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  1. I'm so glad this thread is old as **** and eor doesn't post anymore. Dude seems like a serious douchebag. Who the hell talks to people that way?
  2. FS: ProCo RAT big box (no lm308) - $90 shipped Paypal only, only trades I'm interested in are Wah, flange, tremolo, delay
  3. asking $90 shipped but pm me with offers.
  4. Naw, I'm with Pinetree pedals or whatever... Pewt's a noob.
  5. This is a 1979 Kramer with an aluminum reinforced neck. Ebonol (ebony synthetic) fingerboard with original Kramer designed single coil pickups. This guitar is missing the original volume and tone knobs but one of them has been replaced with a standard speed knob (the picture is from before I lost the volume knob, both pots work fine). There is also a small hole in the pickguard where someone added an out of phase switch but it has since been reverted to original specs. These guitars are getting harder and harder to find, especially with the Kramer designed pickups. You can read more about this series of guitars here: http://www.vintagekramer.com/alum.htm I had this guitar set up and appraised at Sam Ash Music in King of Prussia and it plays wonderfully. It's been sitting in the OHSC for the past year as I don't play it much. This could be the answer to that Travis Bean or EGC you've been pining for! The case comes with the guitar as well as a nylon strap. Please, email me with any further questions and offers. I'll gladly provide more detailed pictures should you require them. I'm hoping to move this guitar fast so please, don't hesitate to make a fair offer. The only trade I would accept would be an American Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster.
  6. I'm selling this Big Box rat, make me an offer. No LM308 but it has that great low gain rat sound that everyone loves.
  7. I'm selling this Big Box rat for $60 shipped. No LM308 but it has that great low gain rat sound that everyone loves.
  8. Truth. Don't blame the coyotes for your cat's demise. 'Tis your own fault. And why all you pussies afraid of some coyotes? They don't bother with humans. you're a {censored}ing idiot.
  9. this thread thread is almost 6 years old, I don't even know if Mr. Sage still does rehousing.
  10. My cat stays outside during most of the day time so he always sits next to me when I smoke. Not in a fiendish way, though.
  11. I understand that part. What I don't like is the continual disrespect for women. lol? What does her gender have to do with what he was saying?
  12. A builder declining to fix something is bull{censored} on its own and then sending a link to buy a new one for just under $400 is a slap in the face.
  13. My guitars. I'm originally a bassist but picked up the guitar again a few years ago and renewed my interest. Cool Les Paul, man.
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