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  1. Your MOX can easily do the multiple layers, and with some effort, can provide volume control over 4 split/layered sounds as discussed at https://www.harmonycentral.com/forums/topic/139631-yamaha-mox8-cool-but-how-to-adjust-balance-of-layers/ - and you can add news sounds based on the same samples, for example the ones available at http://shop.motifator.com/index.php/voice-libraries/mo-x.html and you can also use its Master Mode zone function to add sounds from a connected iPad, iPhone, exterbal sound module, laptop, etc. You can't add new samples to its internal memory, that was added in the followup MOXF (with optional flash card) and MODX (no optional card required). In terms of a new piano-action board that has the features you want, including the ability to add new custom samples, other possibilities include: Kurzweil PC4 and Forte, Korg Kronos, Roland Juno DS88 (though the capacity for the samples is only about 50 mb or so) and I think the new Fantom.
  2. Your primary sound needs are "strings, horns, piano, EP, organ, flute" plus maybe some good pure synth functionality -- so I'd focus on boards that shore up those areas where the Montage is weakest. You can always use MIDI to play your Montage pianos and other sounds from your attached 88 if need be (and to play the organ in your 88 from the non-hammer Montage 6 keys). Forte and Kronos are good choices... sonically complementary to Montage (I'd say stronger on EPs, organ, VA synth), good MIDI functionality. Very different feeling actions. CP4 or any other Yamaha 88 doesn't really bring much in the way of sonic capabilities to your rig. ETA: also, for some other nice EPs, check the ones from Purgatory Creek, available for Montage, Kronos, Forte, or Kontakt.
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