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  1. If I had my druthers I'd just use one of my EV PL33 kick mics - nothin' special but old friends
  2. I did try gating but the snare is SO loud in the kick mic that I didn't have any immediate joy 😕 especially if I have to crank the $#@! out of the ~3k to get any thwack. Anyways its easy enough to get a better track to start with. I have the luxury of ir being a couple more sessions off before I need real tracks - plenty of time to get it right
  3. Yeah - not the first drummer I've run into who's proud of their D12 because of it price more than the sound. I try not to bum them out and just use them live. Recording it's just not working with that placement. Maybe I should stick one of my shiny new M5's in there?
  4. So, when one of you are ""stuck" using one of these often reviled kick mics, how do you use it? For some reason drummers seem to be enamored of putting it just outside or half way in the port. It doesn't seem to pick up enough beater "smack" and too much snare that way?
  5. This is what I was referring to https://earthworksaudio.com/products/microphones/drumkit-series/dk25r/ https://earthworksaudio.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Earthworks-DK25-Manual.pdf It uses just a pair of omni overheads and a weird kick mic. It was raved about few years back when it came out. I'm using a couple of cheap omni measurement mics to get a feel for what these megadollar mics can do. Their suggested placement seems a bit weird to me - I at least wanted to get them the same distance from the snare - nobody likes a mushy snare sound. The cardioid kick mic with EQ module isn't of much interest to me - decent kick mics aren't all that expensive. OTOH the AKG D12 I was using (belongs to the drummer) is somewhat disliked by many - possibly because it doesn't have a built-in eq curve for kick like many do. I just looked it up and see that the latest version does have a kick EQ switch.
  6. Just tried out the Earthworks 3 mic technique using budget stuff (Apex 220's over an AKG D12) and blew myself away. Our basement space is surprisingly OK sounding with open insulation on the ceiling and a few rugs on the floor. Anybody here do much non-close miking of drum kits?
  7. So, how do those compare to the Rode M5 for 1/4 the price? Today I got in a pair of the Apex 220 "just because" - I'm impressed that they came with individual calibrations for the $35 each I paid for them. I was prepared to see cheap plastic but they have nice aluminum bodies. The rehearsal studio I'll be recording in has a mic mount on the ceiling that is either right above the snare or can be moved to be so - I'll probably semi-permanently mount one of the 220's up there to try some 3 mic drum recording. The room is a large basement with an insulated ceiling that might also be a good candidate for room mics - it's live but not too live IMO.
  8. You were mentioning some mid priced microphones - if anyone following along is a cheap bastard like me any of the omnidirectional measurement microphones work well for room and even overhead. They are SPL limited so not good for guitar amps or close miking drums but good on acoustic guitar and such. Least expensive one I've seen is https://www.amazon.com/Apex-220-Measurement-Microphone/dp/B001GKY6D0
  9. Phil just talked me into a matched pair of these https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00GJW0JGI His review
  10. An acquaintance of mine that had a tracking studio down in FL (before the DAW era) found a nice plate verb free for the taking back then. A real !@#$% to get down off the ceiling where it was mounted. If allowed only one verb (real or virtual) what would you have?
  11. What's the latest thought on these vs an (advanced?) beginner doing it themselves? I captured some poor to fair recordings on a Zoom H1 a couple weeks back of me on bass and a drummer friend of mine jamming with a couple guitarists who have some originals they want to record. Recordings poor mostly because the vocals are buried 😢 but also clipped in a couple spots. My latest attempt to "master" them (128k MP3's, another problem with the quality) using Audacity: Clip Fix (didn't seem to help much, I remember it working well on WAV files a few years back) Normalize Waves Renaissance Bass (+3db, got it free a few years back) Treble Bass (+12db boost on the high end, maybe a bit much) OldSkoolVerb (Mastering Bus preset) Limiter №6 (Master_6 preset) I'm also tempted to stick in "Neutron" after the normalize as I got that free a few years back too - very subtle effect in many folks opinions. What would youse guys change? Obviously most would use some sort of parametric in place of "Treble Bass" - in my defense the quality of the original wasn't good enough to EQ any better IMO. OldSkoolVerb and Limiter №6 were highly thought of as freebees on the web. For an algorithmic verb it's not bad vs a convolution verb IMO.
