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  1. There is the summary, in a pawnshop in a third world country I found what seems to be a gibson les paul standard, many but many already looked at it these days and the price is say about 1200 dollars the problem sche they They sell as a Custom Historic reissue 1960 Vos, nose to what extent they are capable of deteriorating a guitar of such caliber, so the question, here are the photos, I hope someone has the wisdom. .
  2. I found this jazzmaster fender that apparently is from the year 1962 among some acquaintances, unfortunately I am not an expert in recognizing guitars of those years, will anyone know if it is really original?
  3. I met a guy who currently says he is selling a ibanez 760 custom usa from 89 for about 800 euros, the problem is that I do not find anything in the catalogs of ibanez of the custom series that was made in the 90s, specifically of this model a 760 according to him, the serial number mentions that it is 89 or 1999 but the serial I think should say LA ****** (Los Angeles California) followed by the numbers, but this begins with F ****** (which is for Japan), do you think the guitar is original? I asked in Ibanez but they do not answer for what the most reliable source is discarded, so I think that this would be an order to do but I am not at all sure apart I think that from the headstock part you want to leave
  4. I just found a guy who managed to play at 720bpm after I found another that he did at 1500, I returned to find another who did 2000 after 4000 and finally found a guy who achieved a speed of what seems be 26000bpm, 466 notes per second, I just want to ask one thing, at what speed is really touching? Is it true that it hits 26,000 bpm? or maybe less or even more?
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