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Sound Quality

My set up is straight-forward. I run the signal from my guitar(s) through my pedalboard, straight into the amp. I set the BF-2 after my wah-wah and compressor, along with my other modulation pedals, but before the delay pedals. The box is a bit noisy, particularly when the 'Manual' control is set low and the 'Depth' control is about halfway. This is because the signal and character of the flanging effect is more intense. It produces a wavy kind of noise (a bit like listening to the ocean). Of course the noise is considerably more noticeable when combined with distortion, but like with any analogue effect, it comes with the territory. On the other hand, the BF-2 is a great little unit and it has that Boss charm about it. Some players may not be in the favour of the BF-2, opting for the early MXR, AD/A and Ibanez flangers. But you've got to remember that the BF-2 has its own unique character. I actually own an old Ibanez FL-9 Flanger and it's a fantastic-sounding box. Still, I keep the BF-2 for that different kind of flanging tone.


The BF-2 I have is an early 1980's model. It came out just after Boss changed its color from pink to purple. If anything went wrong with it, it wouldn't be hard for me to find a back-up, but I got it second-hand and it still works without the slightest glitch.

General Comments

I play all kinds of music, because I play in cover bands. The BF-2, or any other flanger for that matter is an unusual kind of effect, so I can't really use it a hell of a lot. But wherever the spontaneous muse strikes, it's a great effect to surprise everyone with. That's the cool thing about. What I don't understand though is how so many Harmony-Central reviewers become so critically dramatic over the flanger. It's not an amp or a guitar. Just get over it, guys, shut up and play.

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