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  1. The latest 'recent article' is May 31st. The "news" is just as old. Can't remember the last time I saw an "expert" review. And every time I visit the only things listed under "topics" are political ramblings nothing whatsoever to do with music or music gear. So when is someone gonna pull life support?
  2. Sounds to me like a synth patch programmed to sound a little like a marimba but with a softer attack.
  3. I bought an MPC One, my plan is to use its sequencing capabilities to do just this kind of stuff without the use of a computer. Combined with its sampling capabilities its quite powerful. But the learning curve is rather steep. Thank god for YouTube tutorials. Next week they are releasing a new update that adds some improved midi capabilities.
  4. I don't know about MIDI 2.0 but I have been seriously lusting for a ROLI Seaborg Rise! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DqqeQSYTJQ
  5. I have a Carvin AC-375 thin line acoustic with a Koa top. Great little guitar. Best couch guitar around. Plays almost like an electric. With a BodyRez its got a great stage sound and is resistant to feedback. It cost me almost 2 grand though. I had a lot of options!
  6. I have a Godin nylon (slim), I will never part with. It is my only nylon string. As I don't like the width of classical guitar necks. I love the sound of it and like the 13 pin midi capability. If the A6 is anywhere near as good, go for it. I was considering getting an A6 but the GAS passed.
  7. Depends on the drummer. I have played with some that have a very good sense of dynamics. Depends a lot on the kind of bands the drummer is used to playing in. If its loud guitars, then your going to get loud drums. The best drummer I ever played with shows up with a small 3 piece set, included in his bag of sticks is a set of brushes and he makes it sing. He comes from a jazz background playing mostly trios as well as pop and rock. The worst, shows up with a 7 piece set with almost as many cymbals, all his sticks were size 2B, thick as marching band stick and look like a beaver gnawed on them. To say he was loud would be a huge understatement. My current drummer uses an electronic set. It sounds nice and setting it in the mix is dead simple. His biggest gripe with them is the cymbals don't play exactly like real cymbals. I agree but for small rooms and crowded stages, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.
  8. Expanding on what Phil said you can use a inexpensive drum machine like a volca drum. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/VolcaDrum--korg-volca-drum-physical-modeling-drum-synthesizer Sync it to with the keyboard and either send a kick drum or some other sound to the drummer. Or just set a kick and put it in the mix with the drummer and use it to both help keep time in sync and enhance the sound by blending with drummers bass drum. One of the issues when your using an arpeggiator as you have found, is they are rigid in their timing. Human aren't naturally clocks, but we can follow one easily if the beat is obvious. Sometimes we need a simple beat to help make the complex more obvious. The volca drum can be used to create a pretty substantial kick. Its not really obvious from the videos for it. I find the marketing demo videos don't do it any favors.
  9. Some are good others not so much. There are vast differences in the quality of Karaoke tracks depending on the source. Lots of singers and horn players use them. When I went on cruise ship there was I guy playing steel drums to karaoke tracks. Didn't sound bad. He wasn't hiding the fact either. You could see the lyrics scrolled in a sub window right in the software. Didn't bother me they had plenty of other performers not using tracks.
  10. What are you controlling? A midi controller has no internal sounds.
  11. Yes I use a small zoom video recorder. I then take the best videos and put them on the facebook page. That way I can point the person booking for a venue to the page. A lot of them ask for videos. Those videos have helped get more bookings.
  12. I had a late 70's FG loved it. No I didn't consider it in the same league as a Martin but it was very nice sounding. I made the stupid mistake of selling it and buying an ovation .I wanted to be able to plug in to the PA. The Ovations were in vogue at that time. But god, I learned to hate that guitar! Couldn't play it on your lap without it falling off and the piezo sounded like ass.
  13. I'm sure they are quite nice. At least they aren't taking a standard strat, run a belt sander over it call it 'worn' and adding $500 to the price! I have my share of $2k guitars that I am scared to gig with. How about a $500 one with the same specs? Seriously, I'm all for the market deciding prices but I think the prices of electric guitars produced on a CNC machine is getting ridiculous.
  14. You might stay with a semi-weighted action? The CASIO Privia's have a much improved sound over the one your using. But they have have a weighted action with adjustable response curve. The curve allows you to play louder with less effort but the key weight is still the same. Your CTK-1500 is an arranger style, do you want to keep the accompaniment? If so I would suggest a good upgrade would be either the Yamaha YPG-535 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/YPG535--yamaha-ypg-535-88-key-arranger-piano which is weighted but from my experience has a very light action, the response is also adjustable 3 settings. Or just update to a better CASIO the WK-7600 is a much improved model over the CTK-1500 and has a semi-weighted action similar to the one you have but with 76 keys I'm quite sure you would find the sounds there much improved. Yamaha also makes a semi-weighted PSR-EW410 which features 76-key Portable Keyboard with 48-note Polyphony, 758 Voices, 235 Styles, One-touch Portable Grand Function, Backing Tracks, USB to Host/Device, 3.5mm Auxiliary Input, and Stereo Speakers. I'm sure you would also find it quite a step up sound wise. Personally, I like the YPG-535 if you can try one out to see if its not too heavy. It has a pretty light action if memory serves and there are 3 response response curves light, medium & heavy.
  15. They are really different beasts. I'm sure maybe some may decide on the Oddyssey over the DM12. But is more of a clone with added features such as effects. Where the DM12 is a new synth. The Oddyssey is 37 keys and duo-phonic and the filters are clones of the original. The DM12 has 49 keys and is a 12 voice synth. Its filters differ greatly. So the choice is a clone of a vintage synth or new synth with 12 voices , more keys, and and more filters. At their prices, many might choose both. I have a Deep Mind 12, not looking for the Oddyssy but adding a Novation Peak to it is an attractive idea to me.
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