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  1. A friend of mine was left 6 rolls of 2" tape - from a CD recording so probably not too old. Is this worth anything? I hear tell new rolls are $260 each...
  2. So, when one of you are ""stuck" using one of these often reviled kick mics, how do you use it? For some reason drummers seem to be enamored of putting it just outside or half way in the port. It doesn't seem to pick up enough beater "smack" and too much snare that way?
  3. I searched for "free" in this forum and didn't find anything? A couple I have that seem useful are this mastering compresser https://vladgsound.wordpress.com/plugins/limiter6/ and this tape emulator https://www.kvraudio.com/product/ferrictds---tape-dynamics-simulator-by-variety-of-sound . Problem for youse guys might be that these are 32 bit VSTs?
  4. Word on the street is that Mom & Pops can't "curate" from Fender or Gibson - they have to accept a mix of desirable and undesirable models and sell a rather unrealistic number or be cut off. That's why we don't see new Fenders and Gibsons in these smaller stores .
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