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  • Petition to go back to 1.0

    Clearly, this is not working out.  You know it's true.  Now rain your kudos down on me.



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    free tron

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    For Sale: hcfx chat (no users)


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    so what exactly isn't working out? granted, the layout is a little different and tastes some getting used to, and things like adding images and embedding videos isn't as easy as it was before, and I really don't like the mobile layout that they force on you every time you visit the page using a phone, but at least you can view and make threads.


    I think the biggest problem is people acting like whiney ****************s, posting bull**************** threads, trolling and bailing. the functionality is there (and could still use some tweaking), but its the posters that bring this place down. its been like that for years though. thats what stops be from browsing and posting as much, so maybe I'm missing the bigger flaws.

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      nomenclature wrote:

      I think the biggest problem is people acting like whiney ****************s.


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    Harmony central took a dive a soon as Phil and Craig got their own sub forums


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      If we went back to version 1.0, i wonder if I'd get my 10000 posts back.



      • Urinate Forever
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        i dont even care anymore. i blame ryan for a lot of the missing posters. a lot of people got annoyed with his senseless posting and just stopped visiting.

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      I miss this place. I would probably post if the mobile version wasn't terrible. Oh well. See you at xhcfx and offsetguitars...
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        They ain't going back.

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      I have to admit - the whole look, feel, and functionality of this new forum sucks balls. I rarely come here anymore, which seems to be the case with everyone else too.


      • HeartfeltDawn
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        This. The forum looks dreadful.

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      Where are the user reviews? Is there ANY hope of getting them back? The answer is obvious. This site was useful ONLY for the user reviews. I'm not interested in reading people's posts about the cool new Epi LP they just bought. At this point I think it would behove someone else to start a new, INDEPENDENT web site taking off from where HC 1.0 was left.


      • Tron Murphy
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        Am I the only person that never gave a **************** about user reviews?  Evidently, they were a big thing?  WTF?

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      I used to read the reviews for years until I started posting on the forums.

      They're a really good driver of new forum users.

      I really hope the new reviews have some sort of forum integration, showing relevant topics etc, a long a it's not too obtrusive.


      • sylvestre
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        Previous design was far clearer. That one is confusing and it improves nothing, on the contrary.