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  1. I picked up a "renewed" Dell laptop with a Ryzen 5 (4 cores, 8 threads) processor (i7 class) with 8 GB memory and 256GK SSD that kicks arse for $300 a while back. I'd recommend something of those specs unless you are on a really tight budget. I just ordered a 27" quadHD screen (recommended to me as the optimum size for Reaper) and a Logitech M575 trackball. Just need a wireless keyboard now ...
  2. Limiter6 does have a 64bit version and FerricTDS's author just released 64bit beta versions of many of his plugins, hopefully he'll get around to doing FerricTDS soon . In any case I'm moving over to Reaper which can run 32bit plugins in the 64bit version 😲. Also just heard that the next release of Audacity will have a 64bit version for Windows 😲.
  3. Check out Slate Digital's "Fresh Air" https://slatedigital.com/fresh-air/
  4. Oh, and from last year - "if you can't be good be loud" LOL
  5. Almost all radio stations stream these days - I just stream them with my phone. I have Visible mobile (division of Verizon) service with truly unlimited data for $25/mo (well actually one guy got cut off at 40 TB I think? 😲)
  6. I miss Al's speaker reviews . Anyways I'm "upgrading" my super small and loud PA to these QSC K8.2 clones. 2KW peak, 1KW RMS bi-amp'd 8" speakers. I had been using Behringer B108D's and B208D's (anyone know why they still make both?) but I have 4 that need service - I suspect the quick disconnects to the drivers have loosened and cause noise at high volume. I just soldered those in one of my $50/pr studio monitors that were doin the same (Sterling MX3). Right now the system has two Behringer B108D (former mains as the B208D are down) for the drummer's "Texas headphones" / backfill monitors for the rest of the band, two RCF 310's for mains (temporarily replacing the two B108D used for indoor gigs, the RCF used to be only for outdoors), A single Behringer B1200D-PRO sub, and a Yamaha MG12XUK mixer. I normally play bass ampless indoors with this but use an amp outdoors (Town common type gigs). Guitarists run un-miked amps and one also plays keys through his amp (Hotrod Deluxe that I just re-tubed and biased). I rarely do sound for others these days, I'm in six bands (two doing originals and recording albums) so just a bit busy LOL. Only one band has been gigging over last year but the horn band just restarted and has a county fair type gig next month (sound supplied by them ). Anyways, who's still about and breathin'?
  7. Check out lime lights and salt water dimmers 😲 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRe1x2OpEy-1IPuoOg5_tJg
  8. Closets, garage, not temp controlled 😞 I didn't see any oxidation on the aluminum reel I looked at - no water damage.
  9. This is ten 10.5" reels of Ampex 499 from 1995 BTW.
  10. I've concluded the same thing - I saw one guy bitching online that when he dropped his B-2 Pro it came apart and he had to re-assemble it. Still worked fine but obviously it was poorly constructed LOL. I peeked inside of mine and it has the newer circuit boards that are rumored to have the high end tamed a bit more than the older version. Personally I think the days of needing "voiced" mics is over but old paradigms die hard LOL.
  11. I have an AT2020 and it's OK - I think what the cork sniffers dislike most are mics that need EQ to get where you want. Personally I'd think a flat mic would be preferable but maybe this dates back to when EQ was hard. There are some great EQ plugins nowadays. Here's how to EQ a B-2 Pro to sound indistinguishable from a vintage U87 😮 :
  12. Strangely enough I've heard good things about the Behringer B-2 Pro (started out as a Chinese-made for Rode real Rode NT2). The AT2050 is reported to be kinda "meh". The AKG P420 has a decent reputation. The CAD M179 is a modern unvoiced mic - most folks end up wanting something more vintage voiced. The CAD E300S is just too weird - rechargeable. BTW it's usually best to mic a guitar at the 12th fret vs the soundhole (too boomy). P.S> I just ordered a B-2, talked myself into it after looking at a few reviews LOL. I had been looking to get a Rode NT1 (cardioid only) to go with my Rode M5's.
  13. A friend of mine was left 6 rolls of 2" tape - from a CD recording so probably not too old. Is this worth anything? I hear tell new rolls are $260 each...
  14. Well darn, now I got the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and I found a guy in Australia that makes both an inexpensive U47 and Telefunken 251 (AKG CK12 capsule) FET based clone. The latter was just upgraded this month http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=651 while the former is a bit less expensive http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=647 . I ordered up a 251/CK12 version 2 here, AFAIK the first that will be shipping to the US https://www.ebay.com/itm/3U-Audio-Teal-CM1-SE-Condenser-Microphone-For-Acoustic-Guitar-Vocals/114357607089 . There's a bit of chatter about them on GearSlutz. While the new model Rode NT1 is a fine mike (and probably as good) it is more expensive and a bit hard to find right now. Oh, and it's just crazy to find a non-electret (externally biased) "true" condenser mic at these prices 😲
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