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  1. I'm in, despite all feelings of impending doom.
  2. is that pickguard a shiny black or is it made of metal?
  3. I'm realizing now that all he needs is the tuning button... Anyway to confirm which buttons will fit without actually handling the guitar? This is supposed to be a birthday gift and I'd prefer it to be a surprise.
  4. this is a picture I pulled from google but it's that same model and it shows the tuners pretty well.
  5. I'm trying to find a few tuning keys for my friend's guitar since a couple of his are broken and effectively make it useless for anything other than practice. My real question is, where can I get 1 or 2 tuning keys that will fit? The kind it came don't have a screw for the back of the headstock. I think the bushing on the top holds the peg in place. I couldn't find out the name of what I need by doing some searching so hopefully someone can push me in the right direction (or maybe sell me 1 or 2, pm me)
  6. I'm pretty sure I've played an IC muff and it just doesn't sound as good as any other variant. I still somehow doubt that the magical IC muff cuts thru a band mix any better.
  7. I'll bet it'll sound really harshly digital if it's not 'glitchy' like Shadoof was saying. I'm thinking he means bad tracking? Or maybe he's talking about **** toan, idk.
  8. I need to buy a bass amp for a show I'm playing on Friday but I have no idea what to get. Was trying to spend less than $170 and I found this: http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/4171377231.html I've no experience or knowledge of bass amps. Is this thing total trash?
  9. I've got an MIM standard telecaster and I think it's time to replace because it's constantly getting loose and occasionally cutting out. I've touched up the wires, taken it apart, put it back together, used a wrench to tighten it. My question is: What's the best jack I can get?
  10. Reporting doesn't work, anymore, Ryan. Neither do bans. It's my birthday, going to work in a few hours and then I'm gonna get trashed when I get off.
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