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    Chicken & Waffles

    {censored} yeah. If you live in Austin then go to the 24 Diner and get some. WAFFLES Made from yeast-risen dough with butter, bourbon vanilla and raw sugar. Grade A dark amber Vermont maple syrup. Chicken & Waffle Boneless fried chicken, brown sugar butter...........................................$11.95 Holy. {censored}ing. {censored}. Your mouth will spooge.
  2. How much would y'all pay for a PF85? http://www.yamaha.com/yamahavgn/CDA/ContentDetail/ModelSeriesDetail/0,,CNTID%25253D176%252526CTID%25253D205800%252526CNTYP%25253DPRODUCT,00.html It's well used with some scratches but still seems to play fine. There are three currently on craigslist: $550, $350, $300. But the HC user review has one listed as bought for $210 in 2005. That seems like a wide range of prices. This will be used by novices so as long as it is mechanically/electrically and the price is right it'll be just fine.
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