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  1. I was talking pedals with a friend and something triggered in the back of my mind that I'm trying to track down evidence of, I'm wondering if anyone here remembers similar. Back in the early to mid '00s (I think, could be earlier), when it seemed like ultra voodoo boutique tone sweetener BS was hitting peak, if that's possible, there was a "pedal" that people claimed made everything "better", cleaned your cleans, brightened your tone, did mystical {censored} to your mids etc... and it was passive. It was expensive, the builder was super secretive and the case was all sealed up with threats that opening it would void warranties, you'd be excommunicated from guitar land etc. I can't remember it it was basically just an enclosure with jacks or if there was a stomp switch too, but there were no controls. Eventually someone got their hands on one, opened it up and found that it was just two jacks linked by hand soldered vintage cloth covered wire. Pure snake oil. But even after that, people claimed that it DID make a difference, and it had to do with the wire, or the wrapping, or who knows what else. Does anyone remember this? Am I crazy? Was it an effects forum urban legend or an april fools joke that I'm misremembering? I swear that this was a thing that happened, but I don't even know what I would google for to search for it.
  2. the key input is isolated from the signal path and strictly and on/off trigger. my (likely) overall path is guitar > tuner > dirt > amp > loop > modulation (which is a bit noisy) > gate > delay/verb > back to amp the zuul works really well on its own without the key input, but works amazingly well in the loop with the key for really tight djenty stuff. it’s basically clamped down all the time for complete silence (besides trails on delay and verb), and when the signal hits the key input it opens up and the clamps right back down when the signal reaches the minimum level you set. getting the signal from before the loop is important for the tightness, if i had a tuner out or anything i’d use that but everything but my delay is mono. a y cable would work, but it’s not ideal for minimizing signal loss and would be a bit clunky on what’s becoming a tight board, unless i get something custom made with exact lengths and low profile right angle plugs. also my pickups are currently passive so a buffer would probably be good in the chain anyways.
  3. Heeeeeeeey this place is still here. I haven't been around in years, also stopped playing for years and now I'm getting back into things and rebuilding so I'm looking for suggestions. Basically I'm rebuilding my board from the ground up and this time breaking it into two parts, dirt in front, everything else in the amp loop, BUT since I'm going to be running really high gain stuff in the front, I've picked up a Fortin Zuul. That's going in the loop, but I'm looking for a Y splitter to run in front to split off into the amp and then into the key input of the Zuul to really clamp down. I'm currently using a Micro Pog to do that, but it's a waste of a pedal that I can throw on another board (I can't really use the Pog as an effect because I'm trying to learn 8-string guitar and the Pog makes it TOOO LOW). So what's a decent Y splitter that's not too expensive? I don't need an A/B (I have a Lehle ABY which is great, but I don't need the switching aspect), just a straight up Y box. buffered I guess? The Empress Buffer looks ok (I love their stuff), but I don't need the loop. There's an RJM Music Tech "Tone Saver" which seems to fit the bill and around the same price as the Empress, but I don't know much about them. There's a Suhr buffer which also looks good, but is getting a little on the expensive side considering I just need the second out to be a key (oh yeah, I'm in Canada so stuff is more expensive. I'd like to keep it around $160 CAD tops if possible). there's the Lehle P-Split is getting a little out of my range for what I want to spend (but being passive is a bonus by saving a power supply spot). There's the JHS buffered splitter which is in the right price point but I've read some negative reviews of... Is there anything else out there worth looking at? You'd think a basic Y split box would be easy to find.
  4. get crazy, so the weird {censored} others aren't really doing. PLL, randomatic, maybe a Sherman filterbank in pedal format... enough with ODs and fuzzes. *yawn*
  5. a tiny part of me is interested because my ipod classic is on its deathbed and I've been holding out for a new player, but the rest of me is screaming "bull{censored}". there are so many things wrong with it. the size and shape are dumb, I really dislike that there's no physical buttons for play/stop/skip (I don't want to have to look at the device for every little function) and the fact that it doesn't appear to be dockable so for charging or plugging into a system you just have stray cables laying around. they go on and on about sound quality, but the audio is only as good as what you put it through. its still going to be crap if you're using crap headphones, maybe a little less so but still crap. have a high quality dac is great, but of course there's no reviews of it at all to say if its worth the price. the thing that kills me the most though is how they drone on about how bad CDs are and its really meant for 192khz/24bit masters. great. so where do we get those then? you can't just rerip your albums to flac because that's "just" CD quality. good, but if that's what you're going for, why spend $400 on an audiophile player? so now you have to rebuy your albums at $15-$25 (SERIOUSLY?) a pop from their store. I still can't bring myself to pay for digital only releases. maybe for a much smaller pricepoint if I really wanted to support the band or had no other way to get it, but I'll always get a physical product every time. sure as hell not paying physical retail cost (or more) for a few files. sure, there are other places that have some HD releases, but I guarantee you its all top 40, classic rock, and the generic stuff the labels are pushing. how long will it take for small labels and local bands to get on it, if ever? what about all the OOP albums that labels can't be bothered to re-release on CD or vinyl, let alone go back to the masters, if they still exist, and completely redo the release for 192khz/24bit? so you're floating through a very shallow pool of very expensive files just hoping others jump on it and it doesn't die because the average consumer doesn't care enough for the resources to be put into it. this is the new betamax or HD-DVD. if it catches on, cool. better audio quality is great. but there are already other flac players out there that can do the same file quality for about half the price, so is the DAC really that much better to justify the price? or is the only reason why this is all over the news the last two days because of the poster boy?
