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  1. Honestly try the 3 mic technique commonly falsely named the recorderman technique due to youtube. Aim both mics at the centre of the snare typicall one directly above verticle to the centre of the snare and the 2nd over the drums oposed sholder aimed at centre snare "dont play with the 2nd mic itl pick up alot of ride". It generally will sound amazing where ever you use it and try not to rely on direct micing only each ones going to pick up noise in a small from so aim for the overall picture. GL hope this helps!
  2. I'd love some crit on my mixing (and the band could probably do with some too ). I'm still not happy with the sound, but it's better than anything we've had before. I have very little experience with this, just what I have read/picked up. My main problem is the drums. I would really like to go for a more punchy, in your face sound, but I don't really know where to start. If anyone has heard "Mary" by Supergrass (fantastic song if you haven't), that's pretty much what I'm looking for (maybe a little ambitious with my equipment but I would like to have a go). Any tips would be much appreciated . Cheers! Drum mix on dance sounds alright. Vocal recorded or mixed sound/tonality is terrible over coloured and grited so much siblance. Sounds like ur lower mid's 500-1.5khz are full of phasing or mud. Top end from the synth sounds abit harsh imo seems to be over compensating for the rest of the mix. I do like the tonality of the drums very much so +1 their. Id take a step back and focus on getting ur vocals right. Seems like ur putting up faders instead of cutting EQ space " a problem im overcoming 2" GL buddy
  3. Samson C02 matched pair #70quid new and they sound pretty clean and transparent but they are cheap so dont expect numans. My favs are AT 4050's their {censored}ing SICK!
  4. Many thanks guys ive decided against the dicy option. I did have a limited picture from the Studiomaster website but its so low res you cant tell what's on the board. I have been spending alot of time looking for an analogue mixer to come out of protools with mainly for the analogue EQ's "characteristics" and 2nd for the client appeal thats created just by having it sitting their. At the moment Im pretty content with mixing in the box as it keeps the signal path cleaner but like i say mixers are a big visual stimulus for some people. I think Im going to buy a hard disk recorder like the Fostex vf-16 instead and possibly inter-great it as a external digital mixer. Does anyone have any experience with good hard disk recorders or any they would recommend?
  5. If anyone can shed any light on this console i would be very greatful. Im wondering how good they are ect what features do they have? 16-8 console sorry!
  6. Hay this is a demo i recorded and produced for a local band please rate! http://www.sendspace.com/file/krf1co
  7. The cat scan is to find cancer btw or anything else that could be causing a problem. I have had many problems with my left ear and all i can offer you is my heart and that i hope it gets better. Good luck buddy!
  8. GNX3 sounds "ok" sansamp is where its at mate
  9. I would really like alot of opinions on what im about to write. Im Weak at mixing, with the source material availible to record and the equipment ive got infrunt of me i sometimes over rate the material being recorded "i am a novice still" but after ive mixed it and mastered it what im hearing doesnt translate at all to anywhere else. Even the master wave images look quite apart from the major kick's and loud sections. And large db changes in the spectrum analyser. i seem to mix bass heavy and have a 15db slope from 100 to say 15khz. I recently placed my yamaha HS80 monitors on 1inch acoustic foam so the desk underneeth wouldnt vibrate with the speakers. After WHICH THE MIX became TRUE it was just amazingly more detailed, from what i thought was a creamy master with loads of processing now became a achieveable mix reference!!! im hoping this will solve my translating issues and mixing ones. And this new materials sounds amazing im even mixing as i go FOR ONCE - i literaly applyed the foam the day before i wrote this! - Has anyone has similar problems that you thought were you? mybe it is me:| well see soon! And are we ment to use +6db D/A converters aposed to -10db consumer does it mater? i have a delta 1010lt and im currently recording and mixing at +6
  10. im using a 1010LT and the media ive recorded on 002 console sounds just the same to me, i will admit i owned a delta 44 once and because it had a breakout box the overall background signal noise in the cables was unhearable, with the 1010lt its just noticeable. As for quality the 1010's converters are pretty mint. Does it really matter, its more about whats going into it first rather than what A/D converter is capturing. Has anyone riged a digitech GNX3 to a delta 1010LT, let me know and PM ME i cant get it working
  11. how do i get a nice finished sound from my gnx3? instead of micing cabs and balls i find when i record bands im not hiting the tones i want to justify them help me out with my overall guitar sound either by placment or gear
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