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  1. Hmmm... I will see if I can pull from the other site. Worrisome, as we did a random audit of 100 users and didn’t encounter a difference. That said, watch your post count for a day; it could be an indexing issue with search (which compiles post count).
  2. Keep ‘em coming. Making a list.
  3. Great question! Let the feedback flow...
  4. LOL! Unfortunately, due to a mistake on my part the preset configurations for permissions I loaded were blown out by the final export at cut over, so I am frantically pulling levers now to restore them.
  5. Indeed! We're waiting for permissions to populate across all servers. It isn't personal (yet) 😉
  6. Working through approvals and permissions now that we're live 🙂
  7. Some of the more savvy independent stores have joined together to make group buys from the larger manufacturers. Some, like Wildwood, even order one-off limited runs that the big chains can't get.
  8. Wattage is irrelevant to ohms. Given the amp only puts out 15 watts, you're not at risk of damaging your speakers. As long as you are running on the correct resistance (ohms) you will be fine. Since you are running in serial, figuring out your maximum ratings for both is simple addition. Two alnico blues rated at 15 watts with 8 ohms in serial would be 30 watts power handling at 16 ohms. If you ran them in serial, you would have a 4 ohm load and 15 watts.You wouldn't need to solder if you are just swapping speakers. the speaker wiring includes socketed tips that connect with your amp. :-)
  9. From JPATT- Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I think I'm going to swap out my G12M's for two Alnico Blues then as it would be nice to be true to the original Vox sound and I play a lot of U2. Who knows, maybe I should declare 2017 the "year of Vox" and learn mostly songs played on the amp. Two final q's:1. If I do swap out my G12M's for two Blues, do I get the 8 ohm or 16 ohm Blue? My current G12M's say 8 ohm and I think they are connected serially at a total resistance of 16 ohm, so I think 8 ohms. But the Watts rating is throwing me off, maybe it is irrelevant. I have never swapped out a speaker and don't want to screw it up. 2. I think you mentioned soldering? What needs to be soldered?Thanks!
  10. You certainly could. The Blue is louder than the Greenback, though (more efficient). As such, I don't think you'd get as much of a difference (or Greenback flavor) as you'd like, since the Blue will overpower it. I've played a Blue Alnico / G12H combo in a 2x12 cabinet and it sounded fantastic... actually better than two Blues... they seemed to compliment each other and fill in gaps. I think the G12H is a better match for the Blue if you wanted to go that route.
  11. The Reply function, for some reason, isn't posting (only Post Comment is), so I'm pasting Tonic2000's response- Hey, Chris, thanks for being so responsive to my suggestions. As you mention, guitar setup can be contentious, but the article is now a good introduction. Kudos to Harmony Central for being on the ball.
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