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  1. I got the original polio vaccine - needled. When the improved sugar cube came out, I got that one too. A great improvement. The COVID vaccine is the best shot we have to stay healthy. (I just wanted to inject a little humor.)
  2. Leftyjay, consider yourself lucky. There is no Ctrl+Z on whatever one does to expose himself/herself to COVID. We unemployed can be miserable together, moaning about not having work, crying about not getting the high of performing, but at least we aren't on a ventilator fighting for air. The vaccine is coming, we just have to be patient and stay safe until it's our turn to get needled. Insights and incites by Notes
  3. I'm not a natural singer, but I leaned how to use proper breath support and technique and can sing as well as my vocal 'equipment' allows me. I've become decent but not excellent. It took more practice to develop my vocal instrument than it did saxophone, flute, guitar, bass, or drums. Fortunately my wife is an excellent singer (she gets all the difficult songs), and plays guitar and Buchla Thunder Tactile MIDI Controller (synth) When I was just 40 and Leilani still in her 30s we targeted the Retirement Market here in S. Florida. It served us well until COVID. Unfortunately that isn'
  4. I like playing 'the dinner set' because it gives me a chance to play mellow music. I like the dance sets to because it gives me a chance to play energetic music. Life is too short to enjoy only one kind of music. Good luck on the gig, I hope you leave as healthy as you entered.
  5. We are a duo, and our last gig was March 17. We're learning new songs, re-arranging and polishing some older ones, and gigging in our living room twice a week to the birds and squirrels in our back yard. We are not in a hurry to get back to gigging. There is no Ctrl+Z or Cmd+Z if we catch COVID, and since 1/3 of the people who recover have long lasting, perhaps permanent damage to lungs, brain, kidneys, heart and/or other organs, we're happy to be safer at home until a vaccine or some other solution comes around. As impatient as we are to get back to 'normal' life, in the great
  6. Let your millions of tip dollars sit for a few days before you count 'em. ;)
  7. "Upgrade or perish" I like that line. It's the only thing I dislike about Apple. They make nice computers and the OS is different but just as good as Windows. Here's another option. If you have an even older Mac lying around, how about putting Linux in it and using that to browse? Notes
  8. Good luck to you Shaster. I hope you come away as healthy as you went in. Unsolicited advice: Try not to sit/stand in front of the AC return vent, I understand that is the worst place to be. Take care
  9. I'm with you on that Jay. No work since March 17. Christmas and New Years are cancelled as they are in an RV park that hosts 600 sites used by Canadian winter visitors. Nobody is driving an RV across the border right now. The border remains closed. Besides, who would want to come to the COVID capital of the world? This will be the second New Years Eve I haven't worked since I was a Junior in High School. The first one was when an agent double booked and I lost the coin toss. I got some compensation for that. I won't get anything this year, I returned the deposit. It wasn't their faul
  10. I have a problem with Apple for that reason. My first Mac ran on OS6 and Motorola processors. Eventually came "Power PC" CPUs which made all software before obsolete. Then came OSX which rendered more obsolete. Then came Intel CPUs when rendered everything before obsolete. And eventually I quit buying Macs. Now they are switching CPUs again, but I no longer have a Mac so I don't care. It seems to me that sometimes Apple makes things obsolete just to get people to re-buy what they have that's already working. Since they are also in the hardware business, that makes the hardware orphan
  11. We had one offer, for a yacht club/country club we've played a couple of times per year for many years. I think it was an exploratory call as it was from one of the members on a committee and not the management. I said we were open on the date they requested, and asked what protective measures the would be implementing for the band and the guests. I haven't heard from them since. To tell the truth, if it isn't outdoors and far enough away from the audience, as much as I'm wanting to gig, I would probably turn it down. I can't wear a mask singing or playing wind instruments, and there
  12. Here in the USA we have "For Profit" medicine, and the profit is huge. Our government puts the riches of the CEOs ahead of the health of their constituents. The business of America is business. It's both our good and bad point. Insights and incites by Notes
  13. That won't help my RV park gig. I think flying is OK but driving across the border is difficult. It's just as well, the fewer people we meet, the less our chances of losing COVID Roulette are. Notes
  14. I don't blame you Pogo. I'm happily unemployed now - happy to be healthy. A friend of mine who is a fine guitar player was in a band that gigged because they targeted a much younger audience than we do. 3 out of the 4 members got COVID, one of them died, my friend has been running a fever for a couple of weeks, and I haven't heard from him in a few days. He's not answering, I'm concerned. I've been out since March 17. The winter guests from Canada are not coming down this year (I don't blame them) so the RV park where 600 spots are rented by them is not having entertainment.
  15. It has since been improved but still retains it's character. I do hope we aren't done playing there for good (one never knows how the pandemic is going to turn out for them). If so, a 12 year run is something to be happy about. If not, 'the beat goes on.'
  16. I don't blame you. We have 4% of the world's population and 33% of the COVID cases. We are dangerous. Playing with us is playing COVID Roulette. I've been to Canada many times, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador, Ontario, Quebec and Yukon. I've always enjoyed myself and found the people to be some of the friendliest and most civil to others in the world. If it wasn't so cold, I would have moved there long ago. I especially love the Maritime provinces. But to this Florida boy, anything under 70F/21C is too cold for man or beast ;) Until COVID we entertained at a 900 si
  17. Well, we are going to be playing once a week at a place we've gigged at for 12 consecutive tourist seasons in November. I'm a little apprehensive about it because we cant sing/play with masks on but it's outdoors, on a deck over a salt water lagoon, on it's own island, across from a state park and the experts say outdoors is safer. But they are good people, they've hired us for 12 years in a row, and you know the mantra - never give your gig away, it might not be there for you anymore. So we set up are gear and are playing at least an hour a day to get our chops back in prime sh
  18. So are we owned by Sweetwater now or are they just a good sponsor? Not that it matters, I'm just curious. (they are a good on-line store IMO) Notes
  19. The update on my security software came with tracing blocking software. Here at HC it seems SkimLinks and Google Adsense are tracking the users of the forum. My security software is now blocking them. To be honest, I find this almost everywhere on the Internet, and I do know that if it is free, I am not the customer but the product. I know you have to pay the bills and I do click on interesting ads. However I don't think tracking without telling you that you are being tracked is the right thing to do. Just my $0.02 Notes
  20. Did we lose anybody? It seems like every couple of years HC goes through a major change and then has to iron the bugs out. Not a criticism, just an observation. I tried for days to get back in, and got the mandatory errors. I see some of the responses to the posts are gone, but I'm sure we will all recover. Welcome back y'all! Notes
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