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  1. I no longer have this kit, but I did enjoy it while I did own it. You can find these cheap these days and they're worth the price to start out with. Certainly not the end-all be-all of drums though.
  2. This kit has performed great for me. I've been playing for three or more years (more of a guitarist but drums are cool too). I've also had vintage Tama, Premier, and Ludwig kits. This is the cream of the crop but it's also pricey... whatever you do, don't pay list price for a DW. The dealers will eat you alive... be smart like me and buy an almost-new kit on eBay for half of what you'd pay at a dealer. There's nothing the kit really needs or has problems with.. you hit them and they make nice noise. I couldn't say that they're a ton better than any other high-end kit... I just like the looks of the DW and they have great customer service and a good reputation. Buy them, don't overpay, and you'll enjoy them.
  3. eBayfreak

    Ibanez JEM7DBK

    This is a great guitar that I would recommend to anyone (as long as you don't pay over a grand for it - in that case you might as well get a Jem 7V). I have had several Ibanezes and this is by far the best (especially compared to the Korean models). I play through a Marshall Valvestate amp (which I also recommend) and the guitar sounds great! If this guitar was stolen, I'd probably beat the thief over the head with it, tune it, and keep on playing!
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