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  1. I have the Virus B, and it's one of those synths I'll never sell. Very well built, very deep, very 'dark' and digital in a good way. I've had opportunities to get a C, TI, and TI2, but the B always suited my needs just fine and in some ways I actually like the sound of it better.
  2. I have the Laboratory 61. I love the action on the keys and the aftertouch. I don't use the pads, and the pitch bend and mod wheel are too small, but otherwise it's a nice portable 61 key controller. The wood ends and steel casing are also nice. I'm not too happy about the fact that Reason 7 doesn't work properly with Arturia controllers. Sustain pedals no longer work with that controller and Reason 7.
  3. Is this floppy/SD combo drive known to be compatible with the EX5?
  4. These are some VAs that I own and like. Korg Radias is one of the best VAs in its price range. A little bright sounding at times, but a very well designed synth. It also has a nice vocoder and some groove box type features. The lights are something you get used to. Virus B has a bit of a fuller and darker sound than the Radias, and sells in the same price range. I'll say without elaboration that it has more of a trancy German sound. If you don't need multitimbrality, then the UltraNova is easily the best VA for under $500 used these days. In addition to a very deep synth engine, it also has a built in audio interface, vocoder, and some great live performance features. The Akai MiniAk and Korg R3 are also very good VAs (both are also vocoders with gooseneck mics), and they sell for a little less than the others mentioned. The Akai takes a bit more work to program, and the R3 is based on the Radias (MMT) engine.
  5. It seems like a great little multi-synth. I just wish the price was more reasonable. They could have sold four times as many for half the markup.
  6. I've had the Kronos for a couple of months, and I can see that it's going to take some time to really plumb its depths. There's just a LOT there. It usually takes me a year or two to really gel with a new workstation, since they're all so feature rich these days. The M3 was one of the easier workstations to master, as was the Fantom X7. The K2500 and PC3X took a bit longer. One thing about workstations these days is that they're made to be used in a variety of ways. I've noticed that five different PC3X or K2500 owners will each have different work flows and different reasons for owning them.
  7. Maybe it's a 6 voice version of the Prophet 12 for $1200-$1500.
  8. Some of the transport functions (e.g. go to last page in thread from first page, etc.) are still not working. This forum *is* a lot slower to load and display, too. Colors are also kind of bright.
  9. Has anyone tried the QuNexus keyboard? I saw it today at Switched On (the local synth store) and thought it might be a good portable keyboard to use with my laptop when I travel. Apparently the keys are not only pressure sensitive on first contact, but also have polyphonic aftertouch, and each key can be set up to modulate a note when you rock your finger side to side or forward and back. I kind of wish they made a 3 octave version.
  10. I've been reading and posting at Gearslutz lately (past couple of months), but still somehow miss and prefer HC. I've also noticed a few familiar names from HC that have migrated over, though I changed my handle. Not to beat a dead horse, but it's too bad they killed this forum.
  11. Your ad says the asking price is firm, but you don't actually state your price. Also, you mention that local pickup is preferred. But where exactly is 'local?' In what city and state (and country) are you located?
  12. Not sure that's a great comparison to make; a lot of computer touchscreens use a different technology than Korg's TouchView. (Most computer screens are capacitative so they can be used with a light touch; Korg's are resistive.) And that's not even considering Dell's economies of scale. I'm guessing they sell many orders of magnitude more $599 laptops than Korg sells Kronoses. They can afford smaller margins, since they make up for it in quantity. I understand the differences in touch screen technology, and the differing economies of scale. But again, touch screens -- all touch screens -- have gotten a LOT cheaper since the Oasys debuted in 2005. Consider, for example, that Music Computing can add a 10.1" touch screen to their Control Blade workstation for $299. http://www.musiccomputing.com/store/product.php?productid=17545&cat=249&page=1 That is, $299 not as an upgrade from an 8 inch screen to a larger one, but $299 to add a touch screen where there was none. And the number of workstations *they* produce is an order of magnitude fewer than Korg. It's resistive, it's over 10 inches, and they can do it (retail) for $300.
  13. The problem with your assessment is the assumption that adding all of the OASYS hardware would only raise the MSRP "by a few hundred dollars". I'm willing to bet that better buttons, faders, data wheel, M3 drum pads, and a slightly bigger touch screen would be about $500-$700 more. Many of the suggestions I made were really surface differences -- fatter buttons versus thinner, recessed mixer style faders versus the ones it has, etc. And come to think of it, I suppose I could just change those myself anyway. The largest expense would be the touch screen, and they've come down a LOT since 2005 when the Oasys debuted. I'm now seeing self-contained 21" touch screen computers by Dell sell for $599 new.
  14. [video=youtube;nHRERLEM2eE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHRERLEM2eE
  15. Yep. Personally, I've never actually seen an Oasys in real life. But I have no doubt it has much better hardware and more options. But for people to bitch that a $3K keyboard doesn't have what a much-more-expensive one has is silly. Some of the Kronos feels a bit chintzy to me. I'd like it have most of the things you've mentioned. I only feel like it's going to be a matter of time before one of the un-recessed faders gets busted off at a gig, for example. But I also understand WHY it doesn't have every possible feature known to man. I'd have paid another $500 for it to be a bit more "solid". But that's just me. There's already a ton of people who won't/can't pay what it costs now. But it's an amazing board for $3K, IMO. For anyone to think it's not worth $3K because it they didn't somehow manage to get another $500-$1000 worth of "build quality" in there is being silly. Well, I actually *do* think it's worth $3K, so none of my comments were intended to undermine its value. I'm just one of those people who would pay an extra $500-$700 for a certain build quality and a larger display, and I know I'm not in the majority on that one. So to be clear, I'm not bemoaning the price of the Kronos. I'm saying charge me more and give it a bigger screen and better sliders. At the same time, I understand how difficult it must have been to meet that $2999.00 price point. When you get down to it, something always has to give, compromises have to be made, and I'm glad Korg didn't skimp on the performance specs. When I think about how much I paid to fully expand my Triton and K2500, and then I adjust for inflation on top of that, the technology in the Kronos is well worth the price tag. But ask any car buyer, for example, if the design and feel of the seats, dashboard, and steering wheel matter, and they'll tell you it does. I wanted an Oasys very much when they were in production, and always hoped that Korg would release a more affordable workstation with the same essential features. And they've done just that, so no complaints. I played the Oasys at the local GC on a semi-regular basis for what amounted to several years (they had one perpetually on display, which it always seemed was being abused by somebody's 5 year old brat running wild). This thing was like a Range Rover, Lincoln Continental, and Lamborghini all rolled into one. So my hopes for the Kronos were really based on that longing, and the one thing above all that REALLY sold me on the Oasys was that large touch screen and the way it tilted upward for easy access and viewing. If Korg would just change that one feature, I wouldn't care about the rest.
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