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  1. Hi Kelkins. That is an interesting sound, reminds me of some of the demo tracks of the Access Virus (very expensive virtual analog) synth. (circa '04 to '08 ish) As far as what waveforms or trademark patches that might get you there - I wish I could help. Back in those years, this forum was alive with key / synth / sampler folks who enjoyed discussing this type of thing. Plus - even though I barely got my feet wet in the programming of the Yamaha DX7 (fm synth) I was never much of a synthesist.
  2. Studying Steely Dan, Stevie Wonder, Supertramp, and lots pf Lachy Doley, Frank Montis, Jim Alfredson.
  3. Way back in older h.c. days, I was keybunk. Ensoniq ESQ1, Yamaha DX7, and now a Crumar Mojo 61, rather excited with it. -c
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