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  1. This includes 2 identical headstock decals as well as basic custom design service and detailed instructions. These are perfect for your custom or for restorations. I can also do decals of photographs or anything you might want. The decals can go on the body of the guitar too! After you make your purchase contact me and we'll start working on your design. After you approve your proof I'll send it off...quickly! I usually have the custom decal to the client within a week! I have done work for custom builders, hobbyists and pros alike so rest assured that you will be getting a quality product. I do offer discounts for quantity purchases, just let me know! $15 for a pair!!!
  2. MJT body (KILLER CHECKING), USAGC neck (Maple with slab Rosewood fingerboard, 1.65” width @ 1st fret, .865” deep @ 1st fret, .975” deep @ 12th fret, 12” radius, 6150 frets, Hand rubbed oil finish), Wilkinson full mass US spaced bridge, synthetic bone nut, gotoh gears, push pot on the 2nd tone control to engage the neck pickup in any position (AWESOME FEATURE),HSC, hand wound pickups that sound great! It's a killer player but like most guitars you may want to set it up to your liking. Wouldn't this look great under the Christmas tree!!! As always, I will supply one of my decals for the headstock or I will include a custom one designed for you. SOLD (EAST OF THE MISSISSIPPI, others pay actual shipping) ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  3. I've actually been playing this as it is a good bit lately! The middle position isn't working but everything else is just plain awesome! This is a totally ridiculous price for this guitar!
  4. OK guys, the clutch just went out in my car so I need to get rid of a guitar to pay for it. I'm too old school to use this set up anyway! The strat is in awesome shape, still has the plastic on the back cover even. It's the MIM version. No fret wear at all. Plays very well! Comes with a NICE gigbag. The Gr-33 is also in excellent shape with a brand new 20 foot cable and a brand new power supply. The clutch is going to run me between $800 and $1000. I'd like to clear $800 on the package.
  5. Here is a really cool project. It was hand made by Aaron Henderson in Ohio. It's a full on copy of Frank's main guitar with one BIG difference. It's neck thru! The reason I have it listed as a project is that the switch cavity is a little shallow so the new 5 way I put in is too deep and it doesn't work on the neck pickup. It needs strap buttons too/ It's completely playable as it is, just needs a little wiring work. It's got grover gears and pickups out of a Smith strat in it. It's got a thin neck. Fantastic player! Really great tones out of this one, like a strat but meatier! It's also signed by Frank! $400! For a hand made one off guitar, that's just CRAZY!
  6. Weird, I haven't gotten any messages. I'll shoot you an email.
  7. I built this one, I love a good tele mongrel! It's got a 2 piece knotty pine firebird style body. Just under 7.5 lbs on my digital scale. Texas special pickups, thin nitro finish, 4 way switch, aged hardware, allparts tmo FAT neck. It needs the nut done and a good set up. Even as it sits it's a great player! Just a really cool great sounding guitar. This is the first time I have done the 4 way switch and I'm not sure if I got it right. It sounds really similiar in position 1 and 2 (neck) and position 2 and 4 sound similiar, maybe more mids but I can't tell so that may need to be looked at. The headstock decal hasn't been cleared over so you can change that. The other decals are waterslides and can be removed easily. $400
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