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  1. Way back when, I was ElectricPuppy. Oh, wait, I'm still ElectricPuppy. 😜
  2. Wow. Such changes. Much confusion.
  3. Don't know. All I know is that they're continuing to work on it.
  4. but then I would bitch and whine for 6 months that ' its too expensive ' and more kittens might die Won't somebody please think of the kittens?? *sob*
  5. I leave my stuff on alot, too, mainly due to lazy. I like having things working just as I left them. But, as Mate says, if it's new I purposefully leave it on to make sure that if it's gonna fail, it'll fail in warranty.
  6. Damn, SERIOUS thread necromancy! Too bad it's not a useful thread.
  7. I might consider it if I didn't already have stands. But, I'd probably rather make them myself, anyway. I'm kinda sick that way. I'd love to see some photos of any you've made already, though, if you have any to share.
  8. Agreed... Congratulations on your purchase, and thanks very much from all at Korg! Hey man, I still haven't gotten my fruit cake gift basket for purchasing my own SV-1. I even went and got all 88 keys. Pfff.
  9. Aww yeah, rockin' it pool-side. This thread is now about gear with pictoral proof!
  10. Sir Flat is on a mission to save the memories of synths everywhere! Excellent work!
  11. BTW, a suitably leggy CR2032 battery can be ordered from here, they have no minimum order: http://www.mouser.com/catalog/catalogUSD/639/2071.pdf Case style "G" on that catalog page is typical of the commonly seen tabbed CR2032.
  12. 1) Model: Fender Chroma Polaris 2) Mattery Type: Akaline D-cells (2) To replace: First, UNPLUG THE UNIT because the main power runs directly near the batteries. Unscrew the two large silver screws on the bottom, one on each end, they hold the top panel down. Be aware that the screws are captured and will not come out. When they disengage from the top, the top will be free to hinge open from the back, so be careful not to let it flop open if you have it upside down. The batteries will be immediately apparent. If you are reasonably swift in your replacement (within several seconds, I imagine), your programs ought to remain intact during the exchange. To be on the safe side you should make a backup of your data, just in case.
  13. 1) Model of Synth: Korg EX-800 2) Battery Type: CR2032 Another leggy battery. It's located on the main board at the bottom of the case, situated rather tightly between two chips. The original battery had an odd leg geometry and was surface mounted; The leg pins did not feed through the board. Replacing it requires taking a leggy CR2032 and bending the ends of the legs slightly so they can be soldered to the largish pads on the board. Due to the close proximity of the battery to the pins of nearby chips, you might consider placing an insulator between the battery and the chips. I used a short length of shrinkwrap tubing and stuffed the battery into it with the legs poking out the ends.
  14. 1) Model of Synth: Yamaha TF-1 (module from TX-816 rack) 2) Battery Type: CR2032 The original battery has legs soldered to the board. You can replace it with a similarly-leggy CR2032, or do as I did and install a battery holder and insert a normal CR2032 battery in it's place.
  15. Actually, the worst damage you can do is to the tuning peg block. If you screw up a tuning peg hole, the piano is toast.
  16. IMHO, part of the joy of real piano ownership is the twice-annual visit from the tech. He takes real good care of it, well worth the money. Once tuned, even the best pianos start to go out of tune; Just how badly/quickly depends on not jsut the piano, but how it's been tuned in the past, how frequently it's retuned, and environmental conditions. Swings in temperature and humidity will make matters worse. I find that on my own piano, which I keep in a house that's generally stable temperature and humidity wise, still goes noticibly out of tune after a couple of months, and by the time the tech is on it again, it REALLY needs it. But then, I'm picky. Also, it seems that it's going longer now before it gets bad. It's still a young piano.
  17. Online, everything is lame. Everything is a failure. Everything is "what were they thinking!!!111EleventyLOL!!" Wisdom.
  18. AW wins the Insightful Post of the Day.
  19. Holy crap, that took me an entire 10 seconds to find: http://www.namm.org/summer I'm not your research monkey, do it yourself!
  20. Rumor has it that folks still don't have money and don't care that Korg is releasing a new Radias with camo paint.
  21. I know Metric uses the Pro-One...but as I have discovered that one isnt even made anymore. So will I be able to get similar sounds out of the SH 201 or the Korg Micro Korg? Generally, yes.
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