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  1. No interest here, so I listed this on ebay last night, so please look there for this instrument. Thanks
  2. My son isn't around this week (he's the camera expert), so I can't post a picture of this, but here are the details... http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/p...tar?sku=H05519 I ordered it before I decided to stop playing. It came a few weeks ago and is in the shipping box. Took it out, looked it over (it was in perfect condition and tune!) and put it away. If you're still waiting or this will save you the tax, consider mine. I will sell and ship to you (UPS, lower 48) for $450. (Reduced from $475.) Gig bag has all the paperwork, etc. Would like a USPS money order, but will do paypal as last resort. PM me or email me at Hoyas73@aol.com No surprises here. These guitars are all over youtube if you want to sample the sound. Thanks for looking.
  3. Sold to ovaltine, who has promised to play the paint off this. Thank you!
  4. Bump for you night owls looking for a great tele at an even greater price. Tonight and tomorrow (Sunday) the price is $850 including shipping to lower 48...a full $900 LESS than I paid for the guitar...and it's been played less than an hour and never taken out of the house (smoke-free and pet-free). I don't need to sell this, I want to sell it to someone who can play it. Thanks for looking.
  5. Mike, Thanks so much. You are always so great about helping out. I really appreciate it...and you have helped me before with other stuff. Your trove of written material is one of the treasures I've found here.
  6. Replied to a few PMs....thanks for the interest
  7. Would the tab for this be somewhere? I'm not familiar with the slow down apps you guys are talking about. If I had the tab, and the chords, I think I could watch it enough to figure it out, or get somebody locally to help me.
  8. I just love this song, but need help in how to learn it. I don't care if it takes me a year. Or more. Where do I start? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zC5L48u9mM Thanks for any suggestions, guys.
  9. How about $900, shipped to anywhere in the lower 48?????
  10. Don't Forget....OBO Just PM me and we'll talk.
  11. Bump for best tele on the board (IMHO) at the best price! And you can make me an offer I might not refuse
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