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  1. How bout it? should getting public assistance require mandatory drug screening? and if so, should drug users be denied? Billionaires should be drug tested before they can benefit from tax loopholes, offshore their profits, offshore jobs, , fund teaparty groups, buy elections/SCOTUS, etc.
  2. Arrived, works as advertised, thanks! The fan is noisier than I expected, but that's not your fault.
  3. Is the amp still available? Your PMs are full...
  4. Charles Shaw from Trader Joes baby, $2.99 bottle of wine and I love it. Two Buck Chuck is three bucks in Boston :poke:
  5. the show sort of reminded me of the Obama administration takeover... (1) visitors coming in promising change in exchange for use of earth's resources; only they don't plan to deliver on their promises. It's all a ruse and they are really being deceptive and plan a hostile takeover. (2) the visitors pretending to be something they really weren't. (3) the visitor's use of the media to sway public opinion and the leader's manipulation of the newsman to make sure no negative publicity was released about them. (4) the visitor henchmen working behind the scenes to stop the underground movement against them (SEIU / Black Panthers). (5) the leader sort of looks half-black and might be. It all seemed too familiar and left me wondering about the timing of the series... I saw where you read that! In the '80s, the series had a lot of Nazi comparisons with the visitors. The general consensus was that the series was a veiled Hollywood reaction to Reagan: 1. Visitors come making promises and go on to deliver the opposite (tax increases, etc.) 2. Visitors pretend to be something they were not (conservatives) etc. Overall, that show and the current one are Science Fiction. Just nice stories. Enjoy. Political thread over.
  6. Drumcore. It's now a VST plugin. It has great sounding audio and MIDI loops, fills, and hits, well recorded, played by really really good drummers. You can just use the stereo loops, or use your controller (through the Drumcore standalone) to play the drumkits. In sequencing software, you can use the MIDI loops, etc., edit them, play directly into the drumkits and record as MIDI or audio, etc. submersiblemusic.com
  7. Roland GR-09 (fine/bad '80s sounds, good tracking with internal sounds) GK-2 (currently on ES-340) Roland GI-20 - MIDI to computer (much faster than GR-09) Graphtech Hexpander system, waiting to finish tele project. I used this to some extent back in the day, but my life got turned upside down and this was the last gear to be resurrected. I tracked some guitar last night with the mag pickups into Guitar Rig 3, doubled with some synth sounds from Rapture and V-Sampler. It's great to create fantasy sounds with precise doubling of effected guitar and synth. I downloaded the demos of NI's Kontakt 3 and Even Harmonic's GTAK Kontakt script. This is a match made in heaven for MIDI guitarists - the script makes all the Kontakt sounds come alive. The GTAK programmer has done his homework. Now I have to get the full versions of Kontkt and GTAK. $$$. :-( MIDI guitar, as has been said, is a completely different instrument than either a guitar or a keyboard, and different technique has to be developed. But it's not that hard, and it is rewarding.
  8. Ticketmaster and Live Nation have a stranglehold on ticket buyers. With most concerts, consumers don't have any way to buy tickets without Ticketmaster fees - line up at the box office when the tix go on sale and the box office is a Ticketmaster outlet. This is anti-competitive, anti-free market and monopolistic.
  9. Start|All Programs|Startup - delete anything from there that you don't want to start with Windows. and/or Start|Run|(type) msconfig (and hit enter). The Startup tab should show some stuff that starts with Windows. Uncheck anything you want to not start with Windows, and the next time you restart, Bob's your Uncle.
  10. Thanks for the swift response! No sound with your recipe - I'll get in touch with you.
  11. I have had this unit for quite a while, and it certainly meets my expectations. The mic pres and DIs sound a lot better (less clouded, more detailed) than a Mackie mixer, Digi 00x interfaces, etc. The mic pres work well with a variety of mics, from cheap ribbons to condensers and DIs needing phantom power. They don't sound as uncolored, immediate, and three-dimensional as preamps that cost many times what each in an FS costs, like a Martech MSS-10, but they sound good. Has anyone gotten any sound out of the DigiMax FS DAC outputs? I have the DMFS connected to my RME Multiface via ADAT1-8 In and 1-8 Out. All inputs work correctly (1-4 at 96k, 1-8 at 44.1, etc.) - mic inputs, instrument inputs on 1+2, inserts. Insert sends work, direct outs work, but I have never been able to get any sound other than hiss (not extremely loud, and it sounds like full bandwidth white noise) from the DAC outputs. The RME Totalmix, SONAR, Samplitude, etc. can send out through any output of the Multiface except for the DMFS through the ADAT out (I have no other ADAT gear, so I haven't checked this output, but there is a red light from the optical out, and RME settings seem to be correct). I have tried numerous optical cables. I have tried both TRS and TS 1/4" cables on the DAC outputs, and numerous devices at the other end (headphone amps, compressors, guitar amps, etc.) with the same result - hiss. Does anyone think this a bad unit (these outputs have never worked)? Or is it pilot error with an obvious, easy solution?
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