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  1. Question: No idea if this has been asked yet, I haven't checked on this thread in a while. I've been using a keyboard to go through the VL4 and an XLR for the stereo output. For some reason, recently, the guitar in plug noise is going strongly through the XLR output and I get more sound from that then the actual line out. It's really confusing since this never happened until a couple of weeks ago, and now I can't separate the vocals from the keyboard noise and it makes for messy sounding stuff.
  2. Originally Posted by Michael Angel Tom, The guitar thru simply taps your guitar input and does not carry with it any of the onboard effects. Off the top of my head, someone please correct me if I’m wrong, the onboard effects, in particular the Reverb and Modulation, can be used on your guitar but not independent of the voice. In other words, whatever effects you are using on the voice will be applied to the guitar. Also, although you can control the mix of the lead voice, harmonies, and guitar coming out of the VL4 output, the unit does not have separate outputs. Hope that answers your question, Michael Does anyone have a list of effects that affect the guitar input as well as the voice? For some reason the other night my VL4 was affecting both inputs regardless of the patch but the problem stopped at another practice... still some of the patches still mess with the guitar input sound.
  3. Originally Posted by timmol here here i don't about all of you lol but i think he's right just ignore them Wait, who exactly are we talking about again?
  4. Originally Posted by timmol did u mean to type "you're" or do u just have trouble with spelling? lol Seriously, why the heck are there flamers on a constructive post about a piece of equipment? If you guys really want to settle a score, post some actual music you've done and compare it... IN ANOTHER FORUM!
  5. Originally Posted by ph_dal Hello, Given the latest feedback from Digitech, (and hoping we'll get more), I put in the spreadsheet two very simple "calculators". First is a Threshold table: you enter the amount of db (with a "minus") on the left, you get the VL4 input number on the right. Second is the Attach/Release table, based on the two values provided. As this is a 1-to-2, I did it the reverse way: you enter the VL4 value (between 1 and 9), and you get the attack and release times in ms. I will expand with others as information is made available. No need for pocket calculator anymore, just your computer.... Here is VL_2. Ph Well I know I'm a noob, but I know that this is a great piece of work... except I have absolutely no idea how to use it (I'm an excel 'freshman'). Anyone willing to give a quick run down of the file's capabilities?
  6. Finally! My VL4 just shipped out from Musician's Friend and I am ecstaaatic! I'll post impressions and how well it works with a keyboard setup when I get to use it next (which unfortunately will probably be sometime next week)
  7. Just reminded me about Anderton . . . So where's the review? I agree! I just found out my VL4 is on backorder until October 1st so I want to see some reviews... there are practically none on all of the internet. Boo!
  8. Just a heads-up: The VL4 Pro Review will start Monday! YAaaaaaaaaaaY!
  9. I just got off the phone as well with Musician's Friend and they honored the $399.95 price as well. If you have the catalogue, they'll ask you for the "source number" of the item, but if you don't just explain that you don't have the catalogue and provide them with the item number. Woohoo! Hooray for cheapness and awesome deals.
  10. I just got off the phone with Digitech. She said not one unit has been shipped and it won't be shipped until the builds are complete, sometime in September. I asked if the Sept 27th date was realistic and she said hopefully before but that would be a good date. I asked if this thing has been fully tested as I would hate to be the beta tester. She said that's why it's taking so long. Now that's inconsistent with three other people who have separately e-mailed Digitech and gotten the same answer that the units were shipped on August 20th - are you sure about this? If so, someone else should call Digitech and find out, because I'm thinking the person you were talking to may have been uninformed.
  11. When they say it's "shipping", I assume they mean they began shipping to retailers, who then relay the item to the customers. In this case when I called the Guitar Center in Hollywood and asked about the availability of the VL4, they said they would have it in stock early next week, the 27th or 28th.
  12. BTW if anyone missed the post, the VL4 shipped out on August 20th, so it should be in stores within the week or at the beginning of next week.
  13. ROCK ON! The Vocalist Live 4 SHIPS TODAY! "Hi, They should start shipping today, aug 20th William Clayton Harman Music Group Technical Support Group" Hoorah! I'm going to go to a guitar center and pick one up immediamente.
  14. Regarding the VL4: That will need to be a separate Pro Review as it's quite different from the VL2...I don't want to muddy the waters in this thread, which is about the VL2. I will be away most of next week doing a video shoot so I don't want to start anything and then have to stop in the middle of it. Noooooooooo! In any case I look forward to next week then, and according to Woodwind and Brasswind.com (wwbw.com), they have a potential release date of the VL4 set for September 10th. Any idea if this an official date or just their speculation?
  15. I wanted the band to be called 'Free Beer!' so we could get our name on the bars' marquees and really bring in the crowds. Nice hahaha. I haven't heard WYSIWYG used in a looong long time, nice reminding me of it. We thought calling our band "those guys" or other rather cheesy names so people could say "oh we're going to see those guys". Free Beer might end up in a lot of angry non-drunk people though...
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