric thinner neck
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