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  1. This is ten 10.5" reels of Ampex 499 from 1995 BTW.
  2. I've concluded the same thing - I saw one guy bitching online that when he dropped his B-2 Pro it came apart and he had to re-assemble it. Still worked fine but obviously it was poorly constructed LOL. I peeked inside of mine and it has the newer circuit boards that are rumored to have the high end tamed a bit more than the older version. Personally I think the days of needing "voiced" mics is over but old paradigms die hard LOL.
  3. I have an AT2020 and it's OK - I think what the cork sniffers dislike most are mics that need EQ to get where you want. Personally I'd think a flat mic would be preferable but maybe this dates back to when EQ was hard. There are some great EQ plugins nowadays. Here's how to EQ a B-2 Pro to sound indistinguishable from a vintage U87 😮 :
  4. Strangely enough I've heard good things about the Behringer B-2 Pro (started out as a Chinese-made for Rode real Rode NT2). The AT2050 is reported to be kinda "meh". The AKG P420 has a decent reputation. The CAD M179 is a modern unvoiced mic - most folks end up wanting something more vintage voiced. The CAD E300S is just too weird - rechargeable. BTW it's usually best to mic a guitar at the 12th fret vs the soundhole (too boomy). P.S> I just ordered a B-2, talked myself into it after looking at a few reviews LOL. I had been looking to get a Rode NT1 (cardioid only) to go with my R
  5. A friend of mine was left 6 rolls of 2" tape - from a CD recording so probably not too old. Is this worth anything? I hear tell new rolls are $260 each...
  6. Well darn, now I got the GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) and I found a guy in Australia that makes both an inexpensive U47 and Telefunken 251 (AKG CK12 capsule) FET based clone. The latter was just upgraded this month http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=651 while the former is a bit less expensive http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=647 . I ordered up a 251/CK12 version 2 here, AFAIK the first that will be shipping to the US https://www.ebay.com/itm/3U-Audio-Teal-CM1-SE-Condenser-Microphone-For-Acoustic-Guitar-Vocals/114357607089 . There's a bit of chatter about them on GearSlutz. While the new mod
  7. There are a mind-boggling number of U47 clones - both tube and FET. If you're not dead set on a vintage-ish mic (for bragging rights?) I'd look at a Rode NT1 (not NT1-A) for a heck of a value. IMO if you don't have an awesome big $$$ treated room to work in a big $$$ mic isn't going to sound any better than something like the NT1. Heck I've yet to convince myself that the NT1 would be a useful "upgrade" from my $80 AT2020 except for it's greater cork-sniffer cred
  8. The $32 Shure A81WS is most often seen at outdoor events like Presidential inaugurations (often in pairs). I did try it on vocals with the M5 and it sounded fine - perhaps a tiny bit more warm than the naked M5 and no "pops" . Shure does say it rolls off the high end 2-3 db.
  9. Strangely enough many vendors are out-of-stock. Are that many "shut-ins" buying them up? A notable exception is the Presonus Audiobox 96 which is actually at closeout pricing ($99). The replacements are both $159 - the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo for Mac/Pc/iOS 96K - and the PreSonus Studio 24c for Mac/PC 192K with USB-C. Both still have MIDI. Quick question - does everyone use 96K these days or are some productions done at 48 or 44.1? Any of youse guys using 192K ?
  10. I have a plug-in that can replace the kick with any sample you want - but am getting a good sound with a mic in the kick close to the batter head run through the "Debleeder" plug-in https://wilkinsonaudio.com/products/debleeder . Could probably get the same sound with most any gate that has adjustable parameters including a bandpass filter on the trigger.
  11. I never could quite understand why folks still use SM57's except perhaps "we always have" and years of experience tweaking them to sound OK. OTOH I've seen folks used to an SM58 for live vocals struggle to "work" a more modern mic that has a faster drop-off with distance...
  12. Interestingly enough a $32 Shure A81WS (bigarse wind/pop filter) will convert an SM81 into a voiceover/vocal mic - and also fits the SM57 and M5 just fine (I found an article online about its use with the M5). I'm wondering if that and an M5 would be a superior choice (less pickup of room crud) in a suboptimal environment? I might try it on Monday instead of my AT2020...
  13. My AT2020 and Rode M5's are pretty awesome so I can't imagine that their more expensive cousins wouldn't do it for you . Is your recording room up to the task? Great mics will highlight all the deficiencies of your room .
  14. I had one of these show up to a recording session yesterday. How are you supposed to mic one? Fortunately it was just for background accents so I just miced it with my pair of Rode M5's, one on one side towards the treble end and the other on the other side towards the bass side. I assume I should phase reverse one? Sounds pretty good with them hard panned left and right. The (dining) room was smallish but a bit on the live side - we have the drums set up in the living room with a temp wall between that and the dining room where we record everything else. I have a Shure A81WS that will fit
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