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  1. I was talking pedals with a friend and something triggered in the back of my mind that I'm trying to track down evidence of, I'm wondering if anyone here remembers similar. Back in the early to mid '00s (I think, could be earlier), when it seemed like ultra voodoo boutique tone sweetener BS was hitting peak, if that's possible, there was a "pedal" that people claimed made everything "better", cleaned your cleans, brightened your tone, did mystical {censored} to your mids etc... and it was passive. It was expensive, the builder was super secretive and the case was all sealed up with threats that opening it would void warranties, you'd be excommunicated from guitar land etc. I can't remember it it was basically just an enclosure with jacks or if there was a stomp switch too, but there were no controls. Eventually someone got their hands on one, opened it up and found that it was just two jacks linked by hand soldered vintage cloth covered wire. Pure snake oil. But even after that, people claimed that it DID make a difference, and it had to do with the wire, or the wrapping, or who knows what else. Does anyone remember this? Am I crazy? Was it an effects forum urban legend or an april fools joke that I'm misremembering? I swear that this was a thing that happened, but I don't even know what I would google for to search for it.
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