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A Real S#!77y Deal

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  • A Real S#!77y Deal

    I recently posted a Deluxe U.S. Strat for trade and a member responded with a Tele trade offer. He's been around here a long time, has a ton of posts, and some references. Seemed like a safe deal to do, so I accepted the offer. We exchanged the usual emails and shipping addresses, and agreed to ship the guitars on Friday, April 3rd.

    I got packing materials together, got the strat packed up and the box labeled, and on Friday morning I had it in the Fedex system, fully insured, before 9:00 a.m. I returned home and sent him the tracking number immediately. (You say you're going to do it, you do it.) So Friday passes and I don't hear from him - no tracking number, no communication. The next day (Saturday) I email him and ask if he got the tele shipped out. He emails back, "...it got dropped off at the local store that does UPS for us. When they open this morning I'll get that number for ya." But he doesn't. Saturday passes, no email, no tracking #.

    On Monday April 6th I email to ask if he's got it shipped out yet. He answers, "No, just running very very much behind. I'll get this rushed out I promise." I remind him that we agreed to ship on Friday April 3rd. He says, "It's at the store I just haven't went down to pay for it...I WILL expedite to 3-day shipping so they both arrive the same day. I am not going to lose my good name on 1 deal."

    Tuesday April 7th passes. Nothing. Wednesday April 8th. Nothing

    Today, April 9th, I pull up tracking on the Strat I shipped and see that it has found its way to North Dakota, and..."Delivery Refused By Recipient." After all my patience and all his promises, he has refused shipment. This morning I emailed him to ask what's going on. Eight hours later, no response.

    So at the end of the day I've invested in packing materials, 140 mile of driving back & forth to the nearest Fedex, $33 in shipping and insurance, and way too much computer time trying to get a straight answer from my trading partner. And right now, all I know is that my Strat is (or was) in Billings, Montana - and that's a long way from Georgia. So here's my recommendation: Unless you want to do business with someone who will bull**************** and flat out lie to you every step of the way, you'd do well to avoid Indianscout. I don't care how many posts he has, or how many supposed good deals he's had in the past - you don't **************** on a fellow musician the way he's **************** on me, and I'm betting I'm not the first one he's done it to here. He'll probably jump in here and deny the whole thing, or come up with yet another pile of lies - in which case, I will post our email communications from start to finish, verbatim. He wouldn't like that.

    "I am not going to lose my good name on 1 deal." Guess what, Indianscout?
    You just did. I'm just hoping I get my strat back.

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    Man that is some BS. I had a perfectly good trade with you Dixie and you ARE a stand-up guy who does what he says. I'm still loving the Jagmaster BTW.
    You should get some of your cop buddys to help you out................
    The way you pack guitars(if its anything like how you packed the jag) you should get it back in one peice. Good luck Norm.

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      Well, if I was in your position, I'd be pretty upset myself. But, I would say at least give him the benefit of the doubt. Not making excuses, but there still could be an explanation for it and he still may make amends with you on it....

      BUT, if not, well, post away.
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        at least you got your guitar back.
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          He'll probably jump in here and deny the whole thing, or come up with yet another pile of lies - in which case, I will post our email communications from start to finish, verbatim. He wouldn't like that.

          Why not post them anyway?

          BTW, thanks for the heads up. A ****************ty deal makes it harder for everybody here. I guess ya just never know. Hope you get your axe back safe and sound.



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            That sucks..He was PMing about a deal...Yeah you don't do things like that..Hope all works out..Cort
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              I'll definitely keep my eyes open for this guy on any future deals.

              Thanks for the heads up it's people like you that keep these forums safe.
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                Dude! That is a ****************ty deal. I am the guy that you sent FREE strat pieces to when I got ripped off. You don't get much more "stand up guy" than that! Seems really weird that he acted like that. Hopefully you get your guitar back in the same shape it left in.
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                  Maybe someone here is in his state and can go pick up your strat, that's what I'd be trying for.
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                    This whole thread needs to go to the complaints department. Sorry to hear all that happened. I always see all the "good deals" that happen here. First I have seen of a bad one.
                    Some people are just unreliable man. Least ya gettin your axe back though man. :thu:
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                      I have to say, there seems to be allot of last minute change of hearts when trading gear. I've encountered problems myself and am now extremely cautious about who I agree to trade with.


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                        Sounds like your "trading partner" should change his moniker to IndianGiver.


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                          Oh man, I feel ya Dixie...I had kinda the same thing happend to me with him. The deal finally went through but it took a couple of weeks. I know where he lives there isn't really a UPS or FedEx store...but I agree, not a good deal man...I feel for ya
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                            A change of heart is one thing; flat out lying is something altogether different. Don't keep telling me the check's in the mail, if you never intended to send the check in the first place. A man honors his word. Period.


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                              I've had a couple of "deals" going with this guy, both at his request, and he ended up giving so many ridiculous reasons for repeated delays that I simply let him drop off my radar for trades. I even asked around before shipping and got lukewarm references at best. Sorry to hear about your deal.
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