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Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Humbuckers, single coils, rails, and yet nothing sounded good. I used everything from a Les Paul to a Deluxe Deluxe Strat with noiseless pickups to Ibanez Hollowbodies to Alvarez acoustic-electrics and I didn't get a sound I liked from it. For one, it was far too heavy on the bottom end. Even with the bass on minimum it was far too bass heavy. It just got too muddy and the sound fell apart when I tried to turn it up. It just sounded like the speaker was smothering itself with its own sound, or rather the low end. The thing sounds horrible to me. The cleans are just as messy as the gain. The last thing I played on it was a Tradition Strat, which was the last guitar in my house I hadn't tried on it, but it still sounded like shite. I ended up playing with the phaser and such. That's another thing, the functions don't sound real to me. They have a sort of overly fake sound to them, like Vox was trying too hard to get them to sound better. I'd never use this at a live show and I don't even use it for practice. Our Roland Blues Cube does about everything this should, and about twenty times better. I'll stick to pedals for my wah, chorus, or phaser too.


It hasn't had a problem, but I would never use this for a gig. It just sounds horrible at any volume to my ears. I figure it lasts, but it just sounds horrible.

General Comments

It was a waste of money. That's all I can say. The salesman took advantage of my brother's naivity at the time and sold him a piece of crap.


For comparison, of our own we have a Marshall JTM-60, Fender Blues Jr., Roland Blues Cube, and another five various amps. This fails in every imaginable catagory.


I wouldn't reccomend it to anyone. I wish it had the sound of my JTM-60 for the tube sound and crunch and the cleans of our Fender Blues Jr. or even better, the cleans of one of the '59 Bassman Ltd. Reissues, which I have a feeling will soon be replacing of the spot of his room where this bastard child of an amp takes residence.

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