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  1. They're made in California where everything is more expensive than the rest of the US - especially taxes.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HLQhLcKyGs8
  3. I received the Champ 600 as a Xmas gift last year, really loved the sound except for the slight hum. The transformer blew after a week and I took it back and got a Fender Frontman 10. I just put my POD 2.3 in front of it and it gives me more than what I want and comes back for more. Steve
  4. My brother has one and we spent some time trying to get it to work and finally did. After plugging the Stealthplug into his Strat and the other end into a USB slot we then tried sending a 1/8" stereo cable from the Stealth to the soundcard hoping it would then go off to the PC speakers, no dice. Wasted a couple hours trying to configure the soundcard to accept the cable, wasn't gonna happen in this lifetime. If you can get the line in of your soundcard to work that route is for you! The way we had to go was to plug the PC speakers right into the Stealthplug or run a 1/8" cable to the input of a real guitar amp. I just happened to have a genuine DOD A/B box that I bought way back in '82 stowed away and broke it out and plugged the Stealth guitar cable into that, then another guitar cable from there into the guitar effectively getting rid of having the Stealthplug dangling from the Strat. Major improvement, makes a good kill switch as well. You need to set the audio driver to ASIO and have the buffer set to 96 for virtually no lag period. In Amplitube up on the menu go to Settings, then Audio Drivers, then select ASIO, then set the buffer to 96. You will need to set the Stealth to 96 also. Good luck!
  5. I use olive oil on my fret boards after cleaning them with a rag and water but only after changing the strings once a year weather they need it or not.
  6. I come from a rock background that also features alot of blues influence. That stuff is much easier to play than the more arty Yes/King Crimson type rock let alone jazz, jazz fusion, and classical. More notes and chords to deal with(as well as meters and nuance). The difference between mowing a lawn and hacking away though a rainforest with a machete. The difficult thing to do in any type of music is come up with stuff that has a strong impact and also holds up over the decades and or centuries.
  7. I've got a POD with its Arbitor Fuzzface which is actually very uniform and full sounding. A trick for getting it to sound wilder is to use my amp's overdrive with it along with the POD's compression. This trick should make any fuzz sound nastier by far. Also another POD feature is its A.I.R. switch. in the Direct position is like having an eq in the V formation, the Amp position is an upside down V. From there switching between all the different speaker combinations or no speaker emulation really gives its Arbitor Fuzzface alot of tonal variety. Have fun, Steve
  8. Underwealmed. Boring riff repeated over and over ad nausium. They need to replace the singer and second guitarist. A couple of guys come to mind - Robert and Jimmy. BTW, when is Jimmy Page going to put together a little blues band? Steve
  9. My ears have been ringing consistantly since last March. Prior to that they would start ringing an hour or so before I went to bed then quiet when I woke up. My POD with headphones pushed them over the edge but they have been trapped in many a rehearsal room competing with drums, bass, guitars and such years back. The first couple of months was maddening and I was considering putting a noose around my neck. I've become used to it over time and fortunately the ringing does fluctuate in volume, tone, hiss, and panning in the strereo spectrum, lots of variety. Steve
  10. Played one the other day, wasn't very impressed. I only tried the gain channel, and I just thought it was kind of thin and weak. But I knew it wasn't really a metal amp, so I basically just flipped it on, went , and moved on Tried out a Marshall stack the other day, wasn't impressed. I knew it wasn't a combo amp and it sure didn't sound like one either. Way too thick, hell it roared like a lion. So I just passed on it.
  11. Who you are is an illusion and you've been around alot longer than you think. Steve
  12. Inspired by some comments in another thread, which do you consider yourself? I've noticed this division before and had this conversation somewhat with my wife, we're at opposite ends of the spectrum. She's a singer and is all about being an entertainer. Loves being on stage, interacting with the crowd, watching their reactions and getting attention. If there's no audience there's no point in singing, unless it's practicing for a gig. I don't really care about much of that, I just like to make music and create sound or noise. I do it for my own enjoyment and don't really care much if anyone else likes or even hears what I do. When I do play out it's usually stuff I'm not crazy about and I play what's required for the songs, though I do try to sneak a little bit of my style in where I can. It is fun for me just to have a chance to play with other people but I really don't pay much attention to the crowd. So, which are you? Definitely a studio rat. I prefer the creative end of it(and learning a classical or jazz tune now and then), but then playing live is another laboratory for creativity. If I did play live again it would be for clinical reasons and to expose people to "new" music they haven't heard before to see what sticks. I'm not one to entertain with just any music for the sake of being a spectacle or to raise spirits, or aid people in their mating quests. Steve
  13. All I need effectswise is my POD 2.3 and a Line 6 looper delay for sound on sound stuff. After that its all imagination and that's infinite. Steve
  14. I've got a POD 2.3 and I'm really getting hooked on the Matchless Chieftan(Model Class A) model. I like the way it morphs between Fender and Marshall tones, and the way it compresses when chords are strummed hard. It encourgages more melodic and bluesy lead playing instead of the over-the-top wanking beckonings from the Marshal, Soldano, Mesa models(not that I don't put time into that school). Steve
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