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  1. I've got two of these now. A black beauty Les Paul. No mods at all. My friend felt uncomfortable owning the guitar with the Gibson headstock so he unloaded it to me for $150. He paid $300 with shipping included from Chiiiiina.
  2. italia modulo type 3 still diggin' it!
  3. I've only had one issue with this guitar. I used to lean it up against the wall with the headstock on the wall and I think that bent the neck a bit and I had a lot of fret buzz. Once I put it back into a guitar stand and left it alone of a few months it somehow straightened itself out and now plays great with no buzz. One great thing about this guitar is I can use a capo and it stays in tune and no fret buzz. I just leave the guitar out on the stand. I don't worry about it and it's my all time best beater!
  4. Just brought this out during my shelter in place and still plays great, no buzz at all and I can use the capo without buzzing or it going out of tune. I had another Recording King with a nice design on it but dumped it. Had some buzz and capo made it go out of tune. This RPH-05 is still a keeper!
  5. Bump...Let's talk some more about the GS Mini. I still dig mine!
  6. Absolutely NOT TRUE...American Beauty, Workingman's Dead, Blues For Allah, In The Dark
  7. Nice photo in the Thursday NY Times of Adia Victoria playing a Fender PM-2E Parlor Slothead I wonder if that's her guitar, just for the picture or if she's going to endorse that guitar.
  8. I just had my favorite Mom and Pop store [Grayson's Tune Town in Montrose, CA] put new 80/20 12 gauge Elixir's on. Sounds great after having the guitar for a while, the action is a little high but doesn't bother me I just use a capo!
  9. I have a Rainsong WS-1000 one of the earliest models and I love it. No truss rod but it always plays the same, totally weather proof. I saw that Rainsong has a new one out with Carbon Fiber and Glass fiber, the H-DR1100N2. no electronics. Anyone have one of these? Composite Acoustics are also suppose to be good. I think I'd like to get another Carbon Fiber guitar and will scour Craiglist and Guitar Center used. I will say about my Rainsong that the sound is not as warm as a Martin but the closest would be a Taylor. Very bright.
  10. I have 3 Fender acoustics [in addition to Martin HD-35, 000-18, Gibson Advanced Jumbo, Taylor GS Mini and baby T. Swift and a few others cheapo models recording king etc.] I think they are all very good 1. a Vince Ray model with cool graphics on the front the "Guitar Monster From Outer Space" which I believe I posted a picture in the acoustic section a while back. Most everyone hated it, but I love guitars with wild graphics on them. 2. the Ron Emory Loyalty Parlor which I just love, butterscotch color all laminate but still sounds great! I don't have to worry too much about the humidity on this baby. really nice player. bought it and the vince ray model from Truetone in Santa Monica when they had a Fender sale and were blowing these out. Both are now out of production 3 Fender nylon thinline. CN-140. about $300 I think and very nice. acoustic and electric thinner neck
  11. Just FYI, there are 2 editions of the Buck tele. The first one says Limited Edition on the neck plate, the 2nd edition which came out a few years later has a blank neck plate. the one in the photo is a 2nd edition I did have a first edition that was not in the greatest condition, came off ebay from North Carolina and all of the gold was oxidized and the selector switch didn't always work without some air pumped in. also had to replace the nut because it was damaged but I recently sold it on Craigslist and the guy who bought it got a great deal and I didn't lose any money on the deal. have to continue to thin the herd! didn't need two buck teles.
  12. bought the tele off ebay, autographed by buck to Marty [marty stuart?] the guy I bought it from gave me emails from manager at Crystal Palace indicating the tele was given to Buck to sign but they have no info on Marty [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-attachmentid":32282655}[/ATTACH]
  13. It's a Recording King and it's very nice for what it is. I found a good one as RK does have some QC issues. I've always wanted a Buck Owens Red White Blue acoustic to go with my Tele!
  14. [ATTACH=JSON]{"data-align":"none","data-size":"full","data-attachmentid":32272748}[/ATTACH]
  15. Thanks everyone for the great info! regarding the intonation well didn't Hendrix say "Only cowboys stay in tune"
  16. I play with a pick and I'm fine with any "relicing" I only paid $200 for it so I don't want to put any more money into it.
  17. I played some barre chords up the neck and didn't sound too bad.
  18. nothing was changed on the braces, I think the guy went the cheapest route as possible. Still sounds good and no fret buzz I'm sure the guy who sold it to me knew this was a low end Martin and wanted to spend the least amount as possible. Eric is a great luthier so I'm sure he told him I can make this playable and you only have to change the nut and get a set up. Eric is really good, I know from experience.
  19. I take you at your word, I'm not that technical when it comes to guitars but there's no buzz and the guitar has good action and is easy to play. Thanks for your input. If only the nut changed then the guy was trying to spend the least amount of money possible and Eric of Eric's guitars probably told him that he would only need a new nut and set up. That's probably about $125. Eric I think charges around $75 for a set up. Edit: you're right FretFriend the bridge was not reversed but I guess Eric made it work.
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