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  1. Thanks a lot guys! Gonna pickup my guitar once I calm down (tl,dr)
  2. I pretty much have tunnel vision and only listen to Stevie Ray Vaughan. I can play parts of Texas Flood and his cover of Voodoo Child, and a couple other song parts. See? Parts. But I find when I improvise during practice, I get stuck in this kinda thing: I can improv off it but I get stuck in that whole box, anywhere on the fret board. What songs should I be learning to keep my improv more dynamic?
  3. www.dealextreme.com has great deals on phone accessories, but unless you expedite, shipping takes a couple weeks. But you save a lot... I got a screen protector for like $1.30 and a rubbery case for maybe $2 to $3 -- whereas I'd of had to pay $15-$20 altogether at a store. I did buy some other accessories, so my expedited shipping cost was worth it to me.
  4. Preferably trade for a Windows 7/64-bit compatible interface as this only works in XP/Vista 32-bit. I just need 1 XLR and 1 TRS input, preferably a decent brand. I paid $130 for... if I had to sell it I'd say $90 + shipping. Has original box, firewire cable, power block, driver CD, manual
  5. FREE SHIPPING Paid $96. I got the wrong kind (needed DDR3). It hasn't even been opened from the cardboard container, so the retail plastic packaging isn't even opened. Kingston is a top brand! I prefer PayPal. Any questions lemme know I will only ship within USA though, I just wanna recoup my costs and don't feel like going through RMA process + restocking fee of $15. MAKE SURE YOUR PC SUPPORTS THIS! Up to 4 GB, has 4 slots, DDR 2 and 1066 speed Model Brand Kingston HyperX Model KHX8500D2K4/4G Type 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM Tech Spec Capacity 4GB (4 x 1GB) Speed DDR2 1066 (PC2 8500) Cas Latency 5 Timing 5-5-5-15 Voltage 2.2V Multi-channel Kit Quad Channel Kit Heat Spreader Yes Recommended Use High Performance or Gaming Memory Manufacturer Warranty Parts Lifetime limited Labor Lifetime limited
  6. http://gizmodo.com/5496542/universal-to-cut-all-cd-prices-to-below-10 Is there any doubt that the value of purchased music is plummeting? Universal, one of the big four record labels, is planning to cut the prices of almost all of its CDs to between $6 and $10. This new test, called the Velocity program, represents a pretty serious price cut, as the average price for CDs has been between $10 and $12 for some time now. And if it sticks, you can expect to see other labels following suit. Of course, this could make physical CDs cheaper than digital downloads, which makes no sense at all. Why the labels are trying so hard to keep selling CDs when people clearly are more interested in digital files is beyond me.
  7. http://www.jaderavendesign.com/q/ Oquilluk Sound named after my great grandpa. I need to update that page though.
  8. I tried out an RP70 today and as I'm trying to get a decent direct-sound, heavy (ala Coal Chamber or Sevendust) -- not 1:1, but approximated... I was actually fairly happy with the RP70. I haven't been able to mic or record direct with it as I tried it at the music shop, but listening to the tunes they were better than what I could eek out of amp sims. Anywho, I was curious if anyone owning these pedals had similar band/guitar-style videos with these pedals - preferably direct recordings. Curious what people have gotten out of them.
  9. ITEM HAS SOLD, THANKS (URL REMOVED) any sale questions I would direct to the store/seller. Any questions about the keyboard itself, feel free to ask me. Specs/info etc: http://rolandclan.info/en/model/fantom-s/ Included - 256 MB RAM upgrade (only 32MB onboard), total of 288 MB - 128 MB MMC card (for samples/storange etc.) - stand - soft case - USB transfer cable - blank notation book - learning piano book Thanks
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