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    In the brief few years I smoked (tobacco, anyways LOL) I started with Marb Reds, then Camel Lights for a while, then Pall Mall Reds until I quit.
    Originally Posted by co&cafan808

    chevybusa ****************in delivers the lulz!!!

    Using and abusing Reason 4.0 (with tons of ReFills) and Logic 9 (with tons of soft synths, VSTi's and plug-ins)
    a Yamaha S80 (with 2 FC7's, an FC5, an FC3, and a BC3a) and a Behringer BCR2000
    a 4GB 2.53GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini
    AKG K77 headphones or M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors.

    Originally Posted by OldGuitarPlayer

    Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

    Originally Posted by Anderton

    Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.


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      Nicotine and caffeine got me through grad school but I haven't smoked regularly for almost 13 years now. I was a snob so it was Dunhill Lights.

      Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

      Rocking the spandex AND the depends!


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        Luckies and Luckies only.


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          newport shorts. and yes im black

          KOOL Milds, and I'm not.
          Guitars: Carvin Bolt hardtail from kit with DiMarzio PAF Pro and Humbucker from Hell, Washburn D20S Acoustic.Amps: Peavey Red Stripe Bandit


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            B&h silvers ATM
            My Student Rig
            Blackstar* HT5
            Marshall 1936 (loaded w/Greenbacks)
            Tc Electronic Nova System
            Carl Martin Plexitone
            Keeley Sd-1
            Tc Electronic Octa Screamer
            Dunlop Vol/Wah
            84' Gibson Studio
            Godin Progression
            Cool Ass Part-o-Caster

            Proud Member of The Blackstar* Brigade

            Originally Posted by BrendanO

            I'm going to **************** that. I hope she's legal, because it's happening, one way or the other.


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              Member of the Mesa/Boogie Mob m/m/

              Uses & abuses: Mesa/Fender/Charvel/Jackson/Gibson/every pedal ever created.

              Good deals: The Rossness, Laura the Valve Queen

              Mustaine-Who? is a scammer, avoid this prick like the PLAGUE!

              Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy

              So in conclusion, if you like ******************** then you like Strats. If you don't like Strats, it's because you secretly don't like ********************.

              Originally Posted by NaturalBornBoy


              Originally Posted by Murdoch

              We like to think of it as you leaving a foot-wide trail of fishy-smelling sand wherever you go.


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                Started with Marlboro Reds, about two years in I switched to Parliament Lights thinking that since they weren't my brand it'd be easier to quit. 16 years later I quit. It's been about 5 weeks.

                edit: I quit 7 years ago and stayed away for 3 years. I foolishly went back and it's taken me 4 years to get away from them again. If you quit, don't tempt yourself! I'm planning on never taking another drag again.
                This here is my music what I make with my mouth and instruments and such


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                  Originally Posted by Jimmy James

                  Or you can try living on the southside of Chicago on eight dollars a month and learn some real blues phrases.

                  YouTube • Soundclick


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                    Don't Sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things


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                      Quitted though.
                      Honestly...this is not music... it is hatred and self loathing expressed with loudness.


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                          Doral Ultra-lights. You gotta have a cheap smoke if you do 3 packs a day! Smoke free for 3 years.

                          you smoked 3 packs a day, but never felt the need to move up to something a bit stronger???

                          3 packs of ultra lights= 2 full flavor cigs.


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                            I only smoke cigars, and not cheap gas store ****************.


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                              used to be either marb greens or parliament methol lights, but both taste like **************** now so ive picked up camel menthol silver (also dumping money on l&m's, pall malls, or anything cheap when short on cash).

                              this recent cold bout ive gotten this weekend may just be the thing i need to quit
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                              The He-Man Emo Wimmin Luverz Club
                              Mesa/Boogie Mob m/m/
                              PRS Std 24
                              Rivera Knucklehead Tre
                              Peavey XXX
                              Mesa/Boogie 4x12 Recto Cab

                              Originally Posted by ~Abstract~


                              Maybe next time huh?

                              Naa naa boo boo stick your head in doodoo.

                              Originally Posted by pink freud

                              Here's a visual representation of how much I care:

                              Originally Posted by AtarisPunk29

                              your guitar is an extension of your penis. Learn to wield it.

                              Originally Posted by Electrikon

                              for a "Metal" band, that song wasn't even fast enough to rollerskate to.


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                                Reported to hapless.