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    Well, a lot of it has been speculation up to this point, but the little bit of text on the original leaked photo does pave way for better hypothesis.

    To quote Wikipedia: "A sound module (sometimes referred to as tone generator) is an electronic musical instrument without a human-playable interface such as a keyboard, for example. Sound modules have to be "played" using an externally connected device."

    Long story short, a rack-mount JP-80 is most probable.
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      Quote Originally Posted by cresshead
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      i'm 99% certain that no one on this thread 'knows' what roland is releasing!....pics or your just pulling dreams/nightmares out of your ***!

      I was joking (unless I had xray vision to see through black tape) about:

      ''Start's in T... seems to be an R that follows. So TR ?''

      People have already posted the most likely line up of letters on the box. If you recall Roland have stated their future of sound is all digital, it pretty much narrows it down...

      goldphinga (@G sltz) thinks the synth will be:

      ''a jp8000/gaia replacement using the jp80's va engine.''

      Roland Clan, think the synth will be the next Fantom

      No idea if the synth will release or the ''what's in the box'' item, or both, but it is most likely digital...

      The box item is not big enough for a synth and I believe the no beatboxes till further notice leak, so it really requires you to ignore all the clues they gave in the photo to ignore what it must be if they were being clever...

      If the back ground was random, then I am still finding it hard to ignore the line up of leters... ''T'' products are drums so while less likley, it's the only other possibility as a controller would fit in that box..

      Too much letter line up in this photo to think drums as everyone says:



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        I've found out :

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          given the size of he box and the T in the name i am pretty sure it will be a tone module
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            I think the best thing about the Roland countdowns is the lolpics we make up.

            I suggest that they all be posted again, right here in this thread. I'll begin:



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              A New V-acordion its on its way and Juno D !!!
              Guess what? ! I have a Fever and the prescription is more cowbell !

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                  Quote Originally Posted by Bernard
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                  Too much letter line up in this photo to think drums as everyone says:

                  well, it think its a module, I think we just want it to be drums/groovebox/MV. If its something cool and knobby and VA-y, do want.


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                    Here is a another pic of boxes to compare.


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                      And another funny memory pic.


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                        I gave up on Roland a long time ago to be brutally honest with you.

                        The last two things I ever bought from them where the JP-8080 and the SP808EX many many moons ago (recently sold my JD-990 Expanded, S550 Sampler and D-550 Rack also).

                        I had had all of them for years - their older equipment was well built and lasted.

                        Most of what they have released bar the V-Synth XT has been quite overpriced IMHO
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                          I have not given up on Roland; its like a loved one in life support, that I cannot shut down. I just look it with tears in my eyes and hug it with no response, hoping that one day it would wake up from coma, and release V-Synth 2.
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                            D50 app for ipad. holy cow !

                            that will spoil their hardware sale


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                              I think Roland still has the magic. They're just in a rut lately, at times trying to please the wrong crowd. It's like they bifurcated their product line into high cost romplers and low cost electronica, in an attempt to anticipate the desires and budgets of each demographic.

                              At issue, I think, are two different ideas about 'realism.' Roland has been moving more or less in the direction of acoustic accuracy and digital sonic quality -- better romplers with more nuanced sounds. For synth purists, however, realism is the authentic lushness of analog -- the rawness and even imperfection of it. Roland isn't fully convinced that the latter is really marketable on a large scale. So they made the Jupiter 80 and 50, and threw in some VA functionality as a sort of compromise.

                              It's my hope that Roland will look at the number of companies that are making real analog synths and even exciting digital products and SELLING them in significant numbers -- even through a lengthy economic recession -- and realize that all along that they were the original king who simply forgot he could rule.

                              If not Roland, then Korg seems poised to do the same thing, if only they would. I've given up on Yamaha.

                              Maybe Roland and Korg are both looking at Arturia right now and realizing that THEY should have an analog synth on the market whose demand is so great that orders are backlogged for 6 months.
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                                Yeah they still have he magic, they've been using it to make any good ideas disappear for the last 20 years

                                Well OK they did have some cool products, but you always feel that they cut corners somewhere, or if they didn't, it's just too expensive for what it is...