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  1. Alright, I figured I'd throw a couple things out there for critique, although it's older work of mine. I'll work on getting a soundclick profile to host these on, but until then you'll just have to hear it with that myspace "real world" sound. 19521 Chaos was a jazz / prog group from my hometown. I recorded them as my final project at school before I graduated in '07. They've since broken up, which is a bummer because I think their demo came out pretty cool. This mix was done through a Mackie 32-8 with a lot of outboard stuff... very little was happening in the box. Progress is a CT hardcore band I recorded in my basement. I did the songs "Potential" and "Over Time." Alcohol, I really liked the drum sound on your mix. The vocals had a certain comb filtering / out of phase thing going on that bugged me. Did you use any spatial processing on your mix buss? I might suggest going a little easier on that, as it can really pull your head apart when used to an extreme. Also I feel like the lead vocal is really slamming your mix buss compressor, which is desirable to an extent but it's a little extreme here. locust tree, thanks for giving a listen. Yes I did put some effects that played with the phase to give the singers voice more body and edge. I'm going to have to abandon that approach. I got to find the right mic for him. I listened to your jazz piece and the hardcore stuff. Nicely done, everything is where it should be. The hardcore stuff has a good sharp edge to the guitars, the drums sound good. I think that's the better of the mixes and sounds very good indeed. In contrast, while the jazz tune is nicely balanced the cymbals and snare sound a bit bright to my ears. It sounds like the snare is all top mic. All in all a good job and any criticism I'm giving is negligible to a job well done.
  2. I'm going to take a chance on this mix. What do you think? http://redredrockit.com/whale/2-Recordings%20In%20Progress/Take%20My%20Hand%20final.mp3
  3. I call mine, tightsqueeze studio, because with all the amps, guitars, keys and equipment it's hard to get around.
  4. I'm not making anyone's choices. 50% of the people that get tatoos regret them. You're part of the 50% that doesn't. More power to you. I just want the kid to make sure he's not going to a make a mistake. Just because you're happy with inked skin, doesn't mean he will.
  5. What's cool today looks stupid if not uncool tomorrow. Go ahead make your arms look permanently out of date. Surprising your mother never goes out of styel. Children have been doing that since the beginning of mankind. It's such a rush and the thrill of independence is a real lifestyle high. Not to mention how special you'll be because you payed someone to draw on your skin. You'll win the admiration of your peers fer sure. However, a smart person learns from other people's mistakes. Perhaps you should consider that you've changed your mind about something before and you could change your mind again. You're going to forever be dated. "Hey look at that dude with the 2007 tatoo! Perhaps you should look at this website before you tatoo youself. One of the businesses booming (along with the medical profession and pharmaceuticals thanks to the "hepatitis C-tattoo" alliance) as a consequence of the tattoo-craze is the dermatology industry. According to the American Society of Dermatological surgery, over 50% of everyone receiving a tattoo wants it removed. Tattoo removal via laser surgery is among the fastest growing areas of the dermatology industry. http://www.av1611.org/tattoos/regret.html Sorry for raining on your parade. remeber, Bush standing under the Mission Accomplished banner. I know, I'm being illogical.
  6. The 12 page thread in live sound wasn't enough for you? http://acapella.harmony-central.com/forums/showthread.php?p=23020686#post23020686 It was, but after perusing this forum, I noticed that a lot of guys were going for more powerful amps, despite how many soundmen feel, and I wanted to get this perspective too, a perspective that was in the small minority in the Live Sound forum. Especially since these guys are going for 100 watt amps.
  7. My personal philosophy. For small venues - Most of the sound should come from the stage. Guitars and bass player should modulate their volume to the drummer. Ideally, there is someone out in front, a friend, bandmate, or manager, who can help you adjust your volume during soundcheck and the first couple of songs. The soundman works on getting the vocals at their right level, enhancing the drums and then enhancing your stage sound. He isn't mixing in the sense of controlling all the volumes, but enhancing the stage sound and responding to solos if and when needed, and to different levels of vocal performance. Agree, diagree?
  8. You should just tell you want a divorce. Tell her you want to be married to a woman that loves you like a lover, she's not doing that, and you want out. I wouldn't have surreptitious sex. That's lame.
  9. try a small area first. finger nail polish remover or paint thinner.
  10. I don't like the idea of tone being sacrificed to the control freak desires of a soundman. I've seen enough big shows that sounded fantastic with amps on stage.
  11. Thanks, lots of good advice to try here.
  12. Try lowering the pickups in the guitar a bit, amoung other things having the pickups too close to the strings results in unwanted feedback. Give it a try and see where it takes you. Hope it helps Trace This might be the answer. thanks Joe
  13. It depends on the club. For some reason the stage of this club eats volume and I got a really loud drummer to dominate. If I turn down the preamp gain I don't overdrive the power amp and lose that sweet amp distortion. Actually I'm looking for someone who has experience with both a half and full stack to answer this question.
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