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  1. My latest chaos. Not sure what to think about this piece myself. Stayed up all night. Finished & mixed right in a row. Who knows how this will sound to me in the am. I used a synth horn patch in this. I hate horn patches. I'm still not sure why i did. My head was in a weird space with this one. I was sick of having this rhoads and drum part sitting on my drive unfinished. Now i can move on to the next. Stuff i used. Drum kit Doumbek Live Bidule bent tr-505 AAS LL EP Bass guitar ADM ABL2 Sampletank hurdy gurrdy Zebra horn patch operator & more mixing plugs then you want to know.. Enjoy lid-closed.mp3
  2. Finished a new track today... Albums coming allong well.. http://www.rhythminmind.net/audio/Rhythm%20In%20Mind/Own%20Expense/days%20come%20&%20done.mp3 Let me know your thoughts.. if you like here the right of the album so far. http://www.rhythminmind.net/Music.html
  3. i agree the loudness war is a problem. BUT todays properly mixed/mastered music sounds way better then in the 80's. you can't judge much from just a waveform... If any waveform long enough it will look like a solid block. to many factors. so if you compare two waveforms of the same length you can get more from it. CD mastering has gotten better over time. At least we use the full bandwidth now we let our peaks come to digital zero or close. This has nothing to do with compression. But that same song mastered in the 80's can automatically become however much louder if they made the loudest peak in the track hit near zero. the track would use more bits and essentially be higher fidelity.
  4. well the one that jumps out to me right now is that live rush cd/DVD that was put out a couple years ago... Bad mix in my opinion. The 70's exit stage left was better. The 5.1 was horrible. Crowd overall was way to loud.
  5. I'm glad to see Lives getting the recognition it deserves.. i feel the pro audio world has over looked live for years.. I'm a ableton/Protools user. I've been a live user from ver 3.. Live hands down is the most creative musical app i have used... It has done the one thing for me that my other DAW's have killed. allowed me to have fun creating again! The versatility, flexibility and the new angle on DAW recording is priceless to me. It has more pros then cons. every upgrade has given me great new tools... abletens integrated synth Operator sounds great. in a world of high priced software live/operator are a nice change for the high quality apps they are...The new live 5 plugins are just to fun. Beat repeat is so much more then what the name suggests. My only complaint's would be i wish i could render out mulitable tracks at once for mixing in protools.. and with rewire it disables all vst plug ability's.. but for the most part live 5 gets my 5 thumbs up.
  6. i've just about had all i can take of this album.. i'm glad it's allmost done.. i've squished a few of these i bit to hard but hey the guitarist likes it. . still gotta go back a fix a few things.. http://www.rhythminmind.net/thelore.net/mp3's
  7. yes i plan on doing a surround mix with this.. i like the idea of a cd/ DVD-a with ac3 aswell combo... It's been a fun in the box adventure.. yeah we are focusing on the vocals now.. so far the guitarist and myself have been working on the instruments for the most part.. I'm not sure what to do about the dimension i think i need to give me ears a break and come back to it..
  8. Originally posted by TIP Awsome musicianship, nice use of different ambiences in the mix. I really like the guitar dry, with everything else with a bit a ambience. I listened to tk 8 and 11. This stuff would be a shoe in for the Windham Hill label. Nice job! Thanks.. i'll add that label to the list..
  9. you never know what people will think of your music, it's always nice to hear people enjoying it..thanks..
  10. thanks for the insight.. yeah we did some more mixing last night.. we brought the vocals up overall on a few tracks.. yeah my drum sound can seem kinda odd.. i'm using a strange kit setup and i'm playing with "hot rods" those sticks made out of dowels. allot of the MTV unplugged recordings had them.. I wanted something more organic.. funny i say that because i also used a 10" snare, not to natural sounding.. i'll post some new mixes after the next versions are finished..
  11. well let me know what you guys think.. i'd like to hear some comments.. http://www.rhythminmind.net/temp/mp3/
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