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  1. Hey guys, APPY NEW YEAR! Here is a review of the new Elite EF-10P I just made! The video pretty much says it all, but I simply LOVED these compact ultra high output 10s that go all the way down to 48hz -/+ 3dbs. Beautiful quality finish, baltic birch enclosure, neodymium 10'' woofer with 2.5'' voice coil, multi-band limiting.... Loud as {censored} while sounding much much better than the older E10Ps I've never been a big fan of. These are a must rent if you live in Canada. Enjoy! Al
  2. Hey guys, another recent review for you! This time, a look at the new MKII version of the subs I've been using for over 5 years, the Yamaha DXS12s. Not sure if I'll upgrade yet, but the lower weight, higher SPL, high passed outs, optional casters and cover (and 7 year warranty) still make this a very good value vs performance sub for many applications... Al
  3. Hey boys and girls, Long time no post! Another review for you! This time I had fun testing Cerwin Vega's CVE-10 active speaker AND comparing it to my RCF Art 310As as well as DXR8s. While not quite as smooth sounding in the mids and top end as either the RCF of Yamaha, the CV can certainly hold its own output wise and the effective processing (and no limit light) make them virtually idiot proof. Keep sending them signal and they get louder and louder as the box gets gradually high passed up to (from what I hear) 100hz or so - even without the user touching a single button. Clever and effective although very audible, especially if you're using them full range Interesting and great for beginners and even regular DJs and sound guys looking for a clean looking lightweight monitor of FOH for smaller gigs. They really deliver the SPL in style and for a good price.
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