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  1. Thanks for the respond. I'm hoping to get hardware. I work with computers all day. I'd like to avoid it for my hobby.
  2. hello guys. I have no experience with drum sequencer other than my yamaha electone. on my electone, I can create drum patterns, store them in Memory. I think it can store like 32 or 64 patterns or something. Each pattern can be 1 bar, 2 bar or so on. for sequencing a song, I can set which bar set to which pattern. I can also set different tempos in the song. Then I can save the whole setup in a floppy disk. Which portable (battery powered) drum machine lets me do the same? Store in memory card, or easily transfer to laptop via sysex ? Mostly into 80s pop/rock any help is greatly appreciated. I'll consider ipad also if such software is available
  3. lol thanks. I joined after the last reply of p120 thread. can't believe it's been a decade.
  4. RIP to the best thread in history
  5. ya know those clavinovas with great touch? I couldn't find anything close on stage pianos, until I tried Yamaha CP4. Korg's touch is a joke. Kurzweil's touch is outdated
  6. play an FM patch on montage. then playback identical FM patch on soft synth thru montage's usb audio interface mode. see if you could hear any difference
  7. http://www.factmag.com/2015/07/06/yamaha-reface-accidentally-leaks-new-dx-cs-synths/
  8. i recommend Roland Octa Capture, 8 ins, 8 balanced out. and u can stack 2 for 16 in/out. very very low latency. for DAW, I absolutely love Reaper. free to try . it only nags you during load, but it's 100% fully functional
  9. Yamaha teased the Reface, having organ-like interface. CS series reborn ?
  10. NS5R/NX5R - one famous patch used in the song Spaceman. The output is not as warm/fat as 01R/W, but size/portability is great. and you can get it real cheaps. both N and 01 has big LCD for easy UI
  11. Here's Yamaha new electone preset demo, showcasing the usual AWM+Articulation, and also the VL Engine new motif will highly have these sounds too
  12. Good pads ? Hmmmm Really depends. The Korg 01R/W has excellent pads, albeit different from Wavestation SR. I have the wavestation ex, the pads move me to tears, unfortunately the interface is bloody stupid. There's no program mode. They force you to be in combi mode. In order to edit Program 1, you have to go into Combi Mode, edit that, then select a channel, then select a program, then edit from there. But, yeah, everyone should at least own one wavestation. There's simply nothing like it. At the same time, I totally recommend the 01RW. Beautiful warm pads ! Would make great addition to your Yamaha
  13. wow that RIVAGE looks delicious. Other manufacturers moving to big screen LCDs. If Yamaha choose to remain non-touch screen (but brighter OLED display) , with the multiple LCD displays like RIVAGE, I think many would prefer that, I know I myself would. ADAT dead? hmmm don't know. Focusrite, Steinberg (new UR series), Behringer new interfaces all have A-DAT for expansion. Aren't A-DAT Mic-Pres cheap and more easily available? I haven't own any A-DAT device except Alesis QS7 from last millenium Ability to expand the motif for extra simultaneous input/recording would be a huge advantage. Put in some steinberg tech in it. Put in some of that Yamaha's Rupert Neve VCM. Here in Malaysia, Roland conquers the non-pro market (Roland Junos). Korg and Yamaha - workstations for pros. Yamaha & Roland - digital pianos. Pros here are itching to spend their allocated budget for a new workstation, and no one is buying the Jupiter -Multiple displays -more advanced audio interface -more advanced VCMs (rupert neve/etc..) -horizontal touch (like in the new electone). (usage example:Press harder for vibrato, slide left/right for pitch) -hybrid piano engine like in their high end CP series -usb cd-burner support -ability to fully control remotely -VL Engine ? their new electone has it Demo of the new Electone [YOUTUBE]QSbhTlYYqsE[/YOUTUBE]
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