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  1. They won't hack your reeds, instead they will hack your sax to make the G# key stick, just when you need to play a long, climatic, G natural note ;) (A lame attempt to return the humor)
  2. That's one reason why I stick to mixers with knobs and sliders. Adding an iPad to the mix just adds one more potential failure. I'm glad your gig went well!!!
  3. I've got EV ZLX-15Ps, and they are the best sounding that I've tried so far. I wouldn't doubt the 12 are good also. Notes
  4. We rehearse at least 3 day per week. We have gigs booked for the 2021/2022 winter tourist season. It's the light at the end of the tunnel. Notes
  5. We're getting bookings for the 2021/2022 winter season here in Florida. So there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel Notes ♫
  6. Good for you!!! We have a half dozen definite gigs for the 2021/2022 winter season, and a number of inquiries that are pending. I'm hoping the nightmare will be over for us all soon. Insights and incites Notes ♫
  7. I'd rather live in a state where people's lives and long term health issues are more important than corporate profits. I'd rather live in a country where people voluntarily put the masks on to protect others and work for the greater good during an emergency. In other words, a civilized country instead of a barbarian one.
  8. It's different here. Our governor is among those who tell us COVID isn't as serious as it is, passed a law saying that nobody in Florida is allowed to enforce mask ordinances, opened businesses prematurely, and made Florida one of the hot-spots for COVID. So tourism is very slim and only the extremist science-deniers are going out. Notes
  9. I now have 6 gigs booked for early 2022 - things are looking up. That's 6 more than I've had in the last 11 months. We've had both Moderna shots, and are feeling pretty good about it.
  10. I think Cleveland Clinic reserves one when you make an appointment. And with a new President/Administration there is some hope that they will handle this better than the old one (I guy can dream, can't he?) Back on topic: Now I have two gigs in early 2022!!! Twice as many as I had a week ago. Insights and incites by Notes
  11. The new owner of the place where we played 12 consecutive one-day-per-week during the winter season just told me 'perhaps next year'. Right now they don't have enough business to warrant hiring a band on a weekday. The weekend crowd is very different and we aren't appropriate for that, so I didn't even ask. That's probably for the best. Without the Canadian and Northern USA tourists and winter residents, we might not be able to generate enough profit for us to be worth our pay. I'd rather not have them have us and run at a loss. Leilani and I get our next Moderna shot early next
  12. Indeed, I do. I wish everybody was at least as lucky and as happy as I am.
  13. One thing for sure, I'm not being overworked this year ;) I'll survive. The mortgage is paid off, I live below my means so I have no debt, and I haven't had to hit my savings yet. Notes
  14. I just got my first gig since COVID shut us down. It's in February 2022. So far the 2021/2022 winter season has one more gig than the 2020/2021 winter season :) Insights and incites by Notes
  15. I respectively disagree with you. IMO The right-wing media reports are intentionally suppressed. Why else would those very politicians telling you that there is nothing to worry about rush out to be the first vaccinated? If it isn't a big deal, why get the shot at all? A friend of mine plays in a 4-piece band. They did a couple of bar gigs. 3 caught COVID-19, one died, and my friend who didn't get tested was sick for 2 weeks. My brother-in-law is a Fox watching anti-masker. His wife, one son, his fiancé, his other son, his wife, and two children all caught it -- they think meeting fo
  16. Haven't worked since March 19. Since 1985 we targeted the senior citizen market. Of course, they all cancelled. I gave all the people who cancelled the choice of either getting their deposit back or applying it to a future gig. Thankfully they all wanted me to apply the deposit to a future gig. Leilani and I got aggressive calling hospitals when we found they got a shipment of vaccines, so we'll get our first dose this week. When the gigs open up around here, we'll feel good about playing. A friend of mine played in a 4-piece band for a younger audience. They had a couple o
  17. No magnolia for me, but I know those trees. Nice flowers though. I have a Royal Poinciana that abandons some of its branches, but they are light weight and easy to dispose of. By the time they break off they are dry, and I can snap a 2" branch with my foot. It's cold here (for Florida) so I'm not going out unless I have to. Notes
  18. Harmony Central has become a good place to take a nap. Wake me up when dinner is ready zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  19. The vaccines are coming. As tired as most of us are about it, it's not time to let our guard down. A friend of mine (a fine guitarist) plays in a band that pitches themselves to a much younger market than we do. They did some gigs, 3 out of the 4 members got COVID. One of them died (he had a previous heart condition). My friend had a fever for a couple of weeks, didn't get tested, so I don't know if he had the flu or survived COVID. Without your health, you have nothing. All the money in the world will just buy you a better headstone. Insights and incites by Notes
  20. It's sad to see a once lively forum slowly fade away.
  21. We play in the living room with the doors and windows open to the squirrels, birds, and occasional rabbit or snake. They don't clap, they don't tip, but at least they don't boo (the snakes have been known to hiss though) ;) I am hoping some day I'll have to get used to schlepping the gear a few times a week again.
  22. I haven't had a gig in 9 months now. Not gigging is starting to feel normal. Perhaps by next November :D
  23. And if you don't update, none of your old stuff will work - it's "update or die". ;)
  24. Better than an Apple chip, which will only work on 5% of the virus' and cost twice as much.
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