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    In the brief few years I smoked (tobacco, anyways LOL) I started with Marb Reds, then Camel Lights for a while, then Pall Mall Reds until I quit.
    Originally Posted by co&cafan808

    chevybusa ****************in delivers the lulz!!!

    Using and abusing Reason 4.0 (with tons of ReFills) and Logic 9 (with tons of soft synths, VSTi's and plug-ins)
    a Yamaha S80 (with 2 FC7's, an FC5, an FC3, and a BC3a) and a Behringer BCR2000
    a 4GB 2.53GHz Intel Core Duo Mac Mini
    AKG K77 headphones or M-Audio BX5a Deluxe monitors.

    Originally Posted by OldGuitarPlayer

    Ahhh...John Cage. The ultimate troll.

    Originally Posted by Anderton

    Just remember...machines don't kill music, people do.


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      Nicotine and caffeine got me through grad school but I haven't smoked regularly for almost 13 years now. I was a snob so it was Dunhill Lights.

      Originally Posted by buddhapaugh

      Rocking the spandex AND the depends!


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        Luckies and Luckies only.


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          newport shorts. and yes im black

          KOOL Milds, and I'm not.
          Guitars: Carvin Bolt hardtail from kit with DiMarzio PAF Pro and Humbucker from Hell, Washburn D20S Acoustic.Amps: Peavey Red Stripe Bandit


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            B&h silvers ATM
            My Student Rig
            Blackstar* HT5
            Marshall 1936 (loaded w/Greenbacks)
            Tc Electronic Nova System
            Carl Martin Plexitone
            Keeley Sd-1
            Tc Electronic Octa Screamer
            Dunlop Vol/Wah
            84' Gibson Studio
            Godin Progression
            Cool Ass Part-o-Caster

            Proud Member of The Blackstar* Brigade

            Originally Posted by BrendanO

            I'm going to **************** that. I hope she's legal, because it's happening, one way or the other.


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              Mustaine-Who? is a scammer, avoid this prick like the PLAGUE!

              Originally Posted by Ron Burgandy

              So in conclusion, if you like pussy then you like Strats. If you don't like Strats, it's because you secretly don't like pussy.

              Originally Posted by NaturalBornBoy


              Originally Posted by Murdoch

              We like to think of it as you leaving a foot-wide trail of fishy-smelling sand wherever you go.


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                Started with Marlboro Reds, about two years in I switched to Parliament Lights thinking that since they weren't my brand it'd be easier to quit. 16 years later I quit. It's been about 5 weeks.

                edit: I quit 7 years ago and stayed away for 3 years. I foolishly went back and it's taken me 4 years to get away from them again. If you quit, don't tempt yourself! I'm planning on never taking another drag again.
                This here is my music what I make with my mouth and instruments and such


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                  Originally Posted by Jimmy James

                  Or you can try living on the southside of Chicago on eight dollars a month and learn some real blues phrases.

                  YouTube • Soundclick


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                    Don't Sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things


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                      Quitted though.
                      Honestly...this is not music... it is hatred and self loathing expressed with loudness.


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                          Doral Ultra-lights. You gotta have a cheap smoke if you do 3 packs a day! Smoke free for 3 years.

                          you smoked 3 packs a day, but never felt the need to move up to something a bit stronger???

                          3 packs of ultra lights= 2 full flavor cigs.


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                            I only smoke cigars, and not cheap gas store ****************.


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                              used to be either marb greens or parliament methol lights, but both taste like **************** now so ive picked up camel menthol silver (also dumping money on l&m's, pall malls, or anything cheap when short on cash).

                              this recent cold bout ive gotten this weekend may just be the thing i need to quit
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                              Originally Posted by ~Abstract~


                              Maybe next time huh?

                              Naa naa boo boo stick your head in doodoo.

                              Originally Posted by pink freud

                              Here's a visual representation of how much I care:

                              Originally Posted by AtarisPunk29

                              your guitar is an extension of your penis. Learn to wield it.

                              Originally Posted by Electrikon

                              for a "Metal" band, that song wasn't even fast enough to rollerskate to.


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                                Reported to hapless.