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  1. They are really different beasts. I'm sure maybe some may decide on the Oddyssey over the DM12. But is more of a clone with added features such as effects. Where the DM12 is a new synth. The Oddyssey is 37 keys and duo-phonic and the filters are clones of the original. The DM12 has 49 keys and is a 12 voice synth. Its filters differ greatly. So the choice is a clone of a vintage synth or new synth with 12 voices , more keys, and and more filters. At their prices, many might choose both. I have a Deep Mind 12, not looking for the Oddyssy but adding a Novation Peak to it is an attractive idea to me.
  2. I prefer PB strings on my Carvin AC-375 because I think they sound better with its thin body. I also have a larger Yamaha Dreadnought that I keep 80/20 strings on because they sound better on that body. Its best to check out several different string sets to get the best strings for your guitar. I have no hard fast rules. But base my decisions what works best with the guitar.
  3. When it comes to a drum track vs drum machine to me there is no difference other than preference. They are both recordings of a real drummer.
  4. Rather than use a Beat Buddy or any other drum machine, you can record the drum track it a click in. Then call them up from your phone. Instant drummer, no foot stomping! You just have to play it the same way every time. If your using a looper and want real time control just create a beat tapping on your guitar or strumming muted strings. Either way works, depends only on your preferences.
  5. I have a Carvin AC-375 its a thin line acoustic with piezo. Though adding a sound hole humbucker would be dead simple if wanted. I play through a fishman aura pedal into a pedal board. I can get really sweet electric sounds, using a bit of over-drive and an amp sim (line 6 hd500). It works really well with wah pedal. I and it gets really decent electric sounds. But the bass is more like a concert body sound then a dreadnaught. What I really like is the sculpted heal and the neck plays like butter. I have wanted to get a T5, I like them. I keep going back and forth in my mind and haven't pulled the trigger yet. I also have a Godin Nylon string with a slimmer neck, thicker than most electrics but nowhere near the thickness of a classical guitar. I love that thing, It has a 13pin midi adapter and mixing the guitar with nice synth pad is like playing heaven. Good luck with the solo! I've done many duos, full bands and a backed a singer on piano. But I have always had others on stage even if it is just a hand drummer.
  6. Showing my age here, Sears Silvertone amp in the case. Got it for my 11th birthday, 1970. Kept it for many years, it became a bit of a collectors item. Sold it in the late 80's for quite a bit more than my parents paid.
  7. The CNC machine ensures that the parts are uniform. Meaning less variation, humans produce more variation which is sometimes good but many times bad. It depends on the person, his mental state, the weather and anything that would make the person not as precise or alert. Redoing parts can be expensive. So I'm not worried about the cutting shaping of parts being done by machine. Having each glued, inspected for quality and finished by a craftsman is way more important. CNC machines can produce parts within tolerances many people can't see. But that uniformity is important to have every guitar as good as the last one produced.
  8. You have some good skills there! I have built a couple electrics in the past. But I've never even attempted an acoustic. Looking good, can't wait to see the finished product.
  9. It's not just time, it's what you do with it. If a person tells you they have been playing 40 years, it sounds like a lot. But if the 'practice' was just learning new popular songs to sing along to using open chords and a capo. Then they are going to know a lot of campfire songs. But if your working on theory and technique for that 40 years with a goal of mastering all aspects of playing. Your level of ability will far surpass him. And it doesn't mean that some kid who worked just as hard for a shorter time but has a natural edge i.e a better ear, better dexterity, better memorization skills etc, isn't going to outperform you. Ten thousand hours is meaningless by itself, its how the time was used that really counts.
  10. Why not? The Eagles has always had talented members who were quite capable and accomplished solo musicians. Glenn Frey, Don Henley, Randy Meisner, Joe Walsh Timothy B. Schmit, all were outstanding solo. With the Eagles it was always the whole being greater than the sum of its parts kind of thing. So I hope they continue and produced new hits. I would only hope they just don't fall into the trap of only playing the hits from their extensive back catalog. New members brings new inspiration.
  11. Google Vinnie Colaiuta, he's toured with Zappa, Sting, Herbie Hancock and as session drummer his list of albums is enormous. He has won over fifteen Drummer of the Year awards from Modern Drummer magazine's annual reader polls. These include ten awards in the "Best Overall" category.
  12. Really, so this is what has come to? Can I get NORD red?
  13. Try a set of P90 pickups, the single coils will give you a more defined sound and lower output. There are several quality PAF style humbuckers that will also give you a more vintage sound with lower output. I personally like Lindy Fralin pickups. One will cost the price of the guitar but that's chump change compared to the price of some boutique guitars or a Gibson LP. I have learned the hard way to never take a $2000+ guitar to a gig! Buy the best sounding pickups and electronics if needed and put them in well made cheap guitar. Then when you get that inevitable ding or scratch you brush it off a say it just adds character.
  14. kbeaumont

    Top 10 Mixing Tips

    A few years ago I bought the Mixing Engineers Handbook. I think I paid $10 for it used. It without a doubt made more difference in the quality of my recordings than any piece of hardware or software I have ever purchased. https://www.amazon.com/Mixing-Engineers-Handbook-Bobby-Owsinski/dp/128542087X
  15. I use a Fishman Aural Di, it has different response models based on the body style of the guitar. It also has a feedback suppressor. It does an excellent jobs of making the guitar sound natural live without a lot of technical details. I like it for that and the fact I can change guitars nad plug in my nylon string guitar and twist a couple knobs and it sounds great. You can probably get better results by using a parametric EQ. Which is what I do when recording but for live processors like the Aural DI are hard to beat for simplicity.
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