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  1. Last week was cool but we can do better, bring it if you got it keys, bass and guitars... plus amps of course, drums and a guitar are already there...see ya at the Lytton Square...
  2. "No longer ground breaking music is being exposed to listeners anymore. As if the industry has given up on challenging the listeners ears and minds." The mainstream for profit and established act side of things is certainly that, but the underground and alternative scene is living the dream, as long as we can get and keep a day job.
  3. Yeah, what he said, these are the real deal. Freaking great product.
  4. I'd sell it get and get a TC ditto X2 Boss loopers are {censored}.
  5. The Strapp brand bass guitar straps exclusively on all guitars and my bass. Padded, adjustable, all black, comfortable as can be.1/4" thick padding of what I suspect is neoprene rubber, highly resilient and soft to the touch. can play for hours standing up... high strung too much fun.
  6. The final shows for Throwing Stones take place Friday 6-12-15 8pm till 11pm @ Lytton Plaza, D.T. Palo Alto and Saturday 6-13-15 2pm till 6pm " " " " " " We are disbanding after these final two shows to pursue other opportunities. Bring your cameras recorders and camcorders while you can we are a unique band interpreting Greatfool Dead, Stones and Beatles pyschedelicious sound from the underground.... FARE THEE WELL....
  7. I have two, but prefer a real Fender Strat or a Bigsby, even when they go outta tune. Floyd's are a fing hassle..better yet, gimme A Whammy pedal.
  8. A real performer with memory as his guide, I so dont fit into this mold...
  9. I.D.K., but I like a varied approach to skills being multi-instrumental myself, I appreciate and try to incorporate the following: open, barre and grand barre chording and progressions, being able to stay in key, being able to stay in time, being able to stay in modality, string bends, two-handed tapping, vibrato, hammer ons, pulloffs, octave jumping, key shifting, picking speed, accuracy and articulation, and seemless integration of effects. I rarely cover all these bases when I play out, usually because at some point I stop thinking about what I'm doing and the direction of it. Although it must be said I play usually from the composers perspective, being more focused on creativity than performance, most other guys are the opposite. What I do try to focus on is at least being competent with the basic technique of well formed and held chord formations, note sounding, and staying in key.A shiyteload of techniques such as this always takes a lifetime to master and I've seen very few make use of all the above to any degree of perfection, at least live. Most guys and dolls I've seen play can cover about half of this shiyte in any given performance but everything is so stylized and conformist nowadays it really doesn't take much to get noticed...
  10. You seem like someone who has a lot of experience playing, at least from me eyeing your gearlist. So do yourself a favor and forget all the name brand bullsh!t for a minute and design your Les Paul the way YOU want it. Right down to the machines, pickups, bridge, tailpiece, controls and wiring...I've spent thousands and thousands on my collection, yet very few of my guitars are stock, I probably have too many. Still, if you can design a guitar that will give you the options and relative tones and capabilities of 3 different axes, you'll be way ahead. Knowing a good guitar tech is worth five guitars, and if you know exactly what you want it's way more satisfying to make what you want than, say, trying to buy it. If I was doing all this again {God help me, GAS!} I'd do something like this. Warmouth or Epiphone body, Bigsby tailpiece, Mini humbucker {neck} W.L.H. Seymour Duncan {neck} in the middle, W.L.H. {bridge} in the bridge position, Coil tapping pots, series/parallel wiring, Sperzel locking tuners, Fender LSR nut, A Warmouth Les Paul headstock, 24 fret extended fingerboard, 24 3/4 scale, Maple C shaped, 1/8" shaved neck, Rosewood fretboard Abalone dot position markers, you get the idea. This guitar would have the tonal versatility of at least three different types of guitars and would be extremely well suited for blues, jazz and rock and all it's various tentacles.You could build this for less than half of the current midrange of any of Gibson's lineup, and come away with a better, more personalized instrument that will last you a lifetime, and also be more than the sum of it's parts. PM me if your serious, and I can refer to you a guitar tech that can take care of business for you.
  11. Once again, the Radman's Jam Band is at hand, bring your gear never fear, we are all about the sound, dancing girls go round and round ; PA, drums and guitar will be on hand, we need additional drummers, guitarists, bassists, keyboardists and percussionists. Please bring your own, and expect a night of thrills chills and trills.... Mainstream is not encouraged, covers will not be tolerated.
  12. I got Rush in about 25 seconds. I never even considered the sum of it's parts till much, much, later on, I was immediately struck by the sheer virtuosity of each of the individual members, every one of them by themselves is a genius of their respective instruments in their own right, but it took me decades to fully digest the brilliance and progressive nature of the whole band... As a group they are nothing short of legendary...
  13. Musicians aren't crazy because of music.They go nuts because of the road, addiction, poverty, isolation, women and fame. Alas, the reality of our superior intellect robs us of our emotional stability, hence we seek relief through sound and approval of others. I know firsthand it's my inability to deal with my own superior intellect and oversized ego that is the cause of most of my issues, that and unhealed childhood fears and scars. But music itself is not blame,it is only a language and an experience Alas musicians also don't prepare for alternatives, without a secondary focus on achievement and wealth building the ideals and pursuit of music is a miserable affair.
  14. Having an acoustic setup with really low action is critical to getting good feel and sound, fast fret will help reduce string noise, as will flatwounds. The dexterity of a faster right hand will help too. Picking speed and accuracy is the key to articulation and ring or finger pad contact and pressure if you're fingerstyle.
  15. Some will die a natural death others will die with an alto clef tattoed to there temples
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