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  1. I wouldn't refer to myself as a prodigy, but I've been playing for for 28 years and probably would've been one of those kids posting shred videos on youtube if it existed when I was ~16 to 18. I was without question faster then then I have ever been in my life. I've listened back to recordings and can't believe it was me. But the longer I've played and the more I learn the more I see how limited of a player I was then and that speed isn't the absolute gauge of how good a player is. There are certainly some extremely gifted young musicians out there, but I think there are very few true young prodigies who can not only execute technique but understand what they are playing, why it sounds good, and most improtantly when to play and not to play.
  2. Congrats! That axe looks great. I've wanted to do the Warmoth thing for years but have always chickened out.
  3. There's been no shoartage historically of pros using digital multi-fx units really. Are you gonig to see big name pro's using Fender Mustang's and Peavey Vypyr's? No. But you will see them using top of the line digital units. Especially the guys who need a wide variety of tones live. Here's a recent pick of Mathew Belamy's rack rig which includes both Kempers and Axe Fxs A "small" rig Bob Bradshaw built for The Edge containing 2 Axe FX units Doyle Bramhall II famously used the Yamaha DG amps when he toured with Roger Waters. You can see the DG head sitting on top of the Marshall cab in the video. Those DG amps were also used by Ty Tabor, Ritchie Kotzen, and Allen Holdsworth back then. Steve Winwood with his Cybertwin The list goes on and on...
  4. If this had double f-holes, I'd be preordering...
  5. My first issue with the article is with the first point "All capacitors with the same value are the same." this is mostly correct for a guitar where the voltage is nonexistent and presuming your not playing in extreme temperature conditions. However their claims of variance are also correct. What their article should say is "All capacitors with the same printed value are the same.", which of course is false due to variance. But I'd argue for a guitar tone circuit it is true that "All capacitors with the same measured value are the same." And the following is kinda misleading. "Different capacitors types don’t affect tone because they’re not in the signal path to the output. This assumes that tone control caps only roll off high frequencies, but we’ve already shown that’s wrong. The resonant peak created by the capacitor definitely affects tone, and if the capacitor value is inconsistent, that peak can have a different frequency." The tone control creates a resonant peak only when it rolled off with the max peak occuring when the dial is rolled all the way back. When the tone pot is all the way up, the tone control is not affecting the circuit. So when the tone is at "10" it is essentually out of the cuircuit and there is no peak. So "Different capacitors types don’t affect tone because they’re not in the signal path to the output" is correct when the tone knob is not in use.
  6. Myka Dragonfly - unobtainable with a sky high price, but simply exquisite. http://www.mykaguitars.com/instruments/155/default.htm My attainable dream guitar I plan to build this year. Cherry burst tele with strat middle and neck pups.
  7. My first guitar was a "Series 10" which IIRC my parents paid around $100 circa 1986. It wasn't a great guitar and given the lack of brand recognition and wide variety of affordable guitars these days, I'd say it's not really worth much, less than $50.
  8. Don't know how they all sound, but they're certainly unique and vary enough from traditional construction that they'll bound to have their own things going on... Lace Alumitone Lace Futureliner Q-tuner GS 6 Fralin Split Blade
  9. Define cheap. You can score a Zoom G3 Or Digitech RP360XP under $200 new . They have effects, but you don't have to use them and both are capable of very good direct results. Having or not having effects doesn't really affect the price. You can go cheaper by going used to older models, Zoom G2.1nu or Digitech RP355, wither can be had for less than $100. You might also want to check out the Tech 21 Character series or the Joyo clones of them though they're no where near as versitile.
  10. Cool ideas, but not my thing. I'm extremely interested to see where this tech goes in the future though. There is the theoretical ability with 3D printing to print an entire guitar including all the parts in a single run. That would be interesting to see...
  11. I've discovered the most artists using Pandora and the now defunct Raditaz. I also subscribe to Google Play's music service which does some pretty intelligent progamming when I want to discover new music.
  12. iodine74 wrote: Hostgator +1. Been using them for a few years for my site. That said, it might be more cost effective to register your band name with someone (like godaddy) and point the domain to a ReverbNation or Bandcamp site which can be set up for ecommerence very easiy.
  13. thom wrote: I never thought I'd be shopping for another looper again. I never got the hang of my old RC-2, and the looper mode in my DL-4 was cool, but somewhat limited in terms of time/duration/memory. What I have in mind for my new project/band thing is a bit different than what most people use loopers for though. I guess I'm looking more for a footswitchable sampler rather than a looper. I only want to be able to trigger a long pre-recorded bit of music/voice/whatever in the middle of song, or at the end or start of a song. So I guess lots of memory is a must, and I'd have to be able to store everything even when there's no power. Any ideas? Jamman is absolutely perfect for this. It even has a utility for managing prerecorded loops and supports an SD card for massive storage. If you need to toggle through the different loops live, pick up an FSX footswitch. I sold my Jamman Solo as I wasn't using it much, but it sounds exactly like what you're looking for.
  14. Announced at NAMM. I was lucky enough to be provided one pre release for review. Cool pedal. Contains all the models from their higher end boxes in a more compact design with some great usability upgrades. http://frugalguitarist.com/post/2014/01/23/Digitech-RP360XP.aspx
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