  12. Personally I look upon listening to solo bass like watching a chimpanzee smoking a cigarette - novel but of limited interest. As the previous post says I much prefer listening to these guys playing slowly and tastefully. I'm really digging Joe Osborne at the moment - when he "steps in front" it's not a bunch of whankada whankada ...
  13. So, what does one do differently to master for a 45 vs a CD or MP3? I do know you have to limit the bass somehow to prevent groove cut-through but is there a plugin that can do that automagically or at least tell you how close to the edge you are?
  14. Just stumbled upon this one https://pulsar.audio/smasher . As a bass player I'm particularly interested in 1176 "all in" type plugins .
  15. Some band pages I've created, some defunct bands and some never used: https://www.facebook.com/Bitter-Ice-110967053805407 https://www.facebook.com/The-RockHeads-1409263775832284 https://www.facebook.com/Furious-Squirrel-374067749320057 https://www.facebook.com/T-Rex-Nativity-806302762845885 https://www.facebook.com/Arthritis-952614461524671 https://www.facebook.com/Grenade-Toss-193256804926197
  16. I searched for "free" in this forum and didn't find anything? A couple I have that seem useful are this mastering compresser https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plugins/limiter6/ and this tape emulator https://www.kvraudio.com/product/ferrictds---tape-dynamics-simulator-by-variety-of-sound . Problem for youse guys might be that these are 32 bit VSTs?
  17. So, is there some standard for how a click track is generated? Does it need something on the one like one of the fancier old mechanical metronomes had with a bell or ?
  18. A bit of a zombie thread - but I just picked up a Zoom L-20 which is considered a competitor to this mixer. Anybody prefer one over the other? My goal was to have something I could use as a rehearsal mixer (that can also track) where I'm not always there to run it so it needed to be usable with minimal training over an analog mixer.
  19. I too spend a lot more time over on TalkBass than here since I've admitted to myself that bands and venues on the lower end prefer deaf soundguys to me LOL. Unfortunately I've been using earplugs since 1980 and just can't mix for the icepick highs that the bands and their deaf groupies demand. Anyways I'm sorta in 6 bands I think (I lose count LOL) and usually run sound for most of them. One of the newest is a couple guys that have a bunch of decent songs they want to record, me, and the drummer from one of my 3 main bands. That's what I just picked up a Zoom L-20 for. Wish there was a forum for cheaparse recording here LOL. Phil's forum is pretty dead so maybe I'll hang out there a bit. OTOH there's a couple forums out there for folks modding $16 mics into Neumans and such 😮. My latest WTF purchase https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07CDW5QB6 Now I just have to figure out what free plug-ins I've acquired over the years and what I've done with them. Oh, and I have a couple $200 MXL mics somewhere as well as some EV PL84 handheld condensers that might be good for somethin'... Well, put off loading up for tonight's gig long enough. PA will be a couple RCF 310A over a single Behringer 12 active with a couple Behringer B108D for monitors and a tiny Yamaha analog mixer. Just a small place with a trio - I'll be ampless and we only mic the kick. Guitarist/Keyboardist plays both through his Fender tube amp. Still using EV N/D767a mics.
  20. Linux too! It's pretty easy to create an entire song with if you are at all familiar with them old hardware machines. Lots of kits available if you are into that, can do velocity, dunno about jitter or whatever they call introducing some randomness into the timing. OTOH can't be used as a plug-in so probably of little interest to youse guys . Here's the first minute of the track i did to help one of my drummers count-in "Breakdown" and also get the funky beat. I purposely left it "mechanical" and sparse so's not to show him up LOL: BreakdownStart.mp3
  21. I use http://hydrogen-music.org/ to muck about with, most recently to program beats from cover songs that one of my drummers was having a problem hearing/learning. I've used earplugs since 1980 so am often the only one with decent hearing in one of my bands 😕 . Also useful to do a scratch track to finalize a song's structure so folks can go off and learn/rewrite it before playing it live or recording it and/or use it as a fancy click track to replace .
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