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Sound Quality

What the hell do you think, this along with the meat box were part of merzbow's rig in the anlogue days get the picture. Musical clarity it aint but if the sound of tectonic plates shifting and tinintus are your thing its heaven. Stick this in a loop and you'll cream yourself. Guitar I use a epiphone les paul, and Jackson kelly through a traynor mark 3 head into a 400 what hiwatt cab with various pedals including a meatbox, boss oc3, cry baby, little big muff and sometimes pod 2.0


If it turns on it works, if not how the hell would you tell??? dod marketed this using the statement "no its not broke - its supposed to sound like that" maybe if its broke it would actually sound like a harmonic percoloator or something amazing, but thats not the point is it. As for the pretentious twats who say dod are built poorly, ive never had a problem with this or the meatbox which are both vital in my setup. Dod are far more sturdy feeling than the overrated boss pedals aside from the plastic switch which is a little flimsy looking but never given me any trouble.

General Comments

Its awesome.

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