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  1. I met a guy who currently says he is selling a ibanez 760 custom usa from 89 for about 800 euros, the problem is that I do not find anything in the catalogs of ibanez of the custom series that was made in the 90s, specifically of this model a 760 according to him, the serial number mentions that it is 89 or 1999 but the serial I think should say LA ****** (Los Angeles California) followed by the numbers, but this begins with F ****** (which is for Japan), do you think the guitar is original? I asked in Ibanez but they do not answer for what the most reliable source is discarded, so I think that this would be an order to do but I am not at all sure apart I think that from the headstock part you want to leave
  2. I do not think it's a fake, since it was on the news in Sweden at that time in an interview.
  3. I just found a guy who managed to play at 720bpm after I found another that he did at 1500, I returned to find another who did 2000 after 4000 and finally found a guy who achieved a speed of what seems be 26000bpm, 466 notes per second, I just want to ask one thing, at what speed is really touching? Is it true that it hits 26,000 bpm? or maybe less or even more?
  4. That such foreros, and I found myself with an ibanez 560 lefty from 93 to about 250 dollars, the problem as I said right is that it is left-handed, as there are no instrument stores here where I live because the e bought to be right-handed jaj, well in my eagerness not to want to play like this, I decided to make it right. The problem is that I have no idea what happens in the wood if I do it, because I want to make it right, apart from having a lot of holes in the front I do not know what happens when I want to reduce the cutaway on the left side, the mast is left without its base to hold it and no longer hold as it should or if at the time of putting another bridge must fill that same empty cavity to be the bridge left hand or glue to use to stick that wood where the springs go etc. The guitar in question is this; Let's see if someone can help me
  5. Hello brothers, I am looking for a fine and super fast neck if possible with flat diapason, but I would not care only that it was fast and very fine, I leaned for some years from here, because every mast that I found on the line prestige a custom were super fast compared to the gibson that in my opinion with a mast so thick I ended up hurting my hands and in the normal strato did not finish convincing me, so I went to ibanez and it was a paradise for me to fly with such masts, coming from the gibson, today I have an rg1451 with a wizard hp mast, very good truth, but it is a fixed bridge what I need a floating bridge so I am buying a custom to spill the glass, and that lasts my whole life but a time here and I put to investigate and it turns out that in this of the mastiles the rg550 to 700 series of years 87 to 96 were the best since in the year 96 the discontinued by (I guess I) so many cr aks in the nut a myth says that the wizard is the finest mast ever done exeptuting to the custom by luthiers but inquiring but the 550 ltd have a mast even finer is all this true ???. And in that same year they created the super wizard that were wider so they were more resistant to the crak that had those ibanez of that time. The problem is to move from this prestige to a custom and it turns out that the mast is wider for me and spend that money is not little and the guitar is uncomfortable. It would be a great waste. Another great controversy is in my journey because the bridge edge had its variations taking the pro and the edge pro being the edge pro a much lower version than the original edge and the pro a slightly lower version of the original. The problem here is that this affects the mast in its action the bridge, look to put the edge pro to a guitar that has that wizard 1 from 87 to 96 and so lower even a little more the action of this, if it turns out that the wizard is the fastest of Ibanez, I do not know if it fuses or not because it was a bridge that was taken out of 2000, then ... Is it true that the wizard from 87 to 96 is the fastest of ibañez? Is there another one in Prestige lines to Custom that equals or exceeds it? I appeal to you my brothers the truth I have no one to turn to Here is a list of masts: [url]http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_neck_types[/url] Something I would like to add is not necessarily necessary, some say that having zero fret is better for the action as the Vigier guitars do and gives a lower action for the nut and I would like to deny this ...
  6. Can the crack be fixed and maintained so that it does not open? by the way and if it broke again I think it would be nice to change the blade and stick a new one to the neck
  7. Good day mates !!!, Today for my neighborhood, I found this jem7VB from 2002 to 600 dollars !!, the only detail I found, says the seller who fell and broke the headstock, but without getting rid of, so it was arranged by a luthier, everything is original without any modification, the only problem is how I mention the broken headstock. I leave photos aver if I do not {censored} and throw my savings for this jem or I do with the opportunity of my life jaj.
  8. Good day mates !!!, Today for my neighborhood, I found this jem7VB from 2002 to 600 dollars !!, the only detail I found, says the seller who fell and broke the headstock, but without getting rid of, so it was arranged by a luthier, everything is original without any modification, the only problem is how I mention the broken headstock. I leave photos aver if I do not {censored} and throw my savings for this jem or I do with the opportunity of my life jaj.
  9. It is the wrist of the right hand, which hurts after touching.
  10. yes, maybe, I was not born to be fast and 250 is my top, what a disappointment jaj, I think I'll go to the doctor, and in passing to a professor of shered aver if something I'm doing wrong, because, I'm self-taught. But I think I should stop playing for a month or two until I'm sure.
  11. Good companions, well and wanted to take off the flight of the bumblebee so I decided that I did not have enough speed to play this song so I decided to look for exercises to increase my speed, well then after a few months practicing and practicing these exercises when returning to the song noticed that it was no longer complicated for me but as I spent my time doing these exercises and playing the song, I noticed an extreme pain in my right hand when I wanted to synchronize my speed in my left hand with my right hand with which I played the plectrum, I have too much speed in the left hand of which my right hand can not continue and when I try to follow the same speed it hurts a lot, not hard nor 1 minute touching at this speed I think they are like 250 bpm in my left hand already with my right the top is like 190, and practiced and practiced for about a year all this flight of the bumblebee and the exercises, a mez I go up 3 bpm then 6 then 12 18 and so I go and nothing still hurts me I have been 1 year like this someone Do you know if I'm doing something wrong? because I move my doll like my whole life to play with the pua, but I was forced to use the full arm to move the pua thing which tires very little but I see that the precision decreases something else when I play on the bridge the hand does not it lasts for 10 seconds at this speed and without the hand on the bridge it lasts much more than with the hand on the bridge. Does anyone know why this happens? those who manage to play at higher speeds or already dominate this speed, perhaps at the level they are already in, should be played differently? which was before being shered?
  12. Good companions, the thing is so I am a big fan of Timmons for many years the truth, I raised and acquire a signature of him and grab his nearest sound or something similar for my recordings, the truth and investigated a little guitars I had along his career and one of them was this ibanez rt650 and apparently he likes the strato body, and I found this is priced at about 200 dollars but those 200 would like to arpovecharlos for the signature of this either the Ibanez AT100CL or the at10 which are the only ones that are available in the market, I do not want to win ances and spend 200 on what not, but this is a good guitar? e seen that they do in Japan and Timmons played with this before having their signature, I found that this is practically a bridge prestige semiflotante and a thousand more maravias, I just want to make sure that it holds the "prestige" quality compared to its signature of now. To see if I buy it or save for the signature The quality of the ibanez rt is similar to that of andy timmons? according to me this last one is prestige but for what the ibanez rt 650 were produced where the prestige is currently manufactured, if it is similar or equal I think I'm going through the rt that's the question I have I hope you help me
  13. Good I'm about to buy a shank tuner, the problem is that I do not know what to choose, I've been looking at the new ones that have come out, (ss20), (sn14), (s12), but people say that the bar is less stable than before in question of tuning, but you can see that these new tuners have, better accuracy, better tuning and better detect the notes as well as a bigger and better definition screen to see the notes more clearly, which recommend the ones I just mentioned ? I am looking especially for one that has a tuning range of A0 to C8 and that has the modifiable hz from 415 to 466 and I think that all meet these characteristics, I would like to buy the newest and most updated one, do you know what it is? what do you recomend me?
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