  6. There were a couple synth companys that killed it this year, but in general I haven't seem much that excites me. it seems like there isn't much coverage this time around with people posting about all the coolest new toys like in previous years. The Sub37 looks great, not so sure about Moog's new digital theremin. Elektron's Analog RYTM looks amazing and I know I'll be picking it up at some point (first big gear purchase this year will be an Analog Keys though). Teenage Engineering's tease of the next OP-1 OS update looks fun but once again, but nothing major from then. The Arturia Beatstep looks pretty sweet and is a def. buy at it's price (something like $129?). with all the options for different control outs, I'm going to pick one up and try plugging it into any pedals I have with CV in. been wanting a portable step sequencer for a long time, EHX's 8-step is nice but limited, the Beatstep looks way more flexible. Roland really **** up, started the runaway hype train with their teaser videos for the TR-08 (a supposed "evolution of an 808") a week before NAMM, and then **** nothing at the show beyond an exclusive closed-door look for a small amount of reporters that can't say anything. dumb. I really haven't seen much for pedals or anything guitar based talked about with much hype. I'm interested to hear the Fairfield Circuitry analog delay, but I can't find any videos or anything about it. and then there's not much else I've heard about that grabbed my attention? the usual boring overdrives and whatnot, nothing interesting that I've seen. maybe I'm over pedals.
  7. I would be unsurprised if Devi announced in the near future that she has a shiny new vagina. I can't see everyone getting paid back first.
  8. so uh... the game she's making is called A Cat Named Rape? http://acatnamedrape.tumblr.com/ totally not surprised by the kickstarter, but I gotta admit I wasn't expecting that...
  9. Lorde is actually my most spun record of the year, it's a really great pop record that's pretty much solid all the way through (Royals is really played out and not even in the top 5 tracks on the album), I was actually surprised how minimal the album is instrumentally. don't understand how it didn't make the list compared to a lot of the listings. That website it terrible! doesn't work for **** in chrome. surprised Body/Head is on there, I didn't think it was very good. didn't hear most of those albums, Death Grips was a let down but I may have to listen to it a few more times. arcade fire needs to go away. I wasn't aware Kvelertak had a new one and surprised to see it on the list, will have to download. earl sweatshirt was hit & miss, as usual for odd future. run the jewels started out ok but dropped off quick. random access memories is the worst daft punk album. NIN's hesitation marks had a handful of really good tracks (basically the start and the end), but more bad tracks. actually, the more guitar on the song, the weaker the track. Tegan & Sara was a pretty big departure from previous albums, and not in a good way. The Knife was good but not a regular listen. loved boards of Canada's Tomorrow's Harvest, though it kinda got overshadowed by them repressing all previous albums on vinyl shortly after. haim is terrible. and lastly, **** Kanye. terrible. not a single track worth listening to, he just needs to shut the **** up and take time off. go back to producing instead of rapping. I could almost give him a break for all the bull{censored} he constantly talks if it turned out he was mentally ill, but even then... stop paying attention to him!
  10. a couple years ago I herniated a disc/damaged another resulting in a pinched nerve. it started with just bad back pain, and by the time I was on my way home from work I had basically lost control of my body, if I wasn't in a really specific position it was like an electric shock shooting right through me, I had to call my father to pick me up and take me to the hospital because I couldn't move and had nobody else around. was stuck in bed for a while just to get to a point that I could kind of walk around on my own, had to take three months off of work, went to physio for about a year to "build up my core". took a long while to recover, and it wasn't really complete. I still get pain down my right leg sometimes and have a bit of a limp some days, and because I'm stuplid/lazy I didn't keep up with my excercises once I thought I was good enough and physio said they couldn't do anything else for me, so now I've gone soft again and prone to my back going out (though nothing terribly bad). once your back goes, you gotta keep up with that **** or it'll just flare up again.
  11. pefftronics randomatic sherman filterbank II in pedal form metasonix butt probe something interesting and hard to come by, not the usual OD BS that's still in production/easy to get.
  12. so autolux goes on hold again? hmmmmmmmm... :/
  13. not happy with Mavricks. waited a day and a half checking forums and sites looking for issues with cubase, saw some positive posts, nothing else, upgrade and THEN later get a warning from steinberg that all their products are broken and can potentially trigger "dangerous" audio glitches that can damage your speakers. Mavricks is also laggy as hell, some programs seem to take way too long opening, lots of spinning beachballs, even scrolling sucks. I happened to be near an apple store today and checked out a few MacBooks, they all have the same problem, really obvious in launchpad, swiping from page to page is slow or gets stuck, and then jumps really quickly if you touch it again. I'm running a 2012 MBPr w/ 2.7ghz i7 & 16gb ram, that should be happening. on the upside, if you have a trial of iWork or iLife apps (or old disc based versions installed), the App Store will upgrade them to the full new version for free... apple pulled the trails once that got out.
  14. there are covers that I think are actually better than the originals (failure - enjoy the silence (depeche mode), xiu xiu - ceremony (joy division)), even if I really like the original artist, and there are bands that can do just the right song at just the right moment and really pulls it off (a local band closed a pretty energetic show with a perfect cover of Maxine Nightingale's get right back where we started from and it was the perfect song for that time and place, blew me away). however, the majority of the time, covers are bad, especially if it's a small local band using it to fill their set or just play something that someone may know. its either a dead on reproduction of the obvious, most well known single of the original band, just not nearly as good, or some bull{censored} attempt to be ironic, covering britney spears as nu metal or something. honestly covers just be left to tribute albums and long established bands wanting to throw something different and unexpected into their set or b-sides, if they can pull it off (NOT linkin park doing refused's new noise).
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