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  1. Any Roland DS88 users out there? I'm sure you can answer this easily: Does the DS88 have the ability to use faders to control a bass line in the left hand side of the Split and then 2 different parts in a Dual Layer in the right hand side above the Split Point - the way my RD300GX does? My Roland RD300GX digital piano is still great for 1-keyboard gigs with NOT a need for a large sound pallet: Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Strings, a Generic Saw Wave Synth Sound, a few Passable Organs, etc... for BIGGER gigs needing a wider sound pallet, I use a Yamaha MoX8 with a Korg Kronos 61
  2. I too am an OLD member (joined 2012) - just have not been here in a while, looks like my last post was 5 yrs. ago! Outkaster - do I remember correctly that you are in NJ, like me?
  3. I cleaned out my little equipment area in my basement today & stumbled upon a microphone I had put away a long while ago: an ElectroVoice BK-1 Condenser Cardiod vocal mic. - is this worth saving or just an entry-level throwaway? I can't even remember why I put it aside... maybe wasn't working right - I wonder if it's worth getting serviced?
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