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  1. I agree that the whole term sounds made up. Like smurfing. "I need a smurfing amp so I can smurf my guitar for a crowd of smurfs."
  2. They are OEM Fernandes buys from various Chinese vendors specialized in that field. See if you can find the same amp without Hiwatt brand associated price tag. Probably sold under "Megatone" brand or something. "Compact and portable, battery or mains powered busking amp from the legendary British company. " LOL.
  3. Yes, the secret to awesome "tape saturation"....
  4. I tend to fall for the "embarrassment explanation"... given that we're talking about a company that - aside from selling kitchen equipment like refridgerators - cashes in with MG-10 Signature amps and selling mass-produced $300 practice amps as "Limited Edition / handmade" for $800. :poke:
  5. once again, nobody bought them. That's a pretty good reason. Actually, right around the time the Powerblock was introduced Saint Louis Music was also bought by LOUD Technologies (formerly known as Mackie) and the company laid off about 90% of all the Saint Louis Music's key employees and also relocated a lot of the manufacturing to Vietnam. Kiss goodbye to pretty much all products introduced by the former company. ...except a select few that were rereleased under slightly different cosmetic packaging (mainly few tube amps and the GX/GFX lines that had been around for ages).
  6. excellent and necessary thread bump. As if something would happen. There are several quirks on this software I've been whining about ever since the HC2.0 fiasco and absolutely nothing's been done to fix them. When the computer nerds running this board actually try to "fix" something it's just for the worse.
  7. I once came when my gf was blowing my package Fixed.
  8. Yes. The same thing started to happen to me when I was in the 20's and the first time it kinda freaked me out. But I guess all those pipes up there have just become too clogged from all the shit we breathe. I don't know half of the proper english or latin names for those things but tear duct is in fact connected to your nose, and from your nose to your mouth. "Swallowing your tears" is somewhat literal expression. So there's a pathway and enough pressure will force air through it. Anyway, there are bigger things in life to worry about. held up a finger to it and blew again, and freaking air was coming out around my eyeball. Wait until you accidentally do that in the shower under running water while holding your eyes closed.... THAT is a fucking bizarre feeling and can hurt like hell.
  9. I'm pretty sure there are different laws in each country and state but over here I think just keeping the stuff and starting to claim it's yours would be considered as stealing. If you keep the stuff, consider it being on "loan". If you want/must to get rid of the thing then people either care of their stuff so much that they leave you some valid contact information so you can contact them and inform them that you're about to get rid of their stuff that's on your property ...or they don't, in which case it shouldn't be your issue. Needless to say, I think it's reasonable to expect that a person could be contacted in few days, maximum few weeks. For example, someone could not be contacted because of being hospitalised or something similar but that condition shouldn't last excessively long. And if it does, the person should have some caretakers handling his issues. So if the person tries to sue you becaise you got rid of his stuff he will have no case because his own actions and neglenctance caused him to loose the items. It's not like you didn't try to contact him, right. But no, you can't just keep the stuff and start claiming its yours after some period of time. ...unless the law in place where you live actually says so.
  10. thought I remembered being told once that you should toss ANY canned goods that have bumps or dents. Never heard of that and I think they pretty much referred to stuff like canned food with that. I've drank plenty of beer from cans that had bumbs and dents. As long as they haven't been burst open the beer will be just fine. The only difference is that it may effervesce more (I always wanted use that word).
  11. I bet the AXE-FX can't nail that "Pringles" tone... :poke:
  12. It was a cheap brand of German Hohner so likely there was european and UK distribution. They were pretty much bottom of the pile stuff made cheaply in Korea and costed about as much as the about similar Gorilla amps so I don't really know what's more left to remember except that such brand of amps existed at some time. The Hohner Marlin guitars... now those were a much more interesting product. There's an incredibly sexy Les Paul clone right now on ebay costing $56 on the current bid (that deal also including a shitty low-power Marlin amp). If it was a local auction I'd buy it just for the sake of exploding some corksniffers heads. "Wow, that's a nice Les Paul... wait, what... WTF?"
  13. teemuk

    Bugera amps

    They are inexpensive and reliability-wise better than, say, many modern Marshall amps. I haven't heard of any of them literally "catching in fire", though early runs did have problems with molex connectors that started to arc and burned the board/connector partially. All that, I think, is covered by their warranty service and the newer revisions do not use those troublesome molex connectors any more. A tech acquintance of mine runs a Behringer authorized service. His opinion is that the quality of those amps is pretty much on par with most of the modern stuff produced in China and unreliability issues are overrated. Also, Behringer mostly copies cosmetic looks of amps, not so much the internal circuitry of them. At least that's what I've heard from folks repairing them and also experienced myself when checking out any of their circuit diagrams. But the whole Behringer/Bugera thing is an Internet meme so don't expect to get much of discussion about them that has slightest touch with reality. They are inexpensive amps so go from that in quality: You get what you pay for but what you pay for is not total crap. Don't expect them to be astoundingly awesome, but realistically there are likely far worse products that cost much more simply due to brand recognition.
  14. That too... "Someone wrote it to an Internet forum so it must be a fact".